Themed Weekend: Happy Housework

Themed Weekend: Happy Housework 1First, I have to tell you...I am not the queen of housework happiness. If you're looking for her, you should probably go introduce yourself to FlyLady (quite a few of my readers rave about her).  

It's not that I CAN'T cook delicious gourmet meals and maintain a spic-n-span home with sparkling floors and toilets. It's the time factor. Do I want to mop for an hour or move my business/blog forward...or, more importantly, go "exploring" with my daughter around our neighborhood? The first thing on the list is always the first thing to "go."

That said, cooking, cleaning, and organizing are three things that need to get done in every home (including mine!) so I've compiled a list of how-to articles, product reviews, and giveaways to make those chores easier and more enjoyable. 

Disclaimer: Our house is actually quite clean because I have an amazing, hard-working husband and I'm a big believer in living simply. I regularly go through all the rooms in our home to throw stuff away and bags things up for charity. And when I go on one of my clutter conquering escapades, I get rid of everything in sight that isn't useful or used regularly...beware. 

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11 comments on “Themed Weekend: Happy Housework”

  1. My husband is the one who likes to go on a de-clutter kick and throw away everything that is not nailed down. But it's all good...I've read Flylady and she's very inspirational. I read her after I had my first. Now after #3 I think I need her again...

  2. I do the same thing! I'm the exact opposite of a pack rat. And when those throw-away escapades are complete doesn't it just feel like a breath of fresh air?

  3. I am in a de-clutter mode- we need to stop bringing it in, and making it easier to part with. Easier said than done. I read the FlyLady emails for a couple of months- then made my own schedule. Her emails had some good ideas- I just did it my own way, and it worked so well. I never dreaded anything because I had just a few things to do each day. The first 'big cleans' took more time, but it was great!

  4. Happy and Housework don't usually go together in my mind, but I've got to get some done. You are my inspiration!

    By the way, you asked on my blog what field I was going into....I'm getting my master's as a Reading Specialist! :D

  5. I'm much more into clutter-free and tidy/organized than clean. Don't get me wrong, I'd love the house to be dust and dirt and fingerprint free (stainless steel appliances - ugh!), BUT, that's just pretty low on my priority list. I think I would go insane, however, if the clutter didn't stay under control and things weren't tidy and organized.

    Looking forward to this series! You always have great idea.

  6. I don't like a dirty house, but I don't like to clean. My body constantly goes through a struggle to decide which desire (to have a clean house or to refrain from getting down and dirty in the toilet) to fulfill. "Happy Housework" seems like a bit of an oxymoron to me...but that's probably why I need this.

  7. That is funny. I am the same way. I am always going through the boys rooms and closets giving things away. My husband jokes, If it's not nailed down, I will throw it away or give it away! With that being said, my husband is a collector. Which is probably why, I always feel like I could be giving more away, if he would just let me.

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