Themed Weekend: During the Day

Themed Weekend: During the Day 1Summer days are here...and, if you're looking for simple and non-extravagant ways to spend the long hot mornings and afternoons ahead, then stay tuned between today, June 13, and Sunday, June 15, for articles and giveaways galore! 

Most of the ideas will involve ways that you and your little ones can stay cool and happy from "6 to 6."  

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3 comments on “Themed Weekend: During the Day”

  1. I havent posted a comment in awhile, but I must say buying Mackenzie a big pool for her birthday has been a life saver for their bordom!!

  2. I totally need this here; it's so hot Blondie cried when I made her get in her car seat the other day, even after a few minutes of doors open for whatever breeze there was to cool it off a little bit. the park isn't the best option, and the mall play area is becoming a zoo! Tell me where to go, Steph!

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