Things I Am Working On

Listening. R-E-A-L-L-Y listening when she talks.

Things I Am Working On 1

Asking her questions (and then listening). About her preferences and perceptions. About who her best friends are and why. About if she minds having me post about her on this blog.

Things I Am Working On 2

NOT saying "Maybe later..." when my 3-year-old wants to do something totally make cookies for the mail lady. [I opt out more than I should because it is so tiring to paint/cook/create with a squirmy, grabby 1-year-old who also wants to participate - or be held.]

In her defense, she is sweet, smiley, and utterly charming:

Things I Am Working On 3

Being a Better Mother (and a Better Person). Translation = giving selflessly, paying attention to other people's need, listening, LOVING.

Things I Am Working On 4

What have you been working on?

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20 comments on “Things I Am Working On”

  1. We are working on a lot of the same things you are. I have really been trying to live in the moment with my little ones and say YES more. I am also working on trying to be more creative with our time. Great post Stephanie!

  2. I'm working on being silly. I'm horribly out-of-touch with playfulness! I want to see the fun and laugh at the funny and engage in the make-believe, and I especially want to be able to do these things without trying to.

  3. Oh listening. Yep, that's one I'm really working hard on too. It's so easy for me to be busy, to be distracted, to get frustrated. When really, all I should do is slow down, put aside my work until a little later and really listen. I'm always glad I did, when I do that.

    The other thing I'm working on... my never-ending battle to be a better housekeeper. sigh.

  4. Saying "Yes" to fun stuff even when I'm a tired, grumpy, pregnant lady...that's what I'm working on. And, I'm finding that I feel better when I say yes.

  5. Wonderful things to work on! I can so relate to you. I'm working on asking my kids questions at times where I'm not so distracted by other things, that I can really listen to them. Listening is such an art.

  6. i'm working on being more laid back and accepting of kids being kids and puppies being puppies. I'm also working on having more fun doing the little things.

    i think i need to add one of yours - "maybe later" is a phrase i use more often than i should.

    btw- LOVE big sister's outfit.

  7. I am currently getting all pumped up for having our second baby. Which means setting time every day to listen to my pregnancy affirmation cd and starting to go over all the things I learned the first time around about Hypnobabies.
    Also supporting my wonderful hubby as he is trying to getting shape. Which means cooking healthier meals again.

  8. As a mother, I am also working on actively listening to my girls.
    As a person, I am working on not judging others and having more compassion.

  9. I too struggle with this, trying to be in the moment and engaged, especially when trying to juggle all the other tasks of the household.

    I really want to do more art projects with my son. We both like them, even if they involve extra work.

  10. This morning I spent about 20 minutes actually sitting on the floor with my boys, just being silly, tickling, doggy-piles, etc. My husband's been out of town, and he's usually the one to play like that with them. I realized, "They need this. I need this, too!"

  11. Beautiful!

    I'm trying to cook more "complete" meals when it's just me & the kids at home (hubs works random hours). I rarely get fast food, but I did get into a habit of relying on "freezer food" more than I'd like. I've been working on this for a while now, and am being mostly successful.

    Also, I am NOT a creative person, so I've been working on trying to find one new craft or project for my children (or at least the 3yo) to do per week. Yesterday, we made YOUR peanut butter balls - which were delicious! Ok maybe not a "craft" exactly but it was creating something together, so it counts! Oh and she was so proud telling her daddy all about it this morning!

  12. Your girls are beautiful. I am working on teaching my daughter little words. She only utters two or three words, and this is because I speak a second language (everyone in our household do), and she is really confused. Everyone told me, she would speak a lot later than other kids because of that. So, that kinds of make me sad, but at thesame time I want her to learn both languages. I love for her to learn English, Yoruba, French and Spanish...but then, its really up to her.

    I am also trying to while away time before I start working this fall. This means working more on my blog, cooking lovely and healthy cuisines for my little daughter, spending time cuddling and reading to her. Being a better parent really.

  13. I'm working on being fully present in everything I do and being aware of how I am spending my time - a precious commodity!

  14. I am working on being fully present with my son, and not being distracted by outside things. Now that he is starting to talk, it's becoming easier. Also, I need to work on being more patient with the things he wants to do. If he wants to chase me around the dining room table 20 times, I need to work on not getting bored or annoyed with that. I catch myself looking forward to the time when he can bake with me, or do crafts, or play actual board games, and I need to stop that because it's only wishing time away.

  15. Trying to stay calm at all times. Keep it cool! If I react to tantrums and get upset it just makes things worse.

  16. Just last night I sat up with my husband talking about how we can be better parents. Every few months another layer of my own self emerges with my kids' changes and I find myself trying to figure things out again. This time my largest goal is to touch more. I don't seem to have a natural sense of cuddling with my kids once they grow out of babyhood and into children...and I see that as something that I could definitely work on. I want my kids to "feel" loved as much they hear that they're loved. Ahhh...but there are so many things a parent will always be working on.

  17. I'm in a perpetual state of trying to be a good mom. Not sure if I'll ever really reach my goal, or be as good as i want to be:)

  18. I know that this doesn't have much to do with your list but oh, your girls are so BEAUTIFUL. And they look quite a lot like you, don't they? Something about the eyes, maybe.

    Anyway, right now I am working on the grand opening celebration and major fundraising parties for Mercy Ministries! Yahoo! We're opening next Saturday, dreams come true and all that. *happy tears*

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