Themed Weekend: Pretty & Pregnant

Themed Weekend: Pretty & Pregnant 1I never feel particularly pretty when I'm pregnant. I know that many women feel absolutely radiant and gorgeous as they expand, but I just feel rather dowdy.

Inwardly, of course, I celebrate the miracle of life and am grateful for the opportunity to nurture it. At the same time, however, I mourn the loss of my figure, my energy, and quite a few of my hobbies. I realize that - in the long scheme of things - nine months is a mere blip in time. But, in the moment, it seems like the calendar drags on day by day.

This weekend, I'll be writing about clothes, accessories, and products that are helping me feel a little bit prettier in this pregnancy. Of course, there will be giveaways and opportunities for you to chime in as usual. Oh, and I'll be making the big announcement soon.

YOUR TURN: Did you/do you feel pretty when pregnant? Why or why not?

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15 comments on “Themed Weekend: Pretty & Pregnant”

  1. I am not sure how pretty I felt- but after the first trimester, I sure felt pretty great! Please don't throw things at me but I felt like whatever is wrong with me normally- was right with me pregnant. Those hormones are amazing drugs (that I'm sure work differently in different folks)- but I was blessed to be more sane(really! ask my hubby), content, and creative. Despite the body-image issues, I was happier, and more energetic- even with an increased libido. Crazy! I have already hinted to my ob that maybe I need to be preggo all the time- or something like it... yikes.
    Sorry to always be a lurker or late responder- I don't log on that often these days.

  2. I dont usually think about it much. But I do feel good when I've put some effort into it. Unfortunately, effort is not something I give a lot of recently. My normal style before pregnancy has become my 'dressed up'. Yikes! But I'm sure things will return to normal after baby (well, relatively soon after baby).

  3. I loved the feeling of being pregnant (minus the morning sickeness). I felt pretty during the first and second trimester. I loved my little bump and the way the cute maternity clothes fit me. However, when 3rd trimester hit I felt bloated and way too swollen. I hated the places my new fat and stretch marks started taking up residence :( Maybe the next time around I'll embrace 3rd trimester knowing what to expect. Damn those stretch marks!

  4. The novelty of looking pregnant & wearing new, 'stylish' maternity clothes, I think, really made me feel pretty my first & second times. This third pregnancy,the novelty has worn off, & I'm defnitely not feeling especially pretty. Although the expanded bustline helps a little bit!

  5. I sure felt pretty at first, with a bigger bustline and not much tummy! Then I loved being really visibly pregnant, but now at 34 weeks I'm missing my real clothes. I don't feel un-pretty, just ready to get back to myself.

  6. I am expecting my second child in March and with this pregnancy I have yet to feel beautiful. Still feeling sick, hoping to get well soon!

  7. My friend is expecting her EIGHTH child! Oh my! She could sure use to win a sweepstakes right about now! What do you say? How about awarding my baby-making-mama, Neta from Washington with a nice surprise. She sure deserves it! She is a great mom and all 7 kids, so far, are fantastic little people!

  8. Well in the first few months definitely not. But as my belly gets rounder and bigger I do start to feel beautiful. I think it's mostly because at that point I finally have a decent excuse for having a belly that sticks out further than my boobs! ;)

  9. There was a small window where I looked pregnant instead of fat and maternity shirts looked sort of cute where I sort of felt pretty. But it didn't last long - then I just felt huge and uncomfprtable and ugly.

  10. I felt very pretty in the second trimester, when my belly was round and noticeable, but still LITTLE. And the clothes for small bellies are pretty cute now! Oh, man, I hated that third trimester. So uncomfortable, back pain, can't exercise much anymore, can't shave your legs right, can't believe the number on the scale...but then you're almost done with the pregnancy and soon you'll hold your new child...what a miracle!!

  11. Being that my kids are older now (6 & 10), I don't remember if I felt particularly pretty when I was pregnant. What I do know now, is that I think all pregnant women are so beautiful right now! My sister-in-law just had her baby at the end of Sept., and each time I saw her, I just oohed and ahhed over her. I just think there is something so special and unique about a pregnant woman! It's an amazing gift we are given and I just think it's beautiful! Love your blog and so glad you are back to feeling better! PS - Just found out that a good friend of mine from college is your friend too. I stumbled on Nicole at Apron Strings Aflutter from a link about a giveaway she was having on your weekly roundup, and she recognized my name and lo and behold, a connection was made!! Talk about a small world!!!! ;o)

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