Themed Weekend: Oh, Baby!

themed-weekend-about-babies-0-12mDo you ever have moments when you look at your baby and just catch your breath at the beauty and wonder of the little life in front of you?

I do.

All of the time.

I am beyond breathless - captivated - the goodness in my life.

Our 7-month-old has brought nothing but peace and sunshine into our home. She is pure joy.

Those chubby cheeks. Those inquisitive eyes. Her gummy smile that she doles out so generously with every passing minute. She is exceedingly squeezable and sweet.

Do you know that feeling that you get when everything goes your way, when you wake up on the right side of the bed? When you get a call to say that you won a super fun prize? Or when you are selected to receive a special award? Or when you are offered the job of your dreams?

You get the news and you can't stop grinning. You beam. Your heart thump-thumps a little faster. You jump up-and-down. You might turn up the music really loud and dance...just because.

That's kind of what it's like to have a baby - to watch her grow.

No. I take that back. It's better than that. WAY, WAY better.

This weekend is all about babies (0-12M). Stay tuned for informative articles, product reviews, and giveaways.

YOUR TURN: Do YOU have a baby in the house?

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24 comments on “Themed Weekend: Oh, Baby!”

  1. i agree 100% my baby is 10 months now....where did the time go? and i can't believe she is on the verge of walking! and shes' starting to pick up on words and signs etc. what a smart cookie.
    the joy of watching live before your eyes.

  2. I have a 7 month old. I am amazed at how quickly she is growing and maturing. I can see her work so hard on her motor skills. Crawling, sitting, getting to sitting from laying, pulling up on furniture. She is a true joy.... and I would love to get the exciting news that another is on the way.

  3. Sometimes I just look at my baby (now five months) and think...Wow...I made you! With a little help from my husband and God. But still, the wonderment of something coming from your body and being SO cute and adorable and cuddly and kissable! It's fantastic:) My baby is definitely the best thing ever!!

  4. Hi Stephanie! Yes, I have a 2 month-old daughter & a 22 month-old daughter at home. And, I'm loving every (o.k. mostly) every minute of it! Thanks for checking out my site. I'm definitely working on the audio issues...all my best!

  5. Oh yes! I am sad as I watch my little baby growing, but at the same time, I'm totally excited. She does something new every day, and it is absolutely amazing to witness!

  6. I don't have a baby right now, and I'm still in that place where I don't know if I will have another or not. I'd love to, but at the same time, my daughter will be in kindergarten in two years, and I could go to school during the day or something like that! I guess I'll know one way or the other eventually.

  7. We do! We do! But he is growing SO fast! It is hard to believe that our youngest will be one in just 15 days! Where is the time going? I find myself loving every stage, not wanting it to end, but loving the next one just as much!

  8. Oh yes... my four month old is so sweet and one drooly, gummy smile from him turns me to mush :) The best thing though is watching him and my two-year old interact. Her delight at anything new he does is very contagious!

  9. No baby, just my 4 year old & a new little one a growin' in the tummy! It's early but my son already is so psyched to have a baby in the house next year!

  10. We have a 2 year old, who I still think of as a baby, and a 3 month old. Our 3 month old is just the sweetest little guy. Gummy smiles, drooly's the best!

  11. My automatic thought response was, "Yes, we have a baby!" But then I realized...she's almost two. Like one and a half months away from being two. Holy cow, I don't have babies anymore! Yes, they'll always be my babies, whether they're one or eighty-one, but by definition I guess I don't have babies anymore. It's kind of sad. Oh, I love every minute of them, and how they grow and change, and how the youngest just came up while I was typing this and said, "Mommy, can I sit with you?" and is now sitting next to me with her arm resting on my lap, but I do miss babies. Makes me think...

  12. I don't have a baby anymore. Matt is 13! But I cherish the memories, the videos, the pictures and the funny stories we tell about those days. I wrote about it in a post, "Bursting with Milk, Smelling Like Coleslaw"

  13. Ooh - I'm really looking forward to this one. Before I had Elizabeth I was worried about being bored and thought that I'd have to wait until she was two-ish before really beginning to enjoy her. Turns out it's really fun watching her grow and learn things!

  14. I have a 4 month old and I love him to pieces! He's my third and maybe my last. With my other kids I couldn't wait until they got bigger and were able to do more things but with my youngest I'm really just enjoying all these sweet moments with him. I love when he blows bubbles, I love how he kicks his legs in the bath, I love our conversations we have, I love how his eyes light up when he smiles, and I love when he laughs.

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