There's A Frog in My Bathtub!

There's A Frog in My Bathtub! 1We give our daughter a bath every night before bed - partly because, despite popular belief, my daughter gets very, very messy throughout the day. She loves blowing bubbles and going on walks and exploring nature and playing with her food...and so, understandably, she is just a tad bit dirty by the end of the day. 

She always gets excited when she hears the water running and loves to be lifted into the water. She plays with her alphabet set and her red plastic cup and tries to blow bubbles while we scrub her head-to-toe. And, in the end, she almost always says "play!" and "more!" with delight. On most nights, we have to pull the plug and drain all of the water out to convince her to get out and into the towel.

There's A Frog in My Bathtub! 2For a long time, we just left the toys scattered here and there all over the tub floor, but I prefer a little more organization - especially if guests happen to use that restroom. So I'm happy to have a Frog Pod now. 

The Frog Pod by boon is a bath toy storage solution that "helps with children’s bath time clean-up, providing a drainable scoop for collecting and rinsing toys and a wall-mounted base for storing bath products." The Frog Pod also "reduces mold & mildew," which makes sense to me because water tends to accumulate in between crevices and "cups" in toys if left unattended in the bathtub.

There's A Frog in My Bathtub! 3My only "critiques" of the pod are (1) that the frog's feet and hands (hmmm...are those the right technical terms?) are a bit large and sometimes get in the way, and (2) that the scooper is a bit too narrow to scoop up the toys one-handed...but, other than those two things, I think it is a fun and functional invention that serves its intended purpose.

The Frog Pod can be purchased online for $34.99 or at a variety of stores across the U.S. and around the world.

There's A Frog in My Bathtub! 4WIN IT! One winner will receive a Frog Pod by boon. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 28 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #236 Heidi. Congratulations!

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298 comments on “There's A Frog in My Bathtub!”

  1. The frog pod is such a good idea. Everytime my son gets into the tub he asks for "more, more" toys. He loves to have his whole collection of animals in there at once. This would be great for clean up and storage--thanks!

  2. This is such a cute idea. Storage is always a problem in my house. Maybe my God-child will pick up his bath toys because he loves frogs.

  3. With all the entertainment we do with Tristan in the bath tub and all the bath toys this would be GREAT to win!

  4. ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** **
    INGENIOUS! Great way to keep it nice and neat.

    ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** **

  5. I need this badly, my 3 kids have toys all over the tub all the time. Right now I use a mesh back with suction cups that are tempermental. Try explaining to guests to beware of falling toys while showering, aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

  6. We just looked at this today (at one of my favorite stores adorned with a Bull's-eye.) I love the scoop! It's too bad that it's a bit narrow, but it would work nicely for the foam letters and numbers all over the bath walls. We find they stick great, but constantly fall off the walls as things dry. I'd love to contain some of them somehow.

  7. What a great invention. Not only does the frog look cheerful, but it keeps all the tub toys in one spot.

  8. WOW that is the cutest thing i have ever seen..i love frogs i have a pond in the backyard and it loaded with frogs :)

  9. What about this product that produces fun, functionality, utilization, organization, and lets all enjoy the bathing process both child/adult. Many thanks SW

  10. This would be so great because in addition to my 10 month old grandson, my three sons still all live with me and they are always complaining about the toys and stuff all over the tub.

  11. this is great i am in dire need we throw our bathtub toys in a bucket and they get yucky and stinky after while so we have to throw them out this would be great

  12. I registered for this for my baby shower but sadly did not get one. Now the bath toys end up just sitting on the bottom of the tub. I would love to have one to keep the tub looking more tidy.

  13. I can't tell you how this would help after bath time. As it is, we use a plastic bin (no holes, so yucky standing water unless we drain it) for our toys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. We also leave the toys just scattered on the bottom of the tub, but I would like a solution for bath time. This looks great!

  15. I love having the alphabet floating in the tub with my kids but I need someplace to put it when they're done. Letters aren't so cute floating at my feet.

  16. We also give our daughter a bath every night as part of her going-to-bed ritual and we always have toys strewn about the tub looking ridiculous. The frog pod looks like a cute and practical solution!

  17. For the last week my dd won't take a bath, or when I make her, she won't sit down. It's not a boo boo on her leg, or sore bottom, a new bath toy may help. I also have the world's smallest bathroom-I swear. Two people cannot be in there at the same time! I have toys shoved under the sink and in two of the three drawers in there. Towels have to be stacked on the toilet. There is no where else!!!

  18. You know how you think you will go back and pick up all the toys and put them on the side of the tub after you get your child all dressed???? How come they are still all over the bottom of the tub the next time??? This would be great!!!

  19. I like the frog because of the convenient scoop but most of all that it would drain well. Right now my daughter's toys are in a bucket and I worry about something unfriendly growing in there!!

  20. My daughter would LOVE this, she's at the "filling and dumping" stage! Great storage for me and entertainement for can't beat that combination.

  21. Our current storage container in our bathroom is a basin that we brought home from the hospital. This would be a far more practical and cute solution to our storage problem!

  22. Yes, we're used to having to clear our tub of a couple dozen times eachtime we want to take a shower. This looks like a cute and handy solution.

  23. These are great. I have an 11 month old daughter and a ten year old son. After dinner my daughter takes a bath and then I just leave the toys in the tub to dry while getting her in her jammies and fed and off to bed. Usually my son showers and has to clean all the toys off before he can. This will be a great place to stick them while they dry.

  24. What a great concept, and very creative. My daughter would absolutely love it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. Hi Metropolitan Mama,

    I've been eyeing this handsome frog for months wondering if I should kiss him and bring him home to our pond. He looks like quite a catch!

    Our tiny bathroom needs all the org help it can get. If we won, our frog would swallow: a rubber salmon, five plastic sailboats, two whales, three fabric fish, and a menagerie of zoo animals.

    Splash! Splash!


    Elizabeth Sullivan

  26. Much better than those bath nets that get all nasty looking in no time. Please sign me up for the drawing, I'd love to win one, thanks!

  27. We've tried everything to corral bath toys. Nets, baskets, ignoring them while we dance around them in the shower....would love to try out this frog! The basket idea is pretty brilliant

  28. Um, yes please! We are forever stepping on toys when we try to take a shower. And considering my son is the "froggy man" this is just too cute!

  29. Oh I have so wanted one of these for the longest time but haven't broken down to buy one! I REALLY HOPE I WIN!

  30. I've seen this advertised before, but it was nice to read your take on it. I have gotten rid of a lot of bath toys because they get yucky and smelly so fast! This looks like it could definitely help with that!

  31. This is a much cuter way to organize bathtub toys, rather than one of those boring old net bags. Very cute idea.

  32. We could really use one of these to keep our bath toys organized! Thank you for this opportunity!

  33. I registered for this frog,but alas did not receive it. :( My son loves frogs and I so was hoping that he was to have this.

  34. This would come in so handy for all my son's bath toys, it's always a mess in the bathroom when he's done!

  35. OMG that frog is soooooooooo cute i wish i could afford all this neat stuff for my kids : ( its hard being a single mom

  36. I have had my eye on this cute Boon Bath product as well as the faucet cover that flows so that you can rinse your kids hair easily! They make the coolest and cutest products!

  37. Oh boy, I wish they had this when my kids were little...but I know my grandkids could use it too!

  38. I don't know if all of my niece's bath toys would fit in here, but it would be a good way to narrow them down :)

  39. This would be awesome for my son's tub toys, cause we usually leave them in the bathroom sink after play cause I sometimes can't get all the water out of his rubber duckies and I don't want him squishing water everywhere around the house!

  40. We love our Frog Pod. It would be so fantastic to have one in our other full - bath. I love that you can hang it off the floor of the tub and so all the toys are out of the way of little and big feet!

  41. I'm kinda of torn on this one. I would love to win this for my son - but I'm afraid I'd NEVER get him out of the bathtub then! :o

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  42. This is so great. What a wonderful idea! My son has too many toys for the tub and no place to put them. I am due with a baby girl in August and I can't imagine adding more toys to the mix without the Frog Pod!

  43. How cute. Our niece , 2 friends, 2 step-sons girlfriends ( one twins) is all expecting this year. I usually make baby blankets, but I know I can't get them done. I thinking about a basket of goodies for each one. Your frog would make a great gift for one of the baskets. Please enter me, thank you

  44. How cute! I have seen the frog before (at Target maybe?) and thought it was a very clever idea! Even with your "critiques" (which really aren't so bad!) it seems like it would be pretty helpful!

  45. What a useful item for the bathtub. Toys seem to grow and there is never enough room to store them.

  46. I've seen these at Babies R' Us, and would love to win it!!! I have a 4 year old son and another baby boy on the way! Please enter me, it's great!

  47. I've been wanting to get one for the longest time. I'm hoping the kids will put away their bath toys on their own if it was fun. Wishful thinking?

  48. My son loves bath time, but I hate picking up all his bath toys at the end. He will start to put them away, but usually gets bored by #2. I think if he had this he would be more excited to put his toys away, and it would also help to limit the number of toys in the tub.

  49. I think that is a great way to teach responsible clean up and it assures them that what they put away will be there later (and not lost!)

  50. this is cuter than the suction baggie, only thing i don't like about bath toys is they get mildewy after awhile

  51. Stephanie, it is uncanny how we love the same things. I have been eyeing this froggie for the longest time. It just seems so convenient and might even convince Hubby to gather up the toys after the girl's bath instead of just showering over them!

  52. This would be so great for our house. The toys have trickled out of my kids bathroom into my bathroom. We have two old sandbuckets that we keep the toys in as of right now.

  53. I think that the frog looks great. Right now we have a little net in the shape of a frog. It works ok, but if falls off the wall a lot. Only thing is, it doesnt hold big toys. Does this frog hold bigger, odd shaped toys or still only small ones? It looks cool though.

  54. The girls' tub is filled with foam letters, Dora and Boots, and various sea animals. Putting them in a big bucket is too icky, so this frog pod looks like a great alternative with its drain holes. Yay! I want it!

  55. my kids leave there bath toys scattered everywhere. it becomes a pin cleaning them wheni want a shower, and then giving them back for the kids. this could help!

  56. My oldest does enjoy her bath but doesn't like to sit down. I don't know why but since she could stand I haven't been able to get her to sit. She does like to play though and I've seen the frog around and wondered if it would work well. It wouldn't really go with our ducky bath but I'm pretty much over all the ducks that have ended up in there anyway so a frog would be a nice change.

  57. My daughter is also a lover of bath time and it takes much cajoling to convince her it's time to get out! We have just the one bathroom and heaps of bath toys scattered along the edges of the tub/laying in the tub; this frog would be very welcome in our home:)

  58. This is one of my most favorite items on the "Boon" site! My youngest son stays in the tub so long playing, that we have to drain some water and then add more hot. One can never have too many bath toys. Please enter me in this terrific drawing. I appreciate it. Cindi

  59. This is so neat, I have to admit it too. I think he is adorable too. My kids would help with bath toys if the had one of these neat things.

  60. We have SO many tub toys, and the grandparents just keep buying more despite my pleas not to spoil the kids more than they already are. Organization would be a wonderful thing!

  61. This is really cute, we currently have all the bath tub toys in a plain, boring, plastic tote box. I think he would love to have a froggie in his bathroom! Thanks!

  62. We have a mess frog. I don't care for it very much because it has suction cups and they don't work very well. Let's just say, it's always falling in the tub. This one by Boon looks more durable.

  63. I am sure that my twin great granddaughters' parents would love this. I would love to win this to give to them!

  64. This is such an adorable idea! I've seen the fishing net type bags to hang on the tub, but this takes the cake!

  65. oh gosh I need this SO bad! I don't have anywhere to put her toys, and they get everything wet, oh its awful! I think I will buy this if I don't win it!

  66. That is so cute and being functional as well is a win win. Though my kids will want to play with it as well so for my kids it might also be a bath toy. Thanks.

  67. That is so cute, and our daughter makes such a fuss in the bathtub that we need to have bath toys to keep her entertained.

  68. I have put this on every gift request list I've made, for the 4 years we've had DD. I still am hoping!

  69. My grandaughter likes to take everything she owns into the tub. If I had this cool frog I would probably let her.

  70. This is very cool. We still have bath toys for my two boys. Even my 9 yr old plays with them particularly when he bathes with the 4 yr old. Mostly non-bath stuff like little boy matchbox cars, playmobil men and rubber balls. But, they love it and right now I have everything in a dollar tree bin next to the tub!!

  71. While I never seem to be able to capture some of my two year old niece's energy, if I won this maybe I could harness some of her bath toys!!

  72. lol I look at these everytime I peruse the baby section at the store. I think my boys would have a great time "scooping" up their toys.

  73. With three kids and one on the way, organizing spaces is a top priority to maximize space.

    Wow! This product would be just ducky! Oops! I mean froggy. Ingenious!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  74. My twin boys are using empty/almost empty baby shampoo bottles as submarines. It would be great to recycle thoses bottles and actually have cool frog bath toys!

  75. I have been eyeing these frogs from boon for a while. I love that the toys can drain after being scooped. I always find some old water in my girls toys and the frog would look so cute and help get rid of that extra water

  76. So jealous! I want one of these... you always get the best toys! (Feel like Batman? The Joker always said that to him.) (Yes, I'm a dork, thanks for noticing!)

    I would love to have these to put the girls toys in, it'll be great to have something to have the kids put their things in.

  77. I would love to win this. These grands and great-grand of mine leave my bathroom litered with their bathtub treaures and this would help me so much. This would even inspire them to help do it themselves. Biggest problem for me using this would be telling these little frog hoppers of mine from the frog pod and oh my, listening to all the Would make such a cute picture though.

  78. I need one of these so bad! I'm tired of shaving with little dinosaurs and creatures "swimming" with me! Thank you

  79. I would love to receive this. I have the worst time keeping the bath toys picked up, and living in New Orleans, things can get moldy if left to sit in water for even a day or two.

  80. This is such a great idea. I have previously used this turtle net thing that did not work too well. Everytime you put the wet toys into the net it would weigh it down too much and it would fall back into the tub, completely defeating the purpose of picking the toys up in the first place. Great item to showcase.

  81. lol.....I have to drain the tub out to convince Isaac to get out,too....:)His favorite thing to play with in the tub is the big plastic cup we use to rinse off his hair.....even though he has like a bazillion tub toys;)Kids will be kids,right?

  82. Awesome! we fight the mold on toys from the Bathtub - just threw out a couple speed boats, because I couldn't get the bottom half open to clean it out. UGH!

  83. My son has tons of toys in his bathtub. I have tried other things but they do not stick to the tile long. Please enter me!

  84. This is definitely something that we need! My 3 little girls love taking baths and have way too many bath toys. This would be awesome to organize some of their toys and it looks cute too. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  85. We need this so bad! Right now our toys are in a mold collecting laundry basket. YUCK! I am cleaning it out at least once a week, so lately we just leave them on the tub floor and trip over them when we shower. I know I should buy one, but the list of things I should buy seems to keep growing!
    Ok- I'm done- enjoy your weekend!

  86. my daughter has alot of toys for the bath and right now I store them in a cup so this would comin handy

  87. That's very cute and the little ones really do a bunch of play toys for the bathtub, don't they?

  88. Please, please, please, please pick me. LOL I Know it's random but I have been wanting one of these soooooooo bad. It would be so great, especially when my son has little toys that my daughter can eat and I forget to get them out of the tub when she gest in and then she tries to eat them. Sign me up. Thanks.

  89. This product is so cute and convenient, I never really get any toys for my children to have in the tub beacuse they just get left in there and i have to end up taking them out when i get in, but this is a cute way to keep them in the tub without having a mess!

  90. What a perfect solution !!
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  91. Oh Stephanie...this is just great. I could so use this.

    My daughters have a bucket we put in our bathroom closet every time they get done with their bath, but because it has no air holes and hasn't anytime to really dry...I have to bleach the toys longer than I would have to if I just had the right tipe of container for their bath toys. I would love to win...PLEASE!!!

  92. This looks like a great problem solver for me! Currently our bath toys are scattered all around. I like the scooper.....great idea!

  93. Ohh, I love it!!!! This would organize my tub, it's full of toys and those nets always fall off the walls (GRRRR).

  94. First of all, that picture of your daughter is TOO cute!!

    I can't tell you how many times I've *almost* purchased that very frog. With three kids, you can imagine how many toys we have piled in the tub! Even my oldest still plays with her Barbies in the tub. When does it end?!

  95. What a great solution, and we have quite a few other frogs decorating our bathroom to keep him company.

  96. my daughter and 2 grandkids moved in and i could really use one of these for my tub. i keep stepping on their toys forgetting i have little ones around again. its so cute and i really hope i win this.

  97. What a great idea this frog is. eEvery night I have to clean up toys from the tub and this drives me crazy. I think with this frog, the kids will even help to clean. So adorable and a really great idea.
    Thanks for this giveaway and please enter me.

  98. wow!! I have a bathtub at home filled with toys too! My 3 boys share the bathroom, so there's nothing but toys on the floor of the bathtub and even on the floor of the bathroom. Would love love love this frog pod!! It's adorable as well!

  99. wow. I never would have thought of something as simple as this. It looks great. I would love to give it to my nephew for Christmas

  100. I saw this the other day when I was looking at baby tub stuff and was wondering what it was like. I hate that we just have the toys randomly sitting on the side of the tub, kind of a mess. This looks cool, fun, and functional!

  101. oo- I could so use one of these!! They are all over the tub right now so this would be perfect. :)

  102. I've been eyeballin' this for a little while now but I cant bring myself to spend $35, I just dont have any extra money! I'd love to win it!

  103. My kids bathroom is decorated entirely in frogs so this would be the perfect addition. Love it!

  104. looking for bpa-free bathtoys for calvin. but, i'd like to get the frogpod in addition to the cool boon bath toys. i *heart* boon!

  105. My kiddos LOVE bathtime...and in fact they ask me through out the day if they can take a bath!! With that said, I think that most of the *fun* of bathtime is the TOYS!! I would love this FROG POD to store all of them. I totally get what you mean about guests using the bathroom. I know that most people wouldn't notice...but I always like my bathroom SUPER clean for guests:)

  106. We are constantly tripping over toys on the floor of the tub - and we all share the same tub/shower, so can't get away from them. This looks like a great solution to keep them out of the way! :)

  107. I've actually been looking at that product and wondering if it was any good. So thank you for your review! We don't have too many bath toys, but if I win this we'll have to get more!

  108. I have been eyeing this exact product for MONTHS! I can't tell you how many time I wished we had an extra 35 bucks just lying around to help tidy up our tub. I've tried asking for one for my son's birthday, but no one is convinced that it'd actually be for HIM! well, maybe they're right :) I'd get tons of happy, whew! my-bathroom-is-not-filled-with-toys smiles (from me!) out of this little green froggy!

  109. Now that my daughter finally enjoys bath time - I really need one to hold all the toys that have accumulated!

  110. What a great idea! Babies always love to play in the tub, and this would make it much quicker and easier.

  111. My daughter has started lining all her bath toys and cups along the edges of the tub before she'll get out. I personally think it's just a way of stalling but it's very cute. This frog would hopefully make the process a little quicker, so we could get on with our night time routine.

  112. This would be so perfect! My daughter loves to play in the bath and this is a cute way to organize all of her things.

  113. wow that frog pod thing is an awesome idea!i too like some organization in the bathroom. right now the toys all come out and sit on the mat to dry and who knows when they get shoved back into the cupboard. sigh.
    so count me in. definitely a neat invention.

  114. My daughter loves bathtime. She has a fascination with rubber ducks! She will play, and play and play with them...even when she's not in the tub! What I like about the frog pod is you can keep the baby soaps and such off of the edge of the tub. It keeps everything nice and tidy. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  115. Oh, I love it and you are so right! Little tub people used to line the bathtub edge and boats in the tub when I got in and *neglectfully* ran my bath water only to squish a boat!

  116. my son hates getting his hair washed- once thats done- its all good- until then though- its rough for everyone. We have a bag of netting that we use for the toys. It also helps that I just decluttered them=)

  117. My daughter loves her bath! She almost always takes one before bedtime. She has tons of toys scattered in her bathtub. Until recently, I didn't think of getting anything to hold them, but then I had guests stay over and I had to pick up all the toys so they could use the shower and I had no place to put them. I could definitely use one of these. Even if I don't win I plan on buying one! Thanks! :)

  118. Way cute frog! Great way to keep those little toys tucked away!

    I have to say that I am jealous of all of you with kids who love baths. Sabrina hates baths. It wasn't always that way but about 8 months ago she just decided baths were evil. A bath was always part of her bedtime ritual and it became so upsetting for her that we had to move them to during the day. I've tried bathing with her - she isn't having it. The least traumatic thing at this point is to shower with her - she doesn't love it but at least doesn't scream. I wish I knew why she suddenly hates baths and how I can get her to see the fun in it! I'm hoping when the baby comes, she will see me bathing another little one and see it isn't a bad thing.

  119. What a nifty little gadget! In our house we have elves in the dryer that steal socks but they give us bath tub toys instead lol I swear our tub toy population grows hourly. This would be great!

  120. Bathtub toy storage = the bane of my existence. I've drooled over the Frog Pod for a while now but couldn't bring myself to fork over the cash. Hoping now I won't have to.
    Kerri and Ruby (and almost a sister)

  121. My daughter has so many toys in the tub. She always manages to slip a new one in every week , too. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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