Themed Weekend: Globe-Trotting Girl

Themed Weekend: Globe-Trotting Girl 1Someday, I'm going to travel the world with my family. We're going to go to Israel and Indonesia, New Zealand and New York, London and Little Rock.

But today...for now...we travel the world...through books and experiences and people. And we get away for an occasional weekend or week - exploring new sights, laughing with good friends.

That's how it is when you have teeny tiny ones.

Themed Weekend: Globe-Trotting Girl 2So, yesterday we escaped for a quick trip to Phoenix. And, when we arrived, a tornado warning was issued. That kind of thing never happens in Arizona. But we're all safe and sound now...and the sun is shining.

In pre-kid years, I went to Pakistan and Pittsburgh and Puerto Vallarta.

Today, I go to the park and the playground and the corner Walgreens for a pack of gum.

But if you think that means my life is predictable and humdrum, you are quite mistaken.

Just in the past 24 hours, for example, we picked lemons off a lemon tree and made homemade pizza and saw an incredible marching band that walked right by our dinner table (The band consisted of my 3-year-old and Christine's almost-2-year-old...they circled the table again and again, beating plastic bowling pins together and singing, "We're in a marching band!"). I should have taken a picture, but I was having too much fun.


Stay tuned for articles, product reviews, giveaways, and conversations about travel - at home, in our imaginations, and abroad.

As posts are published, I will add them to this post so that you can have a comprehensive spot to see my entire round-up.

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9 comments on “Themed Weekend: Globe-Trotting Girl”

  1. You are so fun! I am fortunate enough to have been able to travel a bit and to have an Austrian husband. Having met and married in New Zealand gives us reason enough to go back and take the kids one day (hopefully). The little ones have been to Canada, however our first big trip as a family is this August when we fly to Austria for my husband's family reunion. We talk about renting an RV and touring the states when the kids are a bit older the Griswalds. Ha ha!

  2. I want to show my kids the world...when they're a little more prepared to feel secure even with schedule changes and new places to sleep. Right now, as much as we love to be somewhere new, I know it's stressful for them when the routine changes and there aren't familiar and comforting surroundings.

  3. My mom traveled SO much as a kid, that once we came along she did NOT want to travel anymore. As a result, I have been no where! ha ha ha! Someday, I hope to take my kids to some cool places... I kinda hate the word "someday" though, because it never seems to actually be "someday."

  4. My husband's grandparents traveled around the world in their 70's and loved it. His grandmother could beat us in Geography trivia like crazy! I use to fly, but in the last few years, I have developed a phobia of flying.....

  5. Indonesia, huh? :) I'll give you some pointers...
    I think my traveling bug has died. At least for a while. I still have a heart for the world, but need some healing first. It's good to be here.

  6. I did some traveling pre-kiddo, and eventually would love to do more. But, right now I am so very happy just to sit at home and watch an imagination and personality and life unfold before my very eyes.

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