Themed Weekend: Fashionista

If I were rich, I would shop at:

nordstrom logoj. crew logobraissimo logo banana republic logo april marin logo

And I'd buy great jeans from:

7 for all mankind chip & pepper logo

Or maybe I wouldn't.

Maybe, instead, I'd keep wearing the clothes that I have in my closet.

Because...I'd much rather buy a goat for an impoverished family or loan money to a budding entrepreneur on than spend wads of cash at the nearest shopping mall.

Sometimes, I am tempted to just say "good riddance" to the whole notion of high-fashion and keeping up with trends. BUT then I remember that...(a) first impressions matter, (b) "looks" matter, and (c) it is unwise to mitigate the power of clothing and attractiveness in influencing our world.

So I try to look stylish without spending ridiculous quantities of money. After all, I want to LOOK like a person who is going to change the world (and people really do make "judgment calls" about your competence and character based on how you look).

That said, I don't want to empty my wallet on things that don't have any real significance.

It is my desire to live a "balanced life."

In real time, this means:

  • spending MORE on high-quality pieces that are versatile and that will last a long time in my wardrobe.
  • hosting quarterly clothes swaps to give old clothing away and to replenish my closet.
  • watching for clothing sales online and in-stores.

This weekend, I'll be sharing some of my recent fashion finds...and I'll also give you an opportunity to win some apparel and shoes of your own. Stay tuned!

YOUR TURN: If you could shop for clothes anywhere, where would you go? How do you save money when it comes to buying clothes for yourself?

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22 comments on “Themed Weekend: Fashionista”

  1. I tend to buy most if not all of my clothes at Target these days. I'm really a jeans and t-shirt girl and I'm lucky if I even get into my jeans some days.

  2. I have to admit that I shop at Anthropologie a lot. There is one close to my house and I am always checking out the clearance section. I buy just a few well made items and wear them over and over. They really do stand the test of time though. They aren't disposable one season items like the stuff I find myself buying at Old Navy and Target. I still have a shirt I bought at Anthro almost ten years ago! Not that it fits. :)

  3. If I could shop for my clothes anywhere it would most likely have to be at Anthropologie and The Giant Peach. Two of my most adored stores anywhere.Normally when I shop I always hit the sales racks first or head to Old Navy,Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx or the DI. I'm not very good at budgeting but I have been sticking to just getting the basics and what needs to be replaced.

  4. If I had the money, I wouldn't shop for clothes at all! I would hire a personal shopper, because I am just not a fashion person. But, since I became a SAHM, I've started shopping at Target and Old Navy which saves a lot.

  5. I always look for a good sale when I buy clothes. that's the only way that it feels right. Old navy and gap are my favorites!

  6. If I could shop anywhere I would shop at Lucky brand, Anthropology, and Free People. I love all their clothes.. but I usually spend on the kids. Funny because like other momma's I know, the kids always have great clothes and we just kind of do with what we have.

    To save money I do thrift stores also. Shop the sales racks and make sure I take good care of the clothes I do have ( wash, stains, etc) so they can last a long time and still look good.

    Hope all of you are having a great weekend!

  7. I don't even know where I would go for myself. I look for sales, I never find myself buying anything full price unless I absolutely have to have a special outfit for a certain occasion. I look forward to this themed weekend. =)

  8. What a great themed weekend! It's so true what they say: "you get what you pay for." All my clothes that I splurged on are still in my closet in the original conidition I bought them. All the cheap ones fall into the Goodwill or Garbage bin after about a year. But it's so hard to justify the money when I wear the same t-shirt and jeans/shorts every day. Do you have things you splurge on and others you go cheap on?

  9. Speaking of clothes, anyone have recommendations on where one would go to buy cute wedding suitable dresses in 9-12 month and 4 year old sizes (we want them to match). I'm thinking something like the red dress Elizabeth is wearing. It came from babyGap but they have nothing like that now.

  10. I prefer to get my clothes as gifts and then wear them into the ground.:) That way I don't have to actually (ack!) go shopping!

    I have fabric sensitivities, so the location is not nearly as important as what it is made of. Tabi has lots of stuff I can wear so I often end up there.

  11. I really miss having the time to bargain hunt at thrift shops and discount stores. I'd love to be able to shop at Barney's and Neiman Marcus but I can't imagine ever being able to stomach buying anything at full retail- especially when clothing prices rival mortgage payments...

  12. I'm particularly fond of Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic. (Psst...they have awesome sales every so often). Overall, I'm very thrifty when it comes to clothes. When in need of a wardrobe lift, I head to sale racks, discount stores, thrift stores, and consignment stores. I just can't justify the expense of full priced, name brand clothes. However there are certain things, like bras and really great fitting pants, that I will definitely spend more money on (although I'll always look for a sale first).

  13. I have to say, I really enjoy thrift stores. I can usually find my favorite brands (GAP, Old Navy, etc) for a fraction of the price. Same goes for baby clothes... and usually those still have the tags on them! If I had a million dollars, tho, and the world didn't need my money for any other cause, then I would LOVE to shop at Banana Republic, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, etc.

  14. Hmm right now if I could shop anywhere it would be JcPenney or Wal-Mart for clothes BUT when I get to my goal weight I just want to be able to go store hopping at the mall for once. Just once though because I don't need fancy name brands or anything to be happy. I would much rather save that money for Jamaican vacations LOL

  15. I would shop at Gap - banana republic. But I really like target and old navy. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to fashion. I do wish I could afford a nice pair of cowboy boots, though. Something about boots and a flowery summer dress appeals to me.


  16. I dont really have a brand or store that I love "unconditionally". Im really a "if its cute on the hanger" kind of girl. I like stuff from Target, Costco, thrift stores (wink, wink), Old Navy, Ann Taylor, and Gap. I can not justify spending more than my monthly grocery bill on a pair of jeans. They are made of denim, for pity sake. Im with have to be realistic and practical (...and cute, of course)!

  17. I wouldn't know where to go, because I'm at conflict with myself. I regularly shop at places like Target and Old Navy because they're all I can afford. I L-O-V-E some of the clothes I see in the expensive stores, but I don't even know if I could buy some of them if I were a gazillionaire simply because of the price. I can't imagine spending $300 on a dress when there are so many other places that money could go (and would be needed). I would like clothes that are more professional, more fashionable, and a little longer-lasting, however. I suppose if I had the money I could find a place that has that without the $300 price tags.

  18. I too buy the vast majority of my clothing second hand - scouring Savers & Goodwill for namebrand bargains. It certainly helps the budget, but it's also a total thrill to score a great, top-of-the-line clothing item for just a few dollars! If I had the money to shop anywhere...I still don't know if I could bring myself to buy "expensive" clothing, knowing how many better ways there are to spend the money. I would probably still shop clearance racks and sales - but maybe hire a babysitter to watch the kids while I do it! :)

  19. I love to shop at New York and Company. They have nice, stylish clothes at reasonable prices. Pair that up with a good coupon and their sales and you can practically get a whole new wardrobe for $100.

    And I get to be artsy with starting and trying to build my own candle business. (Check me out at So my artsy side is a little bit goth. I LOVE all the stuff at Pyramid Collection. If I had free reign with money on that website/catalogue, I would have probably 75% of their things in my closet.

  20. Since I started reading blogs and entering some giveaways, I have realized how much you can win online. I try to enter any giveaways for clothing or shoes, so that hopefully I may win them for free (especially for my 2yrold son). Giveaways are an amazing opportunity to bring free products into our home and I enter regularly. It doesn't always work, and it isn't dependable, but it does help tremendously to have some pieces come in throughout the year that we do not have to pay for. Our budget has been extremely tight, so tight that there is no clothing allowance. So, blogging is my way of connecting with others and also winning freebies and samples that keep our household going. Our computer has really helped save us in the $ crunch!
    I love your world consciousness! I would love to know what to do with old jeans that have holes in them. In some parts of the world they would be treated like gold, but I think that most Americans probably throw them in the trash. Throwing away things that can be donated really turns my stomach, so I have several pairs that I cannot wear, but cannot bear to throw out. Have you heard of any recycling programs for clothing? Goodwill won't take anything torn or stained and they will throw them away (I have been told) if you drop them off in that condition.
    Great post! I can't wait to see what this weekend brings and I would love to hear your recycling/donation ideas.

  21. Hmmm I'm not sure where I would shop if I could shop *anywhere* it's been too long since I had the luxury of thinking about being fashionable.

    How I save money when buying clothes is easy - I hit the local thrift stores (on their 50% off days) monthly and the local consignment store as well. Also I've been doing what you mentioned and spending more, even buying new without a coupon or a sale at times, on the important basic pieces - the black skirt, the white shirt... Usually though when I buy new I'm shopping clearance racks, seasonal sales and the discount stores and I have a coupon!

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