Themed Weekend: Labor, Delivery, & Recovery

Themed Weekend: Labor, Delivery, & Recovery 1Labor and delivery has been on my mind lately because my incredibly sweet and beautiful sister-in-law is due on June 8. I helped her write her birth plan a few days ago and all of the memories came flooding back. The peaking contractions, the whispering, the need for reassurance ("Are you sure I can do this?," "I don't know if I can do this..."), the pushing...and then...the wonder, the magic, the power of that breathless moment. The triumph. And there she was - this precious beautiful baby with rosebud lips and a button nose. She was the picture of perfection and I was the happiest mama on the hall (at least I thought I was). I count that as one of the best days of my life.

This weekend is all about expectant moms - tips, products, and information (and giveaways, of course!) to help you during labor, delivery, and recovery.

If you are past this stage, please feel free to stick around to reminisce or to try to win products to give as gifts for friends. I'd love for you to share your thoughts as experienced mommies.

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6 comments on “Themed Weekend: Labor, Delivery, & Recovery”

  1. Love the theme! I'm past that stage, my little guy
    will be 10 months tomorrow. I can relate to what these women are going through and maybe I'll experience labor, delivery, and recovery again someday.Thanks!

  2. Oh, I'm excited to see what's to come this weekend. Although I'm not sure I want to labor, deliver and recover again it completely fascinates me. And Tiffany - totally there with you on the no sleep as mommy to a 3.5 mo old. I'm generally exhausted these days.

  3. Where was this 4 months ago when I had my little one!! Oh well I get to remember what happened and of course you can still say I am in recovery because I have a newborn, no sleep, a full time job and I am battling hard to not fall into PPSD - I think mostly no sleep plays into my PPSD.

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