THEMED WEEKEND: Father's Day Gift Guide 2009

dating-1999-black-and-whiteI met my husband when I was 15 years old.

He slid into the seat next to me in Algebra class and smiled over at me. I remember feeling a bit flustered by his laughing green eyes, his sportive smile, and his wavy blonde hair. He was a year older than I was and I didn't know much about him other than that he played soccer and ran track & field.

We bantered back and forth in class. We competed for the best possible grade on tests. And then, one day, it happened. He asked me to go out with a few friends - hiking in the canyon and ice cream. It was with a group, but I knew the intentions. My stomach fluttered a little when I smiled up at him, "I'd love to."

That was 12 years ago.

Time has passed, but some things never change. He still makes me laugh like crazy. We still "compete" sometimes. We can still talk for hours. He's still my very best friend.

Some things, though, have changed. He's accomplished so much. He has his Bachelors degree and his Masters degree. He's been a case manager at a psych clinic, a police officer, and a pastor. And, of course, now he is a dad.

daddy-and-little-sister-may-2009It's fun watching that new side of him. The fierce and loyal protector. The gentle and warm affection. The way he lets our 2-year-old climb on his back when he is vacuuming or makes up silly stories when he turns the pages of the books that he is "reading" to her. The way he holds our baby - so tenderly, yet with such strength. The times that he gives up dirt biking or 4-wheeling to stay at home with his girls.

Being an involved dad is no small thing. Some dads work late hours. They frequently go on trips - business and recreational. They spend their evenings and weekends with friends and coworkers. Because that is the easier way.

It's harder to wipe noses and go on errands with a toddler and be in the midst of the chaos of family life. Much harder.

daddy-and-big-sister-may-2009It requires much more strength, more bravery, and more courage to be at home. Other dads might be out "saving the world," but the dads I admire most are those that patiently and compassionately lead their homes and invest TIME in their families.

So, Happy Father's Day, Tim. I'm so happy you found me at 15. And I'm so happy we're on this journey of parenthood together.


This coming weekend is all about dads. If you haven't yet purchased a gift for your husband, dad, or grandpa, perhaps you'll find some ideas here. There will be LOTS of giveaways too...things he'll love and things you'll love too. Stay tuned!

P.S. There's going to be a ton of posts in this guide. You can keep track of them by coming back to this post at any time for reference. All giveaways end Monday, June 8, 2009, at midnight.

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33 comments on “THEMED WEEKEND: Father's Day Gift Guide 2009”

  1. Not sure how I missed this post! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story! You are blessed with a fabulous family! I love that you love your husband so. The best thing you can do as parents is to show your children what a real, healthy, loving relationship is. Your girls are so sweet!

  2. Love your story-so wonderful to see how happy your family is. I have two wonderful children and have been married for 8 years now. Happy Father's Day!

  3. I am so happy to see you are still so happy after 12 years! We are 4 years in and incredibly happy!

  4. You have a beautiful family! I thought I was the lucky one when I found the love of my life! You truly have a great gift, and how do you repay that? Today you don't see many families with both parents in them. We are truly blessed to have such great MEN in our lives. I thank god everyday for blessing me with my family. I didn't think I could be happier!

  5. awww what a sweet ode to your husband. my husband i met too at a young age (13!) and things just slowly progressed from there. it's amazing to look back and see how God has guided and changed us as people and as a couple over the years.

  6. i always think that i am the luckiest girl in the world to share my life with my husband. he is an all-around terrific guy and such a wonderful dad... my boys love spending time and playing with him. i am so blessed to have him in my life. it's always nice to hear that someone else loves and appreciates their husband too. and you've got such a sweet story... one i'm sure your girls will love to hear about. : )

  7. Thanks for a great post of how wonderful your guy is. He sounds like a great husband and father. Today in the world people have given up on true family happiness and family values. Your little ones will remember their time with daddy and learn to treasure it, more than they will with how much money he makes when he is never home. I am so glad to see a family that knows the value of true quality time together. Oh, and btw I think your Dad giveaways are wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to hopefully win one for my wonderful husband, who is an awesome Dad too!

  8. What a great post! It's great to meet another couple who started a relationship so young! I've known my husband since I was 9 and we started dating when I was 16. Your husband sounds like an amazing father too, I'm hoping mine will be the same. :-)

  9. I love looking back at the pictures when my husband and I first met. We were 18 and 19yrs old. We will be married for 7 years in October. Isn't it amazing how fast time goes by?!

  10. Aw. True high school sweethearts turned so much sweet. Thanks for sharing that story.

    And such a blessed man to have two such beautiful daughters. He's got a lot to celebrate come Father's Day. As do you and those babies of yours. :)

  11. awww...this is such a sweet story! it's like i'm watching a movie. hehehe! i was trying to imagine that. very neat love story! i have read some of the lines in this post in my dashboard before i left for church service earlier. i then came back to read everything. very lovely story! your husband is a beautiful blessing in your life. i'm very happy you found him and that you, two, are perfect for each other. the pictures are so adorable! he looks very nice with your children. the last pic shows that your toddler really loves to be around him. you and your husband are a perfect combination!

    "but the dads I admire most are those that patiently and compassionately lead their homes and invest TIME in their families." ~I agree. I feel the same.


    iLoveYou all with the love of our dear LORD!

  12. So nice to hear about your real life romance, what a great story you have to share with your girls. I absolutely agree, it is so amazing to see your husband grow into a father and especially one who realizes the importance of being present for his children. It's not enough just being around...

  13. That is so cool I met my hubby at 14! It was at a church dance. We didn't date until 19 though. We were good friends though all along.

  14. What a great story! I love to hear that you both are still so in love. These days it's rare to find that.

    Happy Father's Day, Tim! You have a pretty darn awesome wife.

  15. So fun! I can use the ideas even if I don't win, because it's pretty tough finding affordable but good gifts for my musical instrument- and electronics-loving husband.

  16. What a cute picture of you two! Was that the prom? You both look just as young today. He sounds like an amazing daddy and husband. I met mine when I was 25, and that was 11 years ago. But he was definitely worth the wait!

  17. I think that is the cutest thing ever, and picture! 15! You got me beat, mine was 18. I love it when couples meet in their just feels like true love to me.


  18. Because of Baby Boy's scheduled arrival I've already got Father's Day taken care of this year - but I'll still be around checking out your ideas there are birthday's and Christmas and more Father's Days coming up after all!

    It sounds like you have a wonderful husband - I do too, and it really is a blessing!

  19. Your hubby sounds amazing!! How blessed y'all are to have found each other. And what a wonderful and rare blessing he is to his children.

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