Things to Come

Things to Come 1The tree is up (although not yet decorated). The outdoor lights are twinkling. The house is looking quite nice due to the fact that we went on a "give away, throw away" spree yesterday. I'm feeling quite accomplished. It's been a peaceful and productive weekend {No Black Friday shopping for me! I prefer the quietude and simplicity of shopping online.}.

How has your weekend been?

I have a very fun week lined up for you all so be sure to check in on Monday. I'll be kicking off a fantastic 12-day giveaway promotion, which will lead up to a Christmas-related themed weekend...with plenty of opportunities for you to WIN fun prizes!

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13 comments on “Things to Come”

  1. We've got ours up too. Nothing outside and nothing elaborate but we've got a tree up - stockings and a few Santa's. Being 36 weeks pregnant that was all I was doing this year ;)

  2. I did some Black Friday shopping, but over the weekend some of our Christmas decorations were put up. Mostly the hubby put them up while our son played outside and I chased.

  3. We went Black Friday shopping and we went early - but we didn't stand in any lines waiting for stores to open! My sister-in-law and I had a great time, got some great deals on things that were on our lists and took turns standing in the check-out lines so that we were able to hit 8 stores and have lunch out in 8 hours!

  4. We had a nice relaxing weekend, with 2 sick kids at one point but with nothing to do except take care of them. Today was the best with Lily taking 2 - 1 hour plus naps and I was able to take a much needed nap.

  5. We had a great time on Thanksgiving with 30 people! Glad you could be there Stephanie with Tim and Kayla! I didn't go out on Black Friday either. But we did venture out today (Sun). We were surprised that it wasn't crowded at all!

  6. Well you know about my Friday, but Sat. and Sun. were much more calm. I'm not going to be doing much decorating this year as we're headed out of town for Christmas. It will be our first Christmas with family in over 5 years!

  7. I shopped online also. I hate fighting the crowds out there. We put our tree up the week before Thanksgiving because the kids were so excited. We decorated on Friday and Saturday outside.

    Looking forward to your giveaways!

  8. I love a good deal, but you couldn't pay me to go shopping on Black Friday. I put my tree up instead. That was much more fun.
    Looking forward to the giveaways!

  9. We bought our tree today - just a little table top one, otherwise our too curious son would likely tear it down! Yours is beautiful, by the way. I love to shop online too - much more peaceful, especially when you can find free shipping codes. Looking forward to your giveaways!

  10. We had fun at Cheeks' birthday party on Friday, and had a relaxing day in our jammies today. We decorated the house, but didn't yet put up the lights or the tree. Hubs isn't a fan of putting up the lights, so I might have to bribe him to do it. As for the tree, this Arizona air is so dry we decided to wait to buy the tree for a little while because we don't want it to turn into kindling before the big day comes. :)

    As for the giveaway, SHHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone; I want fewer entrants because I wanna win!

  11. I'm with you on Black Friday. I was home and much prefer to shop online. Glad to hear you got your tree up. I need to do that. So much to do before we leave for Jamaica next week.

    I'm excited about your 12 day giveaway. It will help pass the time that is for sure. YEA!

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