Themed Weekend: Traveling With Kids

Normally, I stay up until 1 or 2 am.

But not the past few nights.

I'm exhausted from traveling.

Being away is energy-draining. Everything is a little out-of-whack. Naptimes and bedtimes are skewed. We can't jump on the bed and there are no books here to read before bedtime. We don't have a baby bouncer or our jogging stroller or our nice cozy beds. We can't let our baby crawl around on the floor and our 3-year-old can't go to the bathroom by herself because the toilets are too big. I can't wear my nursing pajamas (because they're not exactly modest) and it's tough living out of a giant suitcase that is jumbled with baby clothes, our clothes, socks, and underwear.

Each night I fall into bed alongside our baby and sleep soundly.

It's a good kind of tired. But it's still tired.

That said, we're having so many delightful adventures. Last weekend, we were in sunny California at the Happiest Place on Earth. And now we're in Washington - the rainiest place on earth (ha!). It's pretty here - green and overcast and damp. I don't mind the gray skies and the drizzly forecast a bit. It's pleasant, actually - peaceful. We've been to the park and the beach and the children's museum...and the outlet mall.

Oh, and our friend Dan took photos of our family today (he has a Nikon and a knack for photography). That was my favorite part of today:



Stay tuned for product reviews, travel reviews, and lots of exciting giveaways. This weekend is going to be jam-packed.

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18 comments on “Themed Weekend: Traveling With Kids”

  1. Those are great family pictures...just a couple of many good ones!! I am glad that you had a great vacation. Heading back to WA any time soon?? =)

  2. I just realized how long I've been away from the blogs when I had to scroll WAAAAAAAY down to find to first post of yours I haven't read. We've been a little busy but I'm glad I'm back...for now anyway...

  3. I love the pictures. And I understand perfectly about road trips. My children are now 8 & 6 but we questioned ourselves after our East Coast trip this summer. Sure, we saw a lot of wonderful things but for the price & hassle (of crabby children), we could have rented a vacation house here on the beach and made just as fond memories. We don't regret our trip but I think we will stay closer to home next summer.

  4. We're traveling in December... driving to spend Christmas with my family - I am experiencing a wee bit of apprehension about the 24+ hours we'll be on the road each way. But it will cost us about 1/2 what airline tickets would cost, and this way, I don't have to deal with my insane, irrational fear of flying either :)

    Am looking forward to this weekend's posts and I love the pictures of your family.

  5. How fun! I'd love to visit Washington sometime. It sounds like a gorgeous place, despite all the rain!

    My friend, who had her first baby the same day you had your baby, is a musician, and travels almost all the time. It's crazy, but her boss lets her bring her baby, so I guess home gets to be wherever she is at the moment! I don't know how she does it. Just going on vacation with a baby is hard! Traveling almost continuously has got to be so hectic!

  6. I love these family pics. We (the readers) don't always get to see all of you together because one of you is behind the camera usually.

    Best wishes while you are traveling. I hope you remain happy and safe!! Keep us updated. I don't really travel, so I am enjoying the adventure through you.


  7. Oh my goodness! I totally understand!!! We have been on the road for months (literally!). About 9000 miles in 6 weeks... it's enough to drive you MAD!
    Love the photos of your family. Here's a fun secret... our family of three is about to be a family of four! :)
    Welcome home... Next trip you'll have to make your way out east. We are moving into a new place on the 5th. Can't wait! I might never travel again! :)

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