Themed Weekend: Cutest Tot on the Block

Themed Weekend: Cutest Tot on the Block 1This weekend's theme is "Cutest Tot on the Block." Stay tuned between April 12 and April 14 for "fun finds" in the baby, toddler, and kids arenas - especially as it pertains to clothes and shoes. 

P.S. I often think that my 19-month-old daughter Little Beauty (pictured) is way more stylish than I am. Does anybody else relate to this phenomenon? She has a bigger wardrobe than I do too!

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10 comments on “Themed Weekend: Cutest Tot on the Block”

  1. Oh my gosh, my little girl is way better dressed then I am, and I just WISH I had her shoes. She got Uggs for Christmas from my brother. I've never had an expensive pair of shoes like that, and she wasn't even a few weeks old, already beating me to it!

  2. My girls have way more clothes than I do and look way better in their clothes than I do (that is than I look in my clothes not theirs).

  3. Oh yeah...many a time I have wished that my girls' clothes came in my size. Or that they would magically grow into my size overnight so that I could wear them (the girls wouldn't notice a few things missing!).

  4. Oh absolutely! My son is so stylish, all the time. At worst, he is in a cute little onesie while we hang around the house! Me? I'm in my pajamas, lucky if I've showered!

    Cute picture :)

  5. I hardly ever buy clothes for myself anymore, simply because it's a lot more fun to buy for the kids. She's adorable!

  6. Both of my kiddos have twice the amount of clothes that I do....I often find myself buying them clothes before myself. I'll walk by a rack and say,"OOO that's cute" and grab it to buy it for them....this is something that I NEVER do for myself.

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