Themed Weekend: Workin' Girl

workin-girlI've said it before and I'll say it again: All moms are working moms.

Whether you work 9-5 outside of the home or you have your own business or you're in the business of chasing your 2-year-old around the house, this weekend is for you.

Stay tuned for reviews, giveaways, and articles related to "work."

Here's a question to kick off the weekend: If you had it your way, what would your "ideal" working situation be? Let yourself dream a little. Would you work full-time or part-time? Would you start your own business or write books or go back to school? Would you want to work at a family-friendly company with on-site daycare or would you rather pass the day in the company of your kiddos? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Pictured: the Kensington heel from Sofft.

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20 comments on “Themed Weekend: Workin' Girl”

  1. My wife loves her Shoes from Sofft, they are the only brand of dress shoes that she will ware all day. This the style she just bought is
    Sofft Caitlyn - Black

  2. I love your theme this weekend! I like the shoes in the picture too...Your question to us, the readers, is so loaded that I could write two pages on my answer:) I was a SAHM for 4 years and loved it. It was great to be with my daughter and really nice to be preggo for my son with out having to worry about working! Now that I work in and out of our home I really enjoy it. My family will always come first, but I love using my talents God has given me to help others. I am blessed to be able to bring my kiddos to the office and work around my husband's schedule. Our children have only had to go to a babysitter a few times in the past year. I guess you can say that my current job is being molded into my dream job!

  3. I currently work as a school social worker so I get the perk of having longer breaks throughout the year. Right now, it's the next best thing to working parttime. In my dream world, I would love to be at home with my daughter and pursue my dream of photography parttime. That would be so great!

  4. Right now, I'm living my dream - SAHM. In a few years, I'd love a 3-4 days a week job in an office, where I only work during my kids school hours. Otherwise, I'd love to be a writer and work from home (but I'm a terrible writer! you said 'dream', right?!). Fun theme this weekend.

  5. I love my current working situation - I work from home and get to stay here with my daughter who goes to the in-home daycare next door for about 6 hours every Thursday. I do sometimes miss the daily interaction with other adults and I do hope to grow my business and add a few more services but I wouldn't trade all those moments I've gotten to enjoy with Sugar for anything!

  6. I'm living my ideal working situation and that is working from home however it would be truly ideal if hubs were with me and we were traveling while running the business.

  7. I have to admit (and don't mean to brag), but I think I already have the ideal working situation. Though its hard to balance freelance work and family at times, I am extremely blessed to work at home, even with my kids being in school. There are times I miss the adult interaction during the day, but I totally love what I do and who can beat working in their jammies!!??

  8. I love working from home! However, working from home with one or more (depending at what time of day it is) children to supervise, in addition to trying to work, is the hardest job I've ever had to do. Especially as my work load picks up, I would like to have a highschool or college student come over a few afternoons a weeks to help out and play with the kids.

    With that, I really enjoy what I'm doing - running Root & Sprout, freelancing and writing a book!

  9. If I have to "work" full time outside the home, I choose the sales job I have now because my company is family friendly and my hours are flexible. My dream is to spend more time with my children and work from home as a successful children's book author.

  10. Oooh, if I really got to choose? And if money and talent weren't an object? I'd be a recording artist. I don't need to be touring around the world, because I want to be with my family. But I'd love to record CDs, do the occasional Christian conference appearance where I can bring my family, and otherwise hang at home. If not that, I'd love to work part time from home. I think it would be great to be in my home office, editing novels while my kids are at school. I have no idea how to get into that business, though. It's a dream.

  11. I love my job. I'm a part-time librarian. Hopefully someday a position will open so I can work full time. That said, I'd love to stay home with the kids too! I can't have it all though, can I?

  12. I've struggled with this since my oldest was born. I never had a choice about working full-time until I got laid off this summer, and have really enjoyed being at home and having the chance to explore other options. I think I would probably be happiest working part-time (preferably from home). Even if I had to work full-time again, I'd love to find an at-home option or something flexible enough for me to set my own hours that work for me and my family.

  13. My "ideal" working situation would be just what I'm doing now. Being a Full Time SAHM to my 19 month old and my 10 year old. I'm here for my son before he goes to school and when he gets home. I'm here for him during school breaks and summer break. I'm able to watch my little girl grow and learn new things. I never get to miss a thing. Although I would like to be receive a check for about $300 a week just to have some extra money to help out, I do not want to go back to work!

  14. Honestly, I have 2 dream jobs, neither of which are very exciting to anyone but me.

    1st-to own a chilren's book store, but if they can't even make it in the movies when Meg Ryan is the owner, what are my chances?

    2nd-I would LOVE to be a Librarian at an Elementary school. I know that they make very little money (heck, barely above minimum wage here in UT) but to be surrounded by wonderful children's books and to hopefully inspire children in a love of reading would be so incredible.

  15. I feel as though I totally have the ideal situation for me. I am a teacher in a private school that is very family friendly including an on-site daycare facility. It's such a treat to be able to see my son in his "element" during the day. I can't wait to watch him move forward as he moves up through the different divisions within the school. I love being a temporary SAHM during breaks, but also enjoy my career and always look forward to getting back into the routine of things.

  16. Hm. Great question! I'd love to keep working out of my home, but I'd also love to be making enough money to pay a part-time babysitter to come in and help with the kids. I don't see that happening any time soon, but you never know, I guess! :-)

  17. Right now I'm self employed, but it's a part time gig. It's ideal because it allows me to primarily stay home with my kid, but if I had my druthers I'd quit completely to be a SAHM instead of a WAHM.

  18. While I miss the camraderie and interaction with coworkers that I got when I worked in an office, I wouldn't trade in being a SAHM for anything. Sometimes I think it would be nice to find some work that could be done from home after the kids are in bed. 10 hours a week or so. But I just finished taking online classes, which took up most of my evenings. So for now I'll just use my evenings to relax and spend some quality time with my husband.

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