Themed Weekend: First Days

Themed Weekend: First Days 1Remember the first few days/months of motherhood? The magic, the miracles, the sheer joy and amazement, the humble gratitude of being blessed with a new little life...

I will always look back on the birth and newborn experience as one of the sweetest and most overwhelming times in my life. So full of wonder and grace and abundance. 

If you are pregnant or if you have a baby six months or younger, this weekend is dedicated to you. If, however, you don't fall into that category, I invite you to stick around. There are several giveaways in the mix that will suit parents of all "ages and stages." 

Have fun!

Pictured: Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket in Snugly Pink

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6 comments on “Themed Weekend: First Days”

  1. My youngest is 11 days old, so I'm looking forward to what you'll post this weekend!

  2. Sounds right up my alley since we're expecting number three late this year. I still can't believe it when I say that. LOL

  3. This is fun timing since our newest will be 3 mo on wed and her sister will turn 2 the same day. Looking back to what is was like while being in the middle of it. I guess we are nearing the end of newbornness though, it's bittersweet.

  4. With an 8 month old, I have to admit that I am somewhat glad those "first days" are over. I'm FINALLY getting sleep and getting something *back*--not that newborns aren't amazing, but having a baby smile, giggle, hold up his arms to be picked up, crawl all over you, coo, etc. is so much more rewarding than constantly feeding and changing a tiny little cute thing :) But that could just be me. I know moms who adore the newborn stage and don't really care for the older stages, and moms who hate all baby stages and really just want the kid to be able to walk and talk!

    Looking forward to this weekend! Thanks :)

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