Themed Weekend: Fall Fashion

I am a very picky shopper. VERY picky.

In fact, if I go shopping and call my husband afterwards, he'll ask me, "Did you buy anything?" And he'll actually be disappointed if I say "no!"

When it comes to my clothes, I am quite persnickety - which basically means I have a few outfits that I wear over and over and over again.

I want my clothes to be:

  • well-fitting
  • classic
  • modern
  • unique
  • flattering
  • modest
  • vogue
  • machine-washable
  • affordable

All at the same time.

Is that too much to ask?

anoname-jeans-and-el-naturalista-clogsMy favorite store to shop at is probably Nordstrom Rack (but, unfortunately, there isn't one in my city). I also appreciate Banana Republic, NY & Company, and Chip & Pepper. And I love discovering little-known brands, small boutiques, vintage shops, and new designers.

Here are my current favorite articles of clothing and their corresponding brand:

  • Favorite Top: NY & Company
  • Favorite Jeans: Anoname [see left]
  • Favorite Skirt: DownEast Basics or Zara
  • Favorite Sweats: Aeropostale
  • Favorite Shoes: El Naturalista [see left]
  • Favorite Boots: Teva or Sofft
  • Favorite Sandals: FitFlops
  • Favorite accessory: Julian & Co.

I'm picky because I know that appearances matter. I wish they didn't (oh, how I wish they didn't!), but they do. The reality is that people DO judge your competence and character by the tag on your shirt or the shine of your shoes. As such, I strive to buy "key pieces" that make me feel fabulous that I can wear again and again.

kokopax-carrier-october-2009Oh, and I have a "secret weapon" for those times when I have *nothing* in my closet: I wear my baby (and a smile). And you know what? Even if I'm wearing sweats, she never fails to win the hearts of everyone we encounter. She glances up, from beneath her long lashes - and the flowers bloom. She makes the whole world beautiful.

Stay tuned for fashion-related articles, product reviews, and plenty of giveaways (You DO want new clothes and shoes, right?). That's what this weekend is all about.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite pieces of clothing and what brand are they?

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17 comments on “Themed Weekend: Fall Fashion”

  1. I'm usually very happy with a couple pairs of Gap jeans--dark and fitted, some great boots or comfortable heels and a feminine sweater or top from H&M and some basic sterling silver or white gold jewelry. If I'm hanging out at home, I'm more than happy in yoga pants and a v-neck fitted T-shirt or a tank top and flip-flops (depending on the season). When working full-time out of the home, I love feminine (but not girly) skirts and dresses and pant suits. For exercise/running, Adidas trail shoes are my favorites.

  2. Those jeans look sooo cute on you! I want to get some now. I've never heard of that place before do you know if they have a huge shipping and handling fee?

  3. i really wish i could tell you. lately none of my pants and only a couple of shirts seem to fit right. i used to love Gap for their pants (i knew exactly what size and didn't have to try on before buying). Lately, i've been in love with Jacob Connexion's printed tees. I've been rewearing those a lot.

  4. I try not to rely on a label, but more so I try to look for quality fabric and stitching, so the item will last longer. My grandmother always would take me shopping and teach me to look over the seams and check the construction of an item. It helps my money stretch farther!

  5. I can relate. I have fabric sensitivities that means that there are many things I can't wear without them giving me a rash or making me feel horribly miserable. Since this includes wool and most synthetic fabrics, it makes finding things difficult.

    Couple that with a dislike of taking my clothes off and putting them on again repeatedly and you end up with a strong tendency to simply avoid the whole shopping thing.

  6. My current favorite piece of clothing is a layering tank that I buy at Stein Mart. I love it because it has adjustable straps and does NOT have a built-in bra. It comes in great colors and I have at least 10 of them!

  7. My wardrobe is all over the place. My two favorite stores are Old Navy and NY and Co, but i will definitely be checking out DownEast Basics since you mentioned it.

    I was also wondering if you'd do a post specifically about your fit-flops and if they really do work. I've been dying to hear from someone who actually owns them!

  8. Oh, my wardrobe is a wreck. I am in between being pregnant and having babies and wanting to be pregnant again in the nearish future so I generally can be found wearing jeans, bright shoes, and the boyfriend tee from Target. I am obsessed with it and have it in six colors. When all else fails-- you're totally right about babywearing! It always makes me feel cuter because of the cuteness strapped to me.

    Oh-- but I do ALWAYS do my hair and makeup. Always.

  9. I am eclectic in my brands. I really love the
    El Naturalista shoes I won from you! J.Jill carries my favorite clothing. Thanks, Cindi

  10. I can totally relate! My husband will encourage me to buy some clothes, but I have a hard time finding things I like well enough & usually come home empty-handed. But then, when I do find something I like and actually buy it, he is really really happy. :)

  11. UGH! I am SO looking forward to this themed weekend. My favorite items of clothes right now are a pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I got from a friend and a new 3/4 sleeve bright blue shirt from Kohl's. They fit me well and are someone flattering. I pretty much wear the same four things all the time! I often wish someone would nominate me for 'what not to wear'. If I have to wear terrible 80's clothes in public and be filmed to do it...I would! :) I, like you, am VERY picky...not necessarily because I have fabulous taste (I could definitely use some of that), but because I have a hard time finding clothes that fit me well. I have mentioned this before, so I won't beat a dead horse. I will just repeat that I am SO excited to read your upcoming posts. I still LOVE your red shoes!

  12. It's funny. I wrote an article about 4 months ago about how I thought appearance mattered a great deal. When I was rich I used to shop at Nordstom. These days I don't do a lot of shopping at all, but I still try to get cloths that are somewhat flattering. You're also right, that no matter what you wear people will always consider the baby the best accessory ever :-)

  13. FUN! I love your themed weekends.

    * Favorite Top: Michael Kors Outlet
    * Favorite Jeans: Joes
    * Favorite Skirt: Banana Republic (it's also my ONLY skirt)
    * Favorite Sweats: Gap Body
    * Favorite Shoes: Boutique9
    * Favorite Boots: 9West
    * Favorite Sandals: Born Flip Flops
    * Favorite accessory: John Hardy

  14. Jeans tend to be a favorite of mine-they're a staple for my wardrobe and my current fave pair are BKE's from the buckle. As far as tops, it depends on how I'm feeling. Lately I've been loving my drape front cardigan I purchased from Shade and my Tokyo Massacre tee from Akumu Ink.

  15. Ha! I'm totally the same when it come to shopping, coming home, and my husband is in disbelief that I didn't buy anything! I've been finding good jeans that fit well at GAP lately. I seem to go in good/bad seasons with that store. I live in t-shirts with longer tanks as under layers. And I'm dying to find a pair of tweed boots, not too high, but dressy and casual, is that too much to ask for?!

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