Themed Weekend: Hot, Hot, Hot {Weather, That Is...}

The high is 94 here today.

Fortunately, there's a 40% chance of rain and it will likely be in the 70s later this evening.

That is one of the many benefits of living in the Sonoran Desert.

It can be as hot as hot during the day, but then - the evening will often greet us with a brilliant sunset, a cooling breeze, and the sounds and smells of Arizona rain. There's nothing quite like it.

That said, it IS blazing hot during the day.

To stay cool, we:

  • Sip icy lemonade
  • Eat popsicles in an array of colors
  • Swim in our little blow-up pool on the grass
  • Wear hats and sunscreen and flip-flops
  • Stay inside in the AC

This weekend will include product reviews and giveaways to help you cool off and have fun this summer.

And just because I think Etsy is fun, I'll leave you with images of a few handmade summer dresses I recently discovered {both from: Lover Dovers Clothing}:

cherry dress loverdoversclothing green polka dots

YOUR TURN: What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? What do you do to stay cool?

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14 comments on “Themed Weekend: Hot, Hot, Hot {Weather, That Is...}”

  1. I live in north west Montana. This time of years our high is around 70-95 depending. This is a great area for outdoor activities, but I don't really partake in them. I will once Lily is a little older.
    For now I mostly stay inside where I have a little AC unit and fans.

  2. Ooh - I'm envious. Rain, rain, rain over here. To get an idea of our weather the last couple of weeks and forecast for the entire summer, check out the photographic evidence. And that was on Canada Day, which was one of the NICER days we've had recently! Oh - and happy July 4th!

  3. Here in the midwest it's HOT and HUMID... icky sticky yucky weather.

    We stay mostly inside, when we go out we try to go early in the morning other times we go out later in the evening. Through the day though we pretty much have to stay inside or go run our errands. It's too hot to do anything else.

    We also drink cold stuff, play in the water sometimes and eat popsicles.

  4. I has been in the 90's for about a week in Portland, OR. It is hot! We stay cool by drinking ice water, balloon fights and swimming!

  5. It's cool here - I believe almost 20 degrees cooler than usual. Tomorrow is supposed to be better. We go to the pool if it's real hot, or get the kiddie pool out!

  6. I love Monsoon Season!! You are is BLAZING hot and humid during the day, but the nights are so refreshing. I love the cool, rain infused breeze!!

    We keep cool by...
    *Swimming in our neighbor's pool
    *We put up our Pop Up Canopy and other umbrellas outside to have as much shade as possible.
    *Make a huge fort in our living room (the kids are entertained for hours)
    *Creating a concert in our living room, and taking turns singing in the karaoke machine:)
    *Having playdates at our friends house, inside mostly!

  7. It's humid and often muggy here. A swim in the local pool is refreshing, a fan going, and lots of popsicles!

  8. It's hot day and night here, and we haven't had rain in so long!! It's normally not like this...especially in June! We're hoping since August weather came early we'll get June in August. Wishful thinking, I'm sure!

  9. We have been in the 100s for several weeks and no rain. I know that there will be parades for the 4th tomorrow and I wouldn't want to rain on anyone's parade but I am praying for rain! We really need it here in Texas.

  10. Cutest dresses, ever! Wow. It's in the low 90s here right now, which seems pretty comfy after last week's crazy 100+ temperatures. I made the kids stay inside until the sun started going down last week so they were totally stir crazy. We try to go for walks in the early morning and then go swimming at my parents' house in the late afternoon/early evenings. Last week the pool was already as warm as bathwater. Ick!

  11. It hasn't been too bad this past week. It was in the upper 90's/100's for awhile ... when it is that hot we do nothing. That is even too hot to swim.

    It's currently in the 80's so we'll be having a nice 4th tomorrow night. Living out on the boonies has its perks... like shooting off any type of firework legally. ;)

    I even have the windows open today, with the attic fan on. Not too bad. :--)


  12. My weather is your weather. :) We definitely find more indoor things to do in order to avoid sun exposure and ridiculous heat. More crafts at home, going to the pet store and the mall and the party store and Target and ANYWHERE indoors to have free or cheap fun but in the comfort of air conditioning. P.S. We just took our five bucks to Cold Stone yesterday and had loads of fun. Thanks!

  13. We stay inside, too. I wish we could go for long walks, because Little One LOVES being outdoors, but while the sun is out, it's just too hot. But it's true... the desert evenings are worth it!

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