Themed Weekend: Prepping for Mother's Day

doodles-2I have notepads all over the house with sketches and doodles and phrases on them.

Of all the things I want to do - and all of the places I want to go - and all of the qualities I want to be. 

I write down my goals weekly.

I dream of:

  • planting a vegetable garden
  • taking a photography class
  • writing a book
  • speaking at conferences
  • getting my PhD
  • running in another 5K (and maybe in a 1/2 marathon...someday)
  • living in a master-planned community in my dream house

I envision it all down to the tiniest detail.

Most of all, however, I aspire to be a wonderful wife and mother.

prepping-for-mothers-day-11I want my girls to look back on these days and say, "My mom was patient and compassionate and spontaneously fun. She loved others. She loved our daddy. And, oh, how she loved us! She would stop anything that she was doing in a heartbeat to answer our questions, to play with us, to truly listen. She worked hard and achieved so many unbelievable accomplishments, but her work was always "second" to her family. She had this mesmerizing smile, these warm eyes, this incredible way with people. Everyone immediately loved her because they knew she cared. She thought of others before herself. She taught us to see the best in others, to give more than was required of us for every task, to question the status quo, to always stand up for what was right, to be GREAT and not just good."

prepping-for-mothers-day-2But...some days I'm tired. Some days I stay on the computer too long. Some days I say "just a minute" and "can you just do it yourself?" and "not now" too many times while I work on projects around the house. Some days...some moments...I'm not the mom that I want to be.

For me, Mother's Day causes me to reflect more than anything. On the kind of mother I am...and the kind of mother I want to be. There are so many things I want to change - so many areas where I fall short.

Thank goodness God isn't finished with me yet. 

YOUR TURN: What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your kids?

***Stay tuned this weekend for posts about motherhood and for ideas about how we can shower the mothers in our lives with gifts (both material and immaterial) on May 10, 2009...and on every day throughout the year. And there will be giveaways too - I wouldn't want to forget to mention that!

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9 comments on “Themed Weekend: Prepping for Mother's Day”

  1. Great post Stephanie! I've never tried to put this into words before... I really hope to show my kid(s), every day, how much I want them in my life and how much I enjoy knowing them.

  2. I hope that my son grows up knowing how much he was loved, I hope I never let him forget for a single second. I hope that one day I can tell him, without him rolling his eyes in that "oh mom!" way, that I was so sleep deprived when he was a newborn for no reason other than that I simply could not sleep at night, I much preferred to stare at him. I hope he understands one day what a miracle is, that he was my miracle, a true gift from God. I want to be strong for him, to be smart for him, to be funny for him and i want his father and I to be a good example of a loving marriage!

  3. i would simply add to that , that I want to my kids to see Christ in the things that I do, say and think and prayerfully one day CHOOSE to have a relationship with God

  4. Well said. Keep in mind though that no one is perfect all the time - another part of being a good mama is making sure you take time for yourself so you can have the energy to be the energetic, patient mom you strive to be. Taking breaks and saying "not now" doesn't make you a less-than-perfect mom, it makes you human!

    I wish to possess many of the same characteristics as you. Having grown up with a single mom, we struggled a lot and even after my mom married, I never knew what it was like to have a dad. I'm glad you mentioned wanting your kids to remember you love your husband because I think the parents relationship with one another plays such a huge part in shaping the adult you children will grow up to be.

    That's not to say kids with single parents or step-parents can't still be happy kids and great adults, I just think too often that aspect gets pushed to the priority back burner.

  5. There are lots of things I want to do in life but even if I never accomplish all of those things, there is one dream I've fulfilled and continue to love (most of the time) :). That of being a mom!

    I want my children to feel, even when they've done wrong and I'm upset with them, that I love them unconditionally. And that it is because I love them that I want them to be their best selves.

  6. I think you pretty much summed it up! I want my children to remember me in those same ways - that I always had time for them, that they and their Daddy were the most important things in my life, I want to be remembered for my love - not for what I accomplished.

  7. I sure haven't thought it out as clearly as you have said. But thats something I definitely want to give a little more thought and prayer to.

    ...I just HAD to say-- MAN! *amazing* legs you've got there mama! :) You're sure looking GREAT for still recovering from having a precious little one!

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