Themed Weekend: Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies

Themed Weekend: Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies 1I Wonder: Do women ever stop thinking about birth once they have experienced it?

I gave birth to my firstborn in 2006 and my second in 2009 - and both experiences have shaped me, defined so many ways.

Almost every day, I think back to those days - remembering the excitement, the pain, the fear, the trust, and then...the overwhelming love, the magic of seeing a baby's face for the very first time - MY baby. It's really indescribable on so many levels. I feel at a loss for words even now because all of the adjectives that I want to use (magnificent, amazing, life-changing) don't seem powerful enough.

This weekend, I return to those topics - the miracle of pregnancy, the beauty of birth, and the breathtaking sleeplessness of those early days. Won't you join me for candid conversations, product reviews, giveaways, and more?

P.S. Here's a little SHOUT-OUT to my pregnant readers + friends (Congratulations!): Kristen, Caryn, Arianne, Gabrielle, Beth, Jessica, Carrington, Autumn, Minette, Rhonda, and Danielle.

--- AND to my friends with teeny tiny babes in the house (Congratulations to you too!): Emily, Lisa, Becca, and Betsy (my little sister).

YOUR TURN: Did I forget to mention you in my list? {I'm so sorry if I did!} Are you pregnant or do you have a bitty baby in the house?

* Image: baby @ 12 weeks, photograph by David Barlow, part of a collection of photos from In the Womb Book {published by National Geographic}

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20 comments on “Themed Weekend: Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies”

  1. : ) Your subject this weekend was perfect.....Our sweet baby came 3 weeks healthy and we get to go home tomorrow! Can't wait to see what you have planned this weekend!

  2. I have a sweet little seven week old right now. I've really enjoyed all of these recent posts - keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I've been around newborns a lot in the past (with 4 much younger siblings), but I'm excited to see how different it will be when it's my own child! I have a feeling I'll be less likely to stuff a pillow over my head and try to go back to sleep when a baby starts crying. :)

  4. Oh, I wish I had a newborn in the house....perhaps someday in the not so far future...until then I will enjoy my 2 that I have and cherish every second I have with them~

  5. We just had my daughter's first birthday party yesterday, her birthday is this coming Tuesday. I am totally at a loss of how to describe my feelings for my daughter and the experiences that I've had with her.

  6. I'm not sure I mentioned I was pregnant in the comments here, so how could you know I'm 26 weeks pregnant. I'm getting excited about meeting this little person some time in late March!

  7. I have a 9 week old in the house and I think Christmas with a baby is the best thing ever! Although Christmas with my almost 3 year old is going to be pretty amazing as well.

  8. I'm 14 weeks (due in June) with my 2nd pregnancy. I remember every detail of my son's birth and I can't wait until this baby's as well (although I also want to enjoy the kicking etc of pregnancy) I remember pushing my son out with my eye's closed and the doctor telling me to look down and seeing just my son's head out...SO amazing...I love the pictures of right after he was handed to me - the amazing disbelief in my eyes that there was really a baby in there -- I've always said that the reason that labor hurts so much and pregnancy is SO long is because women would want to have that moment when their baby enters this world over and over and over!

  9. I am 18 weeks & we find out tomorrow morning if it's a boy or girl ... although we are waiting till Christmas morning to actually open what the ultrasound says ... Merry Christmas to us!

    p.s. Is it just me or does pregnancy #2 not feel as new? I haven't taken side profile pictures or written how I am feeling each week ... maybe that has to do with me not blogging for over 8 months!

  10. Oh, I'm so excited for these posts! And, I'm pregnant (it's okay, you remembered my Sister Arianne!) I'm 32 weeks, due Valentines day!

  11. thanks for the shout-out! It's been 4 weeks already, and every single day I'm thinking back to those first few hours. (I kinda want them back, so special)...

  12. every day. :) I told my midwife that I think about labor and delivery every single day, and I think she was quite surprised. There are just always little reminders of the miracle of life... and the big reminder, namely, my one year old and my bulging belly.

  13. we are loving every minute with our newborn who was born dec. 1. she is our fourth, but the joy is every bit as great as with the first or second or third... i'm probably taking more time to enjoy these moments because i didn't think i would have the blessing of a fourth!

  14. I have a 6 week-old now, but I would hardly call my now 13 1/2 lb baby "little bitty"! I love, love, love him to pieces, though :)

  15. thank you for the shout out! There is nothing better than having a little bitty baby in the house. I love the snorts and infant sounds, even if they keep me up all night long! :)

  16. I think about being pregnant and birth often, even though we are done have babies. I was forever changed by the miracle of giving birth. I loved being pregnant, but I am happy for the "chapter" our family is in now. However, I just became an auntie three months ago and a Godmother one month ago. Have two small babies in my life right now is a huge blessing!

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