Themed Weekend: Labor, Delivery, & Recovery

ldr-with-border1Three weeks have passed since baby #2 made her debut (Has it really been that long already?). We were a family of three and then - in one miraculous moment that I will never forget - we became a family of four.

This weekend, I'll be sharing research articles, personal musings, helpful tips, and product reviews to help moms have a more peaceful and positive labor, delivery, and recovery experience. As always, there will be plenty of corresponding giveaways as well.

Please do chime in throughout the weekend and into next week. I'd love to hear your thoughts - whether you had a baby twenty years ago or twenty days ago, whether you're trying to conceive or "all done" with the baby stage. It's so important for moms to share their experiences so that we can all make informed decisions that are best for our families...

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5 comments on “Themed Weekend: Labor, Delivery, & Recovery”

  1. SO thrilled for you that baby is here! Congrats!!!

    I just read through your week of postpartum posts and they were great! Very impressed that you produced such fabulous content with such a tiny new baby in your life!

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