Themed Weekend: The Great Outdoors

Themed Weekend: The Great Outdoors 1As summer approaches, many families have camping on their mind. Tents and RV's, lakes and mountains, S'mores and campfires, hot dogs on a stick and afternoon hikes, swimsuits and trail mix...something about the great outdoors beckons us.

Camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures are often particularly attractive vacation options for families because they tend to be cheaper and more "intimate" than staying at a resort or hotel.

  • At a hotel, you'll pay $80-250/night. In the great outdoors, you'll pay just enough for food.
  • At a hotel, your family will likely congregate around the TV. In the great outdoors, you'll probably get exercise together or chat around the campfire in the evenings under the stars.
  • At a hotel, you have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with your baby's cries or your kids' laughter. In the great outdoors (depending on where you go), your kids can be their silly, lively selves.
Enjoy this weekend's theme!
Tell me: Will your family be camping this summer?

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16 comments on “Themed Weekend: The Great Outdoors”

  1. Not only are we camping this summer, we were camping when you posted this! We just got back from the Grand Canyon a couple of days ago, and we loved it. Hopefully, we'll be setting up the tent in the backyard a couple of times this year (closer to fall, I'm sure) and get some more camping in.

  2. I really liked this topic! Great ideas. Now, maybe you and your family need to take a road trip to the Pac NW and go camping in our WA rain-forest - fun!!

  3. I haven't been camping since I was in High School. We used to camp all the time when I was younger.

    Probably won't be camping this year. Although, setting a tent up in the yard might be fun.

  4. We probably won't be camping this year as our son is a little to young but it is something we have enjoyed doing in the past.

  5. We love camping! Although, this will be our first year camping with a baby...kind of excited to see how it goes. ;)
    We are camping at a beautiful place called Silver Lake. So fun.

  6. We've been considering camping this summer but haven't decided. my daughter is ten months and I'm not sure if I'm ready to tackle dirty diapers and all that with camping. We'll see. Fun theme!

  7. I'm going camping for one night with our high school group on our way to summer camp in Colorado, but I'm hoping our family can go for a few days with a group from church. My hubby's going fishing and camping with your hubby, too. So yeah...we're going. :)

  8. No camping for us this year> But I spent so many summers camping with my family as a kid and loved it! I need to get back into for Jack.

  9. We went camping/hiking on our honeymoon. Aside from the kind I'd done in military training, that was my first time leisurely camping.

    We can't wait to take Calvin on day hikes and camping. There's lots of opportunity to do that in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia! Gorp. Pre-made meals to heat up on the camping stove. Lots of great photo ops and lasting memories.

  10. This is timely, as I've been having a serious itch to go camping! So much so that I've been telling my husband I want to go homestead in Utah. So maybe I should plan a camping trip and get it out of my system before I go off and start digging root cellars.

  11. We LOVE camping as a family - really, there's something magical about camping that bonds a family together like nothing else. And for kiddos, even little ones, being outdoors all day long is a dream come true! We plan to do lots of weekend camping trips this summer with our boys (1-1/2 and 3-1/2 yrs old).

  12. I would love to go camping this summer. Although, my little one is still a little young. She just started walking and is all over the place. Might be a little tough. But I might go away camping for a weekend with my friends which is always nice...My husband and I do plan on going hiking with our daughter this summer though.

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