Themed Weekend: Good Night, Sweetheart

Themed Weekend: Good Night, Sweetheart 1This weekend is all about sleep - how to make it pleasant, peaceful, and plentiful for both you and your little ones. Stay tuned for product reviews, helpful articles, and personal stories to help you in your journey toward a good night's sleep.

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9 comments on “Themed Weekend: Good Night, Sweetheart”

  1. We are getting there slowly, I just hope there will be no regression. Today is the first time in 3 weeks I gyped him on his naps to get out of the house, and I am rather nervous what tonight will be like:# I guess I was a little selfish today, so I may pay for it.

  2. Oh, sleep, it's what I'm craving right now. That and another helping of your famous enchiladas - my parents loved them by the way!

  3. Apparently I am one of the very few who are blessed to have a sleeping toddler. I actually got yelled at (not really but, ya know)by her Dr when I asked how I could keep her up longer. Before she would sleep from 4:30pm until 7 am. Now she goes down between 5 and 6. Plus she takes naps during the day. He actually suggested that I not tell anyone that she slept like that becuase they would get mad. :)

  4. Sleep? Me or my daughter? From what I am told, once you are a mom, you never will have a good night sleep...hopefully this quote was wrong! I think I am going to post this question. Thanks Stephanie! I'll just link you up this weekend on this subject, for the mom's sake!

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