this is my beauty routine {blush}

this is my beauty routine {blush} 1

This is my entire make-up collection.

On most days, I just wear a little bit of tinted moisturizer, a quick stroke of mascara, and red lipstick (red is my favorite).

You'll probably notice that everything in my collection is the cheap drug store variety {blush}. I'm curious: Is make-up one of those things where the more money you spend, the better the product is? Tell it to me straight.

this is my beauty routine {blush} 2Another thing I've been thinking about is how I've eliminated most scary chemicals from my life - cleaning products, food, etc.

EXCEPT my make-up (and I put it directly on my skin!).

Tim reminds me of that fact often. He's always preferred me without make-up. I actually like being natural too, but I am getting older (my birthday is in 11 days). My skin isn't what it once was. My complexion is a little...grayer (does that make sense?). I also have smile wrinkles - right around my eyes and my mouth.

I'm not too worried about the wrinkles, but I do want my skin to be as healthy and vibrant as possible as I age. One of my friends with flawless skin recently told me that she sometimes breaks open vitamin E capsules and spreads them right on her skin (have you tried that?).

Please do share your beauty secrets + product recommendations. [I know it's not REALLY important, but then sort of is. I need to write a post about that someday].

Do you have more or less make-up than I do? Do you use "green" make-up? What are your favorite brands? Also - do you moisturize your face daily?

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  1. Ahhhh, I have this conversation with myself, in my head, about every other month. I use "healthy" products in every other area of my life, but my makeup? I just can't bear to part with my BLACK mascara - and I don't think anyone else could bear it either! I've actually had a blog post in my edit bin about this very subject. And another thing to think about....what about skipping makeup entirely, and teaching our daughters from the beginning that they don't 'need' makeup? *sigh* I wish I could do that because I hate thinking about the day when my daughter begins to feel like you/I do.

  2. I grew up with my mom "putting her face on" every morning. She also took very good care of her skin so I think I've learned all of what I do/know from her. I wash my face twice a day with Clinique soap and immediately apply an oil-free moisturizer. After that it depends on the day whether I put on makeup or not and how much of it I apply. On a full make-up day I use: light foundation, eyeliner on the bottom lid, eye shadow, powdered bronzer, blush and mascara on the top lashes only. But most days I only apply foundation under my eyes, a little eye shadow and bronzer and some mascara. And lips! I've found vaseline is the best lip gloss--except if I'm going to be in the sun a lot.

    I use cheap, drug store makeup for everything. I used to spend big bucks on the dept store stuff but haven't really seen a big difference to justify the cost. I do use the mineral based powdered bronzer and blush though. I think that tends to cost more but can still be found at Target, Walgreens, etc. It feels less cake-y than others I've tried.

    Your face always looks bright and shining in photos so if I were you I wouldn't ever question if you should do more or less makeup. Do what makes YOU feel good!

  3. My sister and I were just talking about our make up routine. We both use 3 make-up products regularly....yet we don't use any of the same ones.
    For me: eye liner, light colored eye shadow, lip liner (I usually use Clinique)
    Plus I (almost) always wash my face in the morning and evening. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen (Aveeno) in the morning. And constantly carry "SoftLips" chapstick.
    Like Becca, I buy Clinique when there are free products involved...I always intend to use the Dramatic moisturizer or Wrinkle cream, but rarely do.
    Pretty minimal in my opinion.

  4. I, too, have a very minimalist approach to make-up (my husband prefers less or none, too), so I don't have much. However, what i do have is very specifically chosen for how healthy it is on my skin (especially anything that goes on the eyes - gateway to the blood stream!) I wear Josie Maran makeup (i get it at which I love and it has changed the appearance of wrinkles, etc... due to the Argan Oil infused in all the makeup. Plus, I find that it actually stays on all day...very surprising since a lot of "green" make ups require [several] retouch[es]. I also don't feel bad then if my girls play with my brushes or even swipe any make up on their faces...I know it's ok for them, too. I loved reading the comments here, too - interesting to see what everybody else uses!

  5. On non-work days? Clinique moisturizer and eye cream, and *maybe* some Sephora eyeliner and Clinique eyeshadow. Light brown, always.

    On my 2 work days? I add some Clinique powder and possibly some lip gloss.

    I shop for make-up twice a year - when the department stores have their "Buy $25 worth of product, get ____ free." I buy moisturizer, eye shadow, and powder, and end up with free lip gloss, eye cream, facial soaps (usually used when traveling), and some fancy eye shadows that I always say I'll use, but hardly ever do. :)

  6. I don't usually wear any makeup. I have that exact same tinted moisturizer, but the bottle I have is from my best friend's wedding in April 2009, so I should probably throw it away even though it's still mostly full (I bought it after I realized that the foundation I had was from high school-eep!). I don't really wear lipstick because I read that most of the good kinds, especially reds, are full of lead! I'll have to check out some of the recommendations from other commenters on good natural brands to try.

    I'm only 25 and have pretty good skin and coloring, so maybe that makes it less of a priority for me than people who are farther along in the battle against wrinkles or who weren't blessed with such nice skin, but I just don't think it's important. I don't feel like a better person when I wear lots of makeup-I feel fake, and I feel restricted, like I have to be careful about snuggling and getting baby kisses and ruining clothes I like.

    I also don't do pedicures or manicures because of the chemicals involved and the health risks involved (infection mainly). And while I think it's important to be clean and not smell like b.o., I don't think that I need to be wearing makeup all the time. The only time I wear it is when I feel socially required to, like at a wedding or something where people might think it's disrespectful to not wear any.

    Anyway, I know I'm on the fringe on this but I guess it's safe to say I'm fairly anti-makeup. I'm also against dyeing hair, but that's another story for another day...

    1. Thanks for pointing out the connection between red lipstick and lead. I need to do some research on that.

      I've only gotten a pedicure once in my life and I've never had a manicure. I do think freshly-manicured hands and freshly-pedicured feet are pretty though.

  7. I think makeup is like a lot of things - on the one hand, you do get what you pay for (more money can sometimes mean better color choices, smoother products, less chemicals), but sometimes you can nab a great find for a steal. I have tons of makeup "stuff" piled up in cupboards, but everything I ACTUALLY use can fit in a tiny travel makeup bag - and I like it that way b/c I am usually putting it on in the car on the way somewhere! :) Grab & go! :)

    I don't moisturize every day - well, didn't, and now I am trying to do that b/c I do think it's very healthy for your skin!I personally am LOVING the Origins line of products.... and as much as they are expensive, since I don't wear makeup every day, that $18 tube of mascara will last me a full year... which really is less than $2/month. And I have tried a lot of mascara brands. :) I just did a review of Origins on my blog and I'm giving away some sample eye cream! :) Just FYI

  8. I think your skin looks fantastic, but I know what you mean about the chemicals - it's kind of awful to think about isn't it? Before kids I used to really spend a lot of money on make-up - buying what I thought were the "best" but when they were born my priorities changed. I felt selfish spending that kind of money on something consumable but at the same time I feel like completely ignoring yourself is not a good example for the kids either. I've found that the drugstore brands and others like Mary Kay and Avon often are just as great looking as the more expensive brands. As far as green products, I haven't found one I just love. I have tried Arbonne before and absolutely love their skincare but the makeup colors really didn't work for me - however that was a few years ago. I think it's important to put some time and energy into making myself look "my best" but I also want to make sure I'm able to give to those in need as well as save for the future. I think it's just like your wardrobe - clothes that fit well, are up-to-date, and show your personality are what make you look great not necesarily how much you spent on them. Great post!

  9. I love the comments on this post - so educational! I agree with Jo-Lynne, I am so concerned about chemicals in our food that I have neglected my skin! I recently discovered a salon nearby that makes their own mineral makeup, and I am in love with it. I buy foundation and powder from there now.

    As far as department store brands, I have used Lancome but I think that the orange mascara you have above works just as well as their mascara. Plus there's a HUGE price difference. I usually only go to the Lancome counter when they are having a gift-with-purchase event, and they usually give away full size lipsticks, eye shadow, make up remover, etc with the purchase.

    Also, several people have mentioned Arbonne, and I also like that company. They sell a tinted moisturizer that works really nicely.

    I'm looking forward to the post regarding the "sort of importance" of makeup. I really beat myself up over treating myself to makeup and manicures/pedicures, but again, Jo-Lynne is right and it is important to show your kids that Mommy isn't a martyr!

  10. I don't wear any makeup although I do take care of my skin and hair. I love JoLynn's thoughts (Musings of a Housewife) and agree - we need to teach our daughters that they can and should take care of themselves and our sons that they should encourage their wives to take care of themselves too.

  11. Over the years I've become more and more of a Mary Kay girl. I love having help with knowing what is best for my skin type, coloring, and how to look my best with different styles and colors (and I moisturize twice a day - I have to in this dry climate!). I really do love the difference quality make-up and complimenting colors look on me. I used drug store brands exclusively before MK and would get frustrated if something wasn't the right color and eventually ended up with a junk drawer of things that I didn't really use. I think some people are excellent at discovering what looks best on them without help but I don't think I'm one of them so the service I get (like you would at a department store but much more reasonably priced) is well worth it. That being said, I've not checked into the chemical side of things and am now curious...thanks for the post and peaking my interest in checking it out!

  12. HI Stephanie, I just wanted to say that I love your blog so much. I am a 50 + year old mom. My kids are all grown now, and are fine young people, but I have loved every minute of being a mother. I agree with all that you espouse here. I think letting a baby cry it out is tantamount to abuse.. I tried it once with my first born and it felt so wrong and I felt so terrible, that I knew it couldn't be right. I never ever did it again. I feel so strongly about the mother baby attachment issue. I wish people would use their brains and common sense when mothering. I think Babywise is written by satan and a manual on child abuse. There is nothing that has upset me more in my years of parenting as the publication of this " book". Thanks for letting me rant. On another note. As much as I love mothering, I also love my makeup and cosmetics. I guess that's because I am such a girly girl. What advice I would give you is to use what you like. I do believe that a lot of the things are better that cost a little more. I am also trying to limit the chemicals and such that go into and on my body.. The challenge is to find these that work. My goal is to take care of my skin so I don't have to wear much makeup. Thanks for taking your time to support loving caring parenting.

  13. I use cheap makeup too, though I do think you get what you pay for to some extent. I do try to use good moisturizer. I recently fell in LOVE with DHC skin care... it's online and pricey (I asked for and received some for Christmas), but I absolutely love it.
    I know what you mean about skintone getting kinda "gray." I look at my kids' beautiful skin and notice how different mine is :( Part of the process I guess!

  14. I do have lots of makeup options and colors, but I don't wear a lot of makeup. I wear colors depending on my mood and clothing. :) I have some Bare Escentuals and LOVE it, though I never thought I would!

  15. I moisturize with organic coconut oil, and I can't remember the last time I actually wore makeup :) I have tried so many mineral make up products ( I really REALLY wanted to love them, but they just seemed to feel heavy and the shade was never right). The most comfortable/best appearing makeup I've tried is Este Lauder. But I prefer au naturale.

  16. I am a no frills kinda girl. I wear even less makeup than you! I also buy the grocery store stuff even though the department store stuff I know is better for what I wear I am not willing to spend the money. I go through phases with make up and recently I have noticed a lot more red on my cheeks that I want so I have taken to wearing the same foundation that you have pictured!

    As I get older I see myself wearing more but I still keep it super natural. As for my hair I am a wash and go kinda girl, even it it means riding my biike to work in -10 degree weather with a wet head! Although I do have a hat on.

  17. My makeup stash is minimalist in its nature. I wear a mineral powder, occasional concealer, a little eyeshadow, mascara, and a tinted lip gloss. I'm not even good about moisturizing. I almost never wear sunscreen, and I don't think I own blush. I used to have tons of makeup. Then I had kids and realized that I'd rather be playing than getting ready. I streamlined my morning routine, and tossed everything that didn't fit into it...including hair products. But, I don't think I sacrificed beauty in the process. I just kept what I really liked, and ditched the excess. Lately, though, I've been considering greening my makeup. I've been a drugstore gal for quite a while, but I'm thinking that if I'm so concerned with what I put in my body then I should probably be more concerned with what I put on it.

  18. I usually where nothing but when I do put makeup on, it's cheap. I'm sure it would be worth it to invest in better products, free from terrible chemicals. I imagine I will, sometime. I usually wear powder, blush, lipstick - when I do. I can't wear anything on my eyes right now, they are too sensitive. Probably from the Lyme disease (it has affected my eyes too)


  19. Oh, you are so sweet what you tweeted me. :) I almost feel like I should do a whole blog post about my beauty routine because it is intense. HA. But it is really quick. It looks like everyone has given you tons of info already, but one of my favorite things that makes my skin look better than it is is pixi water or gel blush. i used to be ADDICTED to benetint by benefit, but i can't always make it to sephora and pixi brand is available at target. it is essentially the same product, though -- a very bright tinted water or gel that you use to brighten up your face or lips. you just use a little and rub it in really well. gosh do i love it. i feel like it makes me look like i've been playing out in the snow and have just a hint of pink cheeks, and it lasts all day. i really really love it. really. :)

    1. I hope you decide to do a post about your beauty routine! I would be very interested in it.

      Also - thanks for the product recommendation. I already bookmarked it for future reference.

  20. Most days mine is very simple. Organic coconut lotion :) But I do put on some foundation, eye shadow and mascara for church or on town days, I just feel formal and ready. I have very picky lips, so only ever use a natural glass. My foundation is Mary Kay, but every thing else is what I can find on sale! :)

  21. Here goes... I never wear make-up. I like the way I look and don't feel the need to change it, enhance it. It might be because I was raised by my dad, so he never took me to the make up section of the store or taught me about matching colors. I have a bottle of oil of olay face lotion and use it now and then and Mary Kay face wash that I use now and then. When I have wore make-up I always felt more self conscious then if I was just bare faced.

  22. I think for the most part, make up is make up. I've never had anything (other than a couple of fab lipsticks) from a high end brand that seemed to be worth the extra $20 or $30 per product.
    Funny that you post this because just a couple of weeks ago I was pulling out what I actually use to take with me for our holiday travels and noticing how much was left behind in my make up drawer that I almost never use. I use tinted moisturizer most of the time (Physician's Formula makes an organic one in recycled container that I like - I'm not overly green...that is really a bonus), a little blush, powder, eyeliner, mascara, chapstick. I do have a bunch of bare essentuals that I really just seems to take more time than I have most days.

  23. Most days, I wear just slightly more than you do. I don't like to look like I have a ton of makeup on, but I, too, feel as if my skin tone has changed and I do need something to help bring the vibrance back into it. My secret? Mineral makeup! It's FAR better than any tinted moisturizer I've tried, you can use as much or as little as you want depending on how much coverage you want, it's very glisten-y (if that's even a word!), and it's more natural than chemical filled makeup because it's mineral based. My personal favorite? Bare Essentuals, but I've heard that Neutrogena has a decent line of it, too.

  24. Honestly, you get what you pay for with makeup. But, and this is a big but, there is a shelf life for all makeup. You are supposed to change mascara every 3 months. For that kind of short time span, I see nothing wrong with getting drugstore mascara. But things that aren't liquid (eyeshadow, finishing powders, etc) it's worth it to splurge for the more high end stuff. I also never stick my fingers into products - use brushes or qtips to extend the shelf life of your foundations and concealers. I know there are a lot of testimonials for mineral powder makeup, but that stuff causes my extremely sensitive skin to react in a bad, bad rashy way, so I'd definitely try to get free samples of anything you're considering using long term. Even "all natural" stuff doesn't always mean it's good for you - arsenic is natural, but you don't want that on your skin - so it's much about what works for your skin than what people say is good for your skin. (My dermatologist told me that after I freaked out about why a mineral makeup destroyed my face for a month...)

    After a years long struggle to find a decent makeup remover that did the job without stinging my eyes or drying out my skin, I've found that Pond's cold cream is awesome. I guess I should have just asked my grandmother about it years ago!

    I moisturize every day after I shower. I know I should moisturize at night after I wash my face, too, but I'm really lazy.

  25. I don't wear makeup very often, and when I do, I keep it minimal. I honestly think most women look prettier with limited makeup, rather than a mask.
    In my opinion, the best thing you can splurge on is a moisturizer. I haven't tried Vitamin E capsules, but my husband actually introduced me to using Almond Oil. All of the material that I have researched about it says that it will not clog your pores or make your face oily. I put it on at night, sleep in it, and wash it off in the morning. If using it on your entire face isn't an option for your skin type, the bottle that I have recommends putting it around your eyes to help with wrinkles.
    As for makeup, I think mineral powder is your best option as far as going natural. Bare Minerals is sort of the brand name of mineral makeup, but drugstores do carry alternative inexpensive brands like Covergirl, etc.
    Hope this helps!

  26. Wow--lots of responses! :)

    Most of my makeup is drug store stuff. My mom used to try out almost every waterproof mascara and came back to Cover Girl in the blue tube as the best. That's what I use. The only makeup I get that's not from the grocery store is my foundation--something I didn't used to use except for special occasions until I hit about 30 and my skin got blotchier and all that. I use Elizabeth Arden and like it because it's got a built-in SPF and it doesn't feel heavy.

    I do spend a little more on skin care--I've used Arbonne since I was 19, which is coming on 20 years now. Their products are fantastic (and much greener than other companies--they're also animal friendly). I had a lunch a few years ago with several high school friends. One of them also uses Arbonne. We were the only ones at the table who had no wrinkles. I don't think that's a coincidence!

    1. Your argument for Arbonne is convincing! I may need to set aside money to try out a few of their skincare products (which ones are your favorite?).

  27. I used to work for two different skin care companies, one being organic and natural, and the other one being organic and natural to an extent, and then they added medicine (for products for damaged skin, etc..)

    I would say that you need to become a label reader!

    Look for things that say "mineral oil", "lanolin", or any preservatives, dyes, and fragrances.

    Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and whatever you put on it goes directly into your blood stream (This is why things like a patch when you are trying to smoke, or a birth control patch work).

    If you asked me 5 years ago I would say that you would have to spend a lot of money to find this, but with the "natural" trend has brought many natural products to the drug stores.

    I pretty much agree 100% with what Tammi said, and the products she suggested, I see you especially liking Sally Hansen Natural Beauty- it's a simple line (often found by the nail stuff since it's sally hansen- drives me nuts!), but has all the basics and everything is natural and it works GREAT.

    For department stores I like Origins, and or network marketing companies I like Arbonne.

    When I say that you have to be a label reader it is because many companies use the natural trend to market their products that way, but are not actually all natural (like Aveeno), or they will trick you with saying that it is "botanical" and then you will look and it is minerol based instead of botanical oil based with "added botanicals" which just defeats the purpose of them.

    As far as skincare I like the things that Tammi suggested as well as Arbonne, Rodan and Fields (the makers of proactive), Origins, and many...many...others...

    I think it is time to make the switch, since the good products are now in the drug store- you have no excuse!


    1. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants, Carrington! I agree that I need to just "make the switch" already. ;)

      I appreciate your tips and product recommendations. Reading product labels can be so confusing (for example, I always thought aveeno was one of the "good" brands...)...but I know I need to take the time get more proficient at it.

  28. Stephanie, I love that you are talking about this. My makeup collection is no bigger than yours. There are honestly days I feel better with no makeup at all--just a good moisturizer. (I am currently using Aveeno postivitely ageless lifting and firming daily moisturizer. I love it.) And then there are other days where makeup is a must, especially as I get older. I get almost all my products from Avon and I only buy them about once a year. I honestly can tell you I don't know the ingredients at all, and I do wonder about that. But my sister sells Avon and has for years, and I have pretty much loved everything she has recommended I use, including my brand-new eggplant eyeliner. I've used brown or black eyeliner for years and never expected the "eggplant" color to be just the right shade for my coloring. But it is. Most days I am very happy with a good moisturizer, some light foundation, a touch of blush in the winter, regular old colorless chapstick on my lips, and some mascara and/or eyeliner. I do think it's important to feel good about yourself and present yourself well. For some people that may include a lot of makeup. For others, it may just include a touch. I think the most important thing is that you take some time to take care of yourself, whether you are a makeup wearer or not. I honestly feel like a clown when I wear lipstick, and that is not really how I want to present myself--so I usually don't wear it. :-)

  29. my makeup bag is a total mix - i have one high end, department store thing (that i LOVE and have never found a cheap replacement for), and the rest is drug store or e.l.f. most days i wear concealer (a must for a tired mommy!), a touch of mascara and lip gloss. the rest of my makeup bag is purely for fun and rare times i get dressed up! ;-)
    i only have two splurges - laura mercier eye liner and moroccanoil hair creme. (which aren't even that pricey and i buy them maybe once a year! )

    as for face stuff, i've been sent face products from companies for my blog that cost upwards of $200. PER TUBE. and yet, my favorite brand of face care/wrinkle cream is l'oreal youth code. i LOOOVE it.

    i don't worry too much about what is on my face, as far as natural products and whatnot. i mean, i want stuff that is safe, but except for face creams that are meant to really seep into your skin, i don't this makeup is really absorbed that much. of course, i may be wrong! (and i may change my mind when my girls start wearing makeup :-)

  30. I like Lancome, but they are a little pricey and they got rid of my concealer, so I'm not sure what I'll do next. The concealer they have now is liquid and I don't like that. My sister-in-law sells Arabonne products and they claim to be completely natural for you and very "green". It is kind of pricey though. I haven't tried their makeup, just the skin care package they have (a sample of course) and it claims to be the best anti aging and natural stuff out there.

  31. skin care is very, very important. we dont want to age not-so-well, right? i mean, what woman wants that?! Having said that, ive tried going with less chemical products the year before last and honestly, nothing gets me compliments on how great my skin looks than my Mary Kay skin care regimen. Needless to say, I went back to it. Compliments came back (before, with the all natural, i wasnt getting any. how disappointing when you're used to getting them.)

    Along the skin care lines of being very important, as ive gotten older and age a bit, ive found another key component is foundation and therefore, I dont mind spending a lillll bit extra on that either. I tried Bare Minerals but they just didnt have my color and the mixing of shades was never just right. I found Everyday Minerals (cheaper and FAR better than BM) online and they have a MUCH Better selection. LOVED it for quite some time. But honestly, for me, the foundation would disappear by lunch! But it's a powder so what do you expect? It's not meant for long life wear. I then found Lo'real True Match (BTW, Lo'real is a drugstore brand from the department brand Lacome) via Kandee Johnson's youtube videos. It's FABULOUS!!!! But again, i work long hours and needed something that would last over six hours. That's when just a few months ago I found MAC's photo-something-or-other with SPF15 (you want a foundation that also has an SPF). It lasts FOREVERRRRRRRRR and does not clog my pores. Granted, it's $26/bottle but well worth the price. MAC is also worth the price if you want a stronger, deeper, longer lasting pigment of say eyeshadows. I usually have my brow highlighter and base eye showdow colors from them bc i use them ALOT and they last a LONG time but the rest, I go drugstore brand. Same for mascara (orange tube here too!), eyeshadow, concealor, blush and lipgloss. I might splurge on a decent blush or lipcolor on occassion but I VERY RARELY wear blush or lip colors. I usually do my face with my skin care, foundation, concealor, do up my eyes (shadow, liner, mascara) and call it a day.

  32. Can I add one more thing? Sorry, this is getting long. But along those lines, last night we were all watching a movie as a family - all 5 of us on the couch, intertwined like a litter of kittens. My legs were stretched across and on my husband's lap and my 5-year old daughter was sitting behind my knees. At one point, she looked down at my toes and said, "Mommy, your feet look pretty."

    I had a pedicure a few weeks ago, and I got red for the holidays. I'm pretty good about keeping my legs and feet lotioned and smooth. When my daughter noticed, I felt pleased that my kids can look down at their momma's feet and find them pretty. How gross are dry, cracked feet with chipped polish and overgrown toenails, ya know???

    I usually feel like I'm keeping up with these little details for my own enjoyment and pleasure, and maybe my husband's, although I doubt he cares. But I actually think there is something to be said for us mommas keeping up appearances for our kids -- for several reasons, and I'm kind of just thinking out loud right here.

    For one, they aren't grossed out when they look at us. LOL! And for two, they can feel proud of us, when their friends are around, or just anytime. And for three, giving ourselves some priority in the family shows our kids that moms are not martyrs. I want my little girls to grow up knowing that they should take care of themselves, and it's okay to pamper yourself sometimes. And I want my son to grow up and be happy to give his wife the freedom to do so.

    I'm really sorry I just hijacked your comments. Such bad blogger etiquette.

  33. Yes, as with most things, you get what you pay for. Better makeup and skincare products absolutely are better. Are they worth it? Well, that is what every woman must ask herself.

    As a rule, more pricey products go on better, stay on better, and smell and feel nicer. That said, it's a lot of trial and error, no matter what the price point. And it depends on the product. For example, I used to swear I'd wear nothing but Lancome mascara. But a few years ago I discovered the CoverGirl stuff in the orange tube, and I use it it all the time now. It's not quite as good as Lancome, but for the price difference, I'll settle.

    I agree with pretty much everything Tammy said. I, too, get regular pedicures (and lately manicures, now that I've discovered this new gel nail polish that stays put for TWO WEEKS. It's amazing.) I go to the "cheap" places, I found one that I really like nearby, and it's a great little treat JUST for me.

    As far as chemicals. You are absolutely right. Our skin is our biggest organ, I've heard it said. Anything you put on your skin goes right into your body and we should be using non-toxic products. That said, I haven't switched yet. I am using Therapon right now, which I believe is a really great product. I haven't done enough research on the topic (I keep saying that I'm getting to that) to know if it's as pure as I want but for now I feel good about it.

    A lot of my makeup is probably horrible. I'm also not careful with haircare products. I really DO want to do some research and find a routine that I can feel good about. I spend so much time and money on our food, it is crazy to pay no attention to what is in my skin and hair care products.

    I'm also kind of half-and-half on household cleaning and laundry products. Sometimes I buy Sun & Earth and sometimes I buy conventional. I really love Wisk for my laundry, and Dawn for my dishes. I don't know if I can give them up.

    I don't know if I'll ever give up my mani/pedi. Right now, the benefits outweigh the risks, in my mind. Dr. Mercola would beg to differ, I'm sure. ;-)

    Gosh, I just wrote a book. SORRY! Maybe I should get my own blog . . . Ha!

    1. RE: "green" cleaning products. We've discarded all of our cleaning sprays + potions in favor of our Activeion HOM (it's awesome).

      We still buy Tide or Arm & Hammer for laundry detergent though. We have yet to find a "natural" alternative that actually works (and smells good too).

      On second thought, maybe Arm & Hammer is a more natural alternative. I'll have to research it.

  34. Yes, Stephanie, "it sort of is" ;) The way you feel and the way you present yourself to the world is important and I know people like to argue that point but the truth is a first look says a lot. Obviously inner beauty and how you treat others is the most important kind of beauty but you won't get a second chance to make a first impression. Treating yourself as a priority should be a daily event and taking care of your skin, putting on your make-up and doing your hair is all a part of that. I could go on and on as I feel strongly about it. If I was dying tomorrow, I'd still put on my mascara and lipgloss, paint my toenails and do my hair because it makes me feel better to do so. I like to say I am a better mom because I get's mommy downtime and it makes me feel happy!

    Regarding makeup and price. Many drugstore brands are actually owned by department store brands so many of the formulas are the same. However, I will argue that more expensive eye shadow has more pigment therefore it stays on longer and the color lasts. There are MANY safe products to use so don't worry about that, it's just changing your buying habits and spending a bit more. Check out Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, Tarte (my new fave), Pixi, and Korres (another fave- try the Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick in red!).

    Regarding skin care, if your skin is gray/dull, you should start exfoliating 3x/wk. It will help remove dead skin cells. You may also like a face serum that will help with those signs of aging. Try Juice Beauty products. They smell good and are organic. I also like Kiss My Face, which are very soothing!

    I'm excited to see you are talking about beauty :) It's a fun world and it's a good thing to give yourself a few minutes extra a day to treat yourself well :) LMK if you need any other product/brand recommendations! Can't wait to see your upcoming hair cut! Tweet me with a pic!

    1. You pretty much wrote my post for me (thank you!). Your words are true - inner beauty is most important, but outer beauty is important too.

      Thank you for all of the product recommendations. I'm going to google that lipstick right now.

      Oh, quick question about lipstick - I prefer long-lasting lipsticks because "regular" lipsticks usually wipe off within 1 hour (or less). How do you get your lipsticks to "last" longer?

  35. I'm usually a no make-up at all girl. I know as I get older I probably need more, but honestly, I don't care that I look 31 and not 21, it's who I am! But I do wash my face and moisturize every day. I use Alba Botanicals, you can get them at Fred Meyer in the health food section or probably at a health food store too although Freddy's is cheaper! Oh, and our Target carries them too.

    As for make-up, I've thrown out all my drugstore variety and only use Mary Kay. I'm not 100% sure on their ingredients, but I do think they at least try to care. I'd really like to try Bare Minerals, but for the amount of times I wear make-up (basically only on special occasions or when I know pictures will be taken!) I can't afford to buy all new right now!

    Aaaand finally... I wrote a big post about this just last summer. I'm not much farther than the changes I made then, but it was a very good start for me! I love all the natural products we are using.
    And my personal opinion is the less we put on our faces now the better we'll look down the road! At least that's my rationalization... ;)

    If you want to check, a lot of products are listed on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. I always go there when I'm not sure of an ingredient. I have found it to be incredibly useful (and sometimes scary!) because if you have a product in hand you can input all the ingredients and get a personalized report that tells you the toxicity levels of each ingredient and gives the product an overall score. I especially used it when looking for sunscreen for my boys.

    1. You wrote: "my personal opinion is the less we put on our faces now the better we’ll look down the road!" This is Tim's theory too. You both are probably right, but perhaps moisturizing is an exception?

  36. For my face wash/moisturizer, I only use natural products with no added preservatives, etc. I really like Boscia. But my makeup it's hard to find products like that. So I used a mix of Bare Minerals and Benefit. I don't use a foundation, just a concealer to cover certain spots and then do a mineral finish to even it out. I also believe less is best :) As far as cheap products vs. name brand. I do believe sometimes the more you invest can be better for some products, but some cheap products are just as good as the expensive ones. Just depends on the product and what's in it. Ingredients matter more, imo.

  37. I moisturize my face everyday with Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer with spf, but only wear makeup once or twice a week. I don't use anything except Merle Norman. It cleared my face right up as a pimply teenager and I have never gone back. It is pretty expensive (for my budget) but, it lasts forever because I don't wear it that often. My husband doesn't like a lot of makeup on me either, but he likes for me to wear lipstick. ??? I've never used vitamin E, but my Mother-in-Law swears that she broke capsules open and smeared it on her belly when she was pregnant, and that is why she has no stretch marks. It must've worked, too, because she's almost 50 and is still rockin' a bikini. :)

  38. I do believe CERTAIN makeup products are well worth the money. I swear by Bare Minerals...I love it and its even ok to sleep in! ( I never do...but you can!) It's very natural I use that for face and cheeks. I just bought some cheap eyeshadow (Cover Girl) last week and I threw it away. I use shiseido mascara (because I have asian eyelashes...its the only one that keeps my lashes up after I curl them). Eyeliner and lipstick/gloss I buy drugstore brands. I think if you're putting stuff on your skin--it should be quality. I wash with cetaphil and use vitamin E oil as a moisturizer--and yes...i moisturize twice a day!

    1. Thank you for the product recommendations. You really do have beautiful skin!

      Do you buy Vitamin E capsules and break them open...or do you buy a bottle of Vitamin E oil (if so, where do you buy it from)?

  39. Ha! I love that you posted your beauty routine! Mine is simple, too. I do think that the more "expensive" make up products can work better and last longer but usually, I get by with Almay and Revlon. Good enough (usually :)). fun post!

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