Themed Weekend: One

Themed Weekend: One 1You'll be one in just a few short weeks.

Can it really be?

It seems like just yesterday that I was pulling up to the birth center, singing through the contractions. One hour later, I was pushing on my hands and knees in the water.

Tim caught you from behind. When I looked back, he was standing there, holding you - the cord still connected - so proud.

You were a content baby from the very beginning. Happy. Gentle. Calm.

Come to think of it, I don't really have any memories of you crying as an infant and, even now, your tears are few and far between.

That being said, you appear to have a keen sensitivity to the feelings of everyone around you. Your daddy and I would both describe you as "intuitive." You are also bright and warmhearted have a knock-out smile. Your presence is a sweet melody of harmony and peace in our house.

And the song of your life fills us with infinite joy.

Happy (almost) birthday, my baby girl. We love you. Oh.So.Much.


Stay tuned for musings, product reviews, and giveaways that are ideal for 1-year-olds (and their parents).

As posts are published, I will add them to this post so that you can have a comprehensive spot to see my entire round-up:

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25 comments on “Themed Weekend: One”

  1. I started reading your blog when you were first pregnant with this little lovely girl. I was pregnant too and that is one of the reasons I really fell in love with your blog. We ended up having our babies a day apart from each other. We both have a 3-year old as well. Your content is so relevent to me, it seems like your topics are often picked out and written just for me. Your daughter is beautiful. She is loved and taken great care of.

  2. Oh all the photo's in these posts is just adorable... your baby girl makes me smile!


  3. Where does the time go?! She sounds like such a sweetheart. Both of your daughters are so cute!
    Happy First Birthday little girl.....

  4. What a wonderful post for the birthday girl to read when she is older. You are creating a treasure here for your girls to have when they are moms themselves. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  5. Happy Birthday to Little Sister!

    It's so amazing to see them become independent little people. My Missy Moo (toddler girl) is intuitive as well, maybe even an empath. She knows things that she should not at 21 months.

  6. Wow! Isn't it SO true when older parents tell you how fast these years go by?? I'm looking forward to hearing your bday ideas for 1 year olds as mine turns 1 on St.Patrick's Day! We will definitely be celebrating with Corned Beef and Cabbage (my favorite)! Happy Birthday to your little (not so baby) girl!!!

  7. This first year... it's gone so fast. Makes me a little sad, but also excited to see what changes and joys the next year brings. I am looking forward to your posts this weekend! :)

  8. Happy Birthday little one!! Crazy how fast it goes! Hope the days leading up to her birthday are just as fun and joy filled as the actual day! Happy Happy Birthday to YOU too (you did the hard work in getting her here :-)

  9. She sounds like a dream baby. How did our babies grow into one year olds so quickly? It doesn't seem fair sometimes!


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