Themed Weekend: Fall Fitness

Themed Weekend: Fall Fitness 1I know the second trimester is supposed to be all roses and happiness, but I have to admit that my body hasn't "kicked" the tiredness factor yet. I still get overwhelmed by these moments where my eyelids droop and I am utterly exhausted. 

That said, I am well aware of the benefits of fitness during pregnancy and I am not about to sit on the couch and let this pregnancy just pass me by. The autumn weather is positively lovely and the gentle breezes beckon me outdoors. The delicious temperatures, along with the fact that my daughter is a big fan of strolling, really give me no excuse not to exercise. So we've started taking long walks in our neighborhood again...sometimes just the two of us, oftentimes with my husband at dusk.

This weekend is about celebrating autumn and, more specifically, about getting outdoors to enjoy the glorious season. Stay tuned for product reviews, giveaways, and fall fun.

YOUR TURN: What are you doing to stay fit this fall?

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7 comments on “Themed Weekend: Fall Fitness”

  1. I am having TONS of trouble trying to find the time to work out. I use to workout during my lunch break at work but I now use that time to pick up my daughter and take her out to daycare - at least I have been towing her with the bike trailer and it is a 6 mile round trip ride. Lily is not sleeping well so getting up early does not work out either and it is getting dark too early. I am thinking about going for a run tonight in the dark with a flashlight and the dogs.

  2. We finally joined the "Y". So, while we may not be enjoying the great weather I am getting back into shape and that is nice. I'm hoping that we get into a good routine so that when the chilly winter air wants to keep me inside I'm still motivated to get up and out with the girls.

  3. It was nice seeing you out walking the other night. :) Unfortunately, I'm not doing much for exercise. I take occasional walks with the kids, but not often enough. I know what I should do and I don't do it. I need more motivation!

  4. Good for you! I'm sorry this pregnancy has been a rough one so far. As far as fitness, I don't know what I'd do without the gym. It gets me motivated to get out of the house and I feel like I get a better workout there than I would at home or running, etc.

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