Themed Weekend: Newborn Niceties & Necessities

baby-sleeping-5-weeks-2She arrived five weeks ago today and I have to admit that I'm surprised.

Surprised by joy. Surprised by how much I adore her. Surprised by the pure wonder of the miracle of who she is...and who she will become.

I knew, of course, that I would enjoy the newborn stage. But I had forgotten how perfectly overwhelming my love would be, how calming it was to hold a baby - my baby - against my chest.

I just want to hold her close forever and ever because I know that all too soon she will be a toddler, then a little girl, then a teen, then a woman, then a (gulp) mother...

But for right now - here in this moment - she's my sweet newborn babe.

And I fully intend to savor every second.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare into her eyes.

...I'll be back later with articles, product reviews, and giveaways.

P.S. Even if you don't have a wee one in the house, I'd appreciate your thoughts (as always). I promise my themed weekends won't always be baby-related (In fact, the next 3 themed weekends are more "broad" in scope...), but I'm knee-deep in babyville right now so that's why I write what I do. Thanks for your patience.

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12 comments on “Themed Weekend: Newborn Niceties & Necessities”

  1. She is too adorable, Stephanie!! SO precious!! It is overwhelming to have such love for our babies! Yes, they grow and change so quick. Cole is 3 months old, and I can't believe it! He has changed so much already! Keep enjoying her completely!

    Isn't it harder to blog as much? I know it is a challenge for me with 3 under the age of 4. :)

  2. She's so beautiful! I completely know what you mean about savoring every second with her. Maybe it's because of my prior experience or the fact that I knew she'd be our last baby, but I enjoyed the "newborn stage" much MORE with my second daughter.

  3. I actually really like the baby stuff. It reminds me of how quickly they grow up and that we need to soak it all in while it lasts! Jasper is losing his baby-ness and it makes me wistful.

  4. Oh yes, I'm still there. Even though he doesn't resemble a newborn any longer, he is still my baby, and always will be. I'm more in love with mothering a baby this time around then ever before.

    I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since she was born! It doesn't seem fair that this ultra sweet time in their lives goes by so quickly!

  5. When my son was a newborn, every day I felt like he was going to suddenly grow up, graduate, get married, and become a dad. It's like my son's whole life flashed before my eyes, and I was tearfully wistful (while he was only a few weeks old). Is it hormones or is it the magnificent way in which God reveals His eternal nature by showing us the transiency of our lives as we absorb the loveliness of a newborn?

    Ever since my son was born, I feel I've been graced with new eyes. Instead of seeing the world in how it affects Me and how everything and everyone is in relation to Me and my perspective in time and space...suddenly, I feel I can see things from a much broader viewpoint. I have a greater understanding of my grandparents, my parents, and even young children and how we relate to one another from varying perspectives in our varying generational experiences.

    It's amazing what a little baby can do to open up a Mommy's eyes.

  6. You should be wrapped up in baby-ville -- soak in all you can because (as you know from your first I'm sure) they don't stay like that for long. Soon, you'll be looking at the pictures you've taken these last 5 weeks in awe because you don't even remember her being that small.

  7. I never thought I would but I mourned the end of the newborn stage. My little one isn't very cuddly now - she is too busy. And I miss her snuggling to my neck and seeking comfort only from me. Sigh...

  8. My "baby" turns two tomorrow. I savored every single moment of her babyhood and yet somehow I still have no idea how she got to be so big already.

  9. At times I get overwhelmed when I think about the fact that I'll have two little people to care for in about 8 weeks, but mostly I'm just excited for my little boy to be here for me to hold, cuddle and love on.

    So in other words... I'm not minding the "baby" themed weekends at all!

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I have truly enjoyed reading through your blog (I have been reading for about an hour now I think :)). I wish I had known you when my daughter was born in July because you look like the person who would have been able to help me out when I had problems. Its also nice to find another Arizona blogger :D

    Thank you lots and I will be stalking you from now on ;)

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