Things We've Been Making

A new bunked (Thanks, Craigslist...$180). Tim assembled it and then sanded down the drawers to create beautiful contrast.

Things We've Been Making 1

Grilled Pita Pizzas. Add any toppings you like. Super easy. Surprisingly delicious.

Things We've Been Making 2 Things We've Been Making 3

Homemade Playdough. Our first attempt. It was a piece of cake to make (though we did stain our fingers).

Things We've Been Making 4 Things We've Been Making 5

Painted Pasta Necklaces. We used elbow noodles (which totally didn't work), painted w/ washable paint, and then attempted to string on string. Next time, we'll use penne, ziti, or straight macaroni.

Things We've Been Making 6 Things We've Been Making 7 Things We've Been Making 8

What have you been making? Share links + ideas for the rest of us.

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19 comments on “Things We've Been Making”

  1. Cute bunk bed, so happy for your third too! We recently made chocolate dipped apples and fruit for halloween. I sliced the apples into wedges, warm semi-sweet cholocate chips for 30 sec in microwave, and then Anna helped dipped the fruit in chocolate, then also dip them in granola, nuts, or sprinkles (her favorite). It was super easy and fun to incorporate fruit and time with mom in the kitchen. We also sliced bananas and tried white chocolate and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Blessing for your family, glad you are well!

  2. We've been painting mini marshmallows with milk+ food coloring and ice been sewing up a storm getting ready for Christmas. My favorite so far is a pair of Charlie Brown Christmas pillows for my husband.

    To avoid dying hands, when we make playdough, we just do one color per batch and add it when it's still liquid in the pot instead of after it is cooked like that tutorial recommends. I've heard Jello works too, and glitter is fun to add.

  3. That is my favorite style of bunkbed with the perpendicular beds!! Lovely sanding job! And I'm so glad to see how lovely the playdough looks with the KoolAid - that's been on my list to try for some time.

    We have just been taking fall walks, drawing on chalkboards and thinking about making cookies tomorrow! :)

    1. We actually don't even own a crib. The new baby will most likely sleep snuggled in with us in our bed...and/or in a bassinet alongside our bed.

  4. Score on the bunkbed deal! Tim did a great job of giving it some character.

    I've been hard at work on my pantry. I'm transforming it from a cluttered catchall nightmare to something organized, functional, *and* beautiful. Can't wait to show it to you!

    Oh, and also, I made this yesterday for Jeff's birthday: It was delicious and would be great for Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes - My sister came over and gave us all haircuts a few weeks ago. She went through beauty school a few years back and does great work!

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