this is the way we shop for clothes

Hi there!

this is the way we shop for clothes 1

As I mentioned in a previous post, we've been pretty FOCUSED around here as of late (and that's a good thing).

We're making great progress on the new website/blog and that dream is so beautiful, so expansive...we can't possibly keep it just in our hearts. I can't wait to invite you to be a part of it. Let's see. I should give you a clue. It's about making the world better - one day at a time. For now, we rush-rush-rush and stay-up-late. Because we hope to launch this baby before...ahem...we conceive a real baby. But we'll see how the timing works out. Both Tim and I are ready for baby #3.

On another note, thanks for your summer ideas on my Nanny Nature post. Today, we woke up at 8:00, ate cereal and blueberries, delivered whole wheat bread and sparkling cider to my sister-in-law (who just had a sweet baby boy last Tuesday), went to a local consignment store, and stopped in at the library. All before 11. Sa-weet. Right at this minute, my 3-year-old is watching Anne of Green Gables (the cartoon version) and my 1-year-old is napping.

And me? I'm typing one-handed (as I always do - crazy, but true), thinking about my to-do list, and missing Tim.

P.S. Here are our finds from the consignment shop. We brought in a bag of our old clothes and left with these. Total at cash register: $0.

this is the way we shop for clothes 2

Do you shop at consignment stores?

ALSO - Have you seen the animated version of Anne of Green Gables (For the record, it's not even half as good as the non-animated version starring Megan Follows...)?

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47 comments on “this is the way we shop for clothes”

  1. The thought of a new baby is always exciting! We also go the the Twice as Nice on Broadway/Kolb area. Sometimes we'll check out the Buffalo Exchange, but we don't have a lot of luck there.

    Also I loved the non animated version of Anne of Green Gables! I didn't even know about the cartoon...we may have to check it out!

  2. I just discovered Savers, and I can't wait to have a few extra dollars to bring in and buy some stuff! I haven't tried yours yet, but I certainly shall. As for Anne of Green Gables, I think I saw one when I was a tiny girl, but it's been so long I barely remember. I have the original, non-animated version on VHS (I know, who has those anymore?), but I don't know at what age it's appropriate to show it to the kids. Do you know?

    1. That's a good question. I own all three Anne DVDs, but have yet to show them to the girls. They're certainly "appropriate" enough (no sex, violence, cursing, etc.)...but I'm not sure the story would capture their attention just yet. Perhaps at about age 8? I'm curious what other readers would say to that question.

      Also - do you have a VHS player?

      1. Thanks for the age info! I'll check into it in a couple years. :) And yes, we do have a VHS player. We don't use it often, but there are a few kid movies and very few adult ones that we watch on it, so it comes in handy.

  3. Oh and we definitely shop consignment stores - as well as thrift stores and garage sales for clothes. I also shop department stores too - the clearance racks.

  4. I've never seen the Anne of the Green Gables movie - but since we've opted not to have a television in our home, that isn't really surprising :)

    I do have to recommend the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre version though - that group does an AWESOME job when they produce a book. They've also done the Narnia series, Les Miserables, and several other books that are all good. We enjoy listening to audio books around here

    1. Kudos to you for not owning a television! I think that is a wonderful choice. My family didn't purchase a TV until I was about 8 years old and I have many wonderful memories of my No-TV childhood. :)

      1. Ours broke when I was 6 years old and Daddy opted to not replace it. I have distinct memories of the before and after - for me, the after was much better.

        Occasionally hubby and I will watch something on the computer - via online links or by using a DVD, but for the most part we read, or talk, or listen to audio books while we work on projects and that works well for us. I'm afraid that I'd get too caught up in the sitcom's if I had a TV here - just the way I am - and then I really would get behind on everything!

  5. Haven't seen the cartoon version, but I do love the Anne of Green Gables movie(s).
    I do shop consignment stores. My most exciting recent find was a pair of Keen sandles for my son ($7.50).

  6. The real version is WAY WAY better then the animated one!!!! I also love the "Road to Avolea" series (same author)

    And Baby #3 :-) !!!!!! Love it!

  7. 1. LOVE consignment stores - especially for baby - we have a great chain of Once Upon A Child out here in CT that offer high quality, neat/clean clothing and is well organized. Love it!
    2. Can't wait to hear more about this top secret blog/site - it's amazing all the work you do! :)
    3. I LIVED on the original AofGG growing up - my friends and I would play dress up for our own "anne" episodes and always fought over who GOT to be Anne and who HAD to be Diana! :)

  8. We have some great consignment shops around here, too. You can get some great deals and they are very selective with their quality, too. Love it!

    Great for you and Tim going for #3! Can't wait to see this new website and hear the great news!

  9. what thirft store did you go to? I love those, my hubby hates them. Oh well, the kids and I score!
    Great news about #3! I want to have another baby too. My hubby says we are done, but I am still excited for the new web blog.

    1. We went to Twice As Nice. I've had great success there the last few times.

      Which thrift stores are your favorite?

    1. This last time we went to Twice As Nice on 7333 E Broadway. Have you been there?

      Also: What consignment/thrift stores do you shop at (if any)?

  10. I love consignment stores. We get things for our son there that are almost brand new. I also sold some gifts I received as shower presents that we didn't end up using, or only used once (the bouncy seat, the swing....) Whoever bought those got a practically brand new item for about half price! Also, I bought my maternity clothes at a consignment store, then earned money when I sold them back.

    I haven't seen any of the Anne of Green Gables movies. I just read the books.

    1. I'm often amazed by the number of items that we find that are like-new or brand-new (with tags still attached!). :)

  11. how funny, I'm talking about this tomorrow. I love consignment stores...I have a really hard time spending money on clothes.

    i'm super excited to see what your launch is all about!

  12. Now THAT is some fine shopping!

    I haven't ever seen the animated version. I'm a purist (as you probably guessed) but I didn't even know that there WAS an animated version. Now I want to check that out for my Annie.

    1. I have to warn you: you may be disappointed if you're looking for an animated version of the original story.

      If, however, you think your daughter would like a lighthearted cartoon that features lovable Anne Shirley (even if the story line is a bit different...), then...go for it! :)

  13. You have so many exciting things coming up! I can't wait to hear about your new project! You are inspiring! We have a few consignment stores here although I have yet to shop in them much. Thankfully we have a great community of friends with children around the same age which allows us to pass our kiddo's clothes around. We just got a bagful of 'new to us' clothes for Analise and Jameson and I was able to pass their smaller stuff onto another friend. Believe it or not, I have yet to ever watch Anne of Green Gables, or to read it...gasp! It is on the 'need to do this' list.

    1. Hand-me-downs are the very best!

      Also: Analise will love Anne of Green Gables when she is a little older. Perhaps you can read it aloud to her and enjoy the magic together? :)

  14. baby number three... how exciting!!! we welcomed our third to our family six weeks ago. i am loving having three, by the way : )
    looking forward to checking out your new website... i have a feeling it will be great!
    as far as shopping goes... haven't done too much lately. just trying to get back into all of my old clothes after having a baby. some things just don't seem to fit like they used to.

      1. thanks! my oldest is 6 and the middle one will be 4 in august... all three are boys. the older ones are really enjoying being big brothers.
        i am also loving the ergo carrier i won on your site. i got the infant insert for it and my littlest one is snug as a bug wherever we go.

  15. We LOVE thrift stores! For some reason, my husband does not. It's his loss!
    I didn't know there was an animated version of Anne of Green Gables. I'm currently reading the book to my 6 year old. She loves it. I have to admit that I do too. It makes me feel like a kid again!

  16. we get *almost* all our clothes at thrift/consignment stores and garage sales. I do buy myself new shoes though, I'm just weird like that.

  17. Baby number 3?! Oh goody! Maybe this time your pregnancy, in the first months, will be easier on you.

    I shop anywhere I can find clothing for a good deal --- the quality needs to be good but I don't care about name brands.


  18. One handed types of the world unite!...I'm actually getting the hang of it :)
    We do shop consinment sales, but I haven't tried Twice as Nice in a while, which one do you like?
    Yes, my big girl likes that Anne of Green Gables and I was at the Library this morning too!

    1. We go to the closest one to's at 7000-something on East Broadway. We usually get pretty good trade credit - and we [often] find nice things. The pictured green & white dress still had its tags!

      Which consignment stores do you shop at?

  19. When I type and nurse at the same time, I think of you. And how incredibly fast you are at one-handed typing. I laugh... :)

    Anne of Green Gables. I haven't seen it in years... since college. And have never seen the animated version. Is it awful? I can't imagine.

    1. It's innocent and fresh and a nice change from "normal cartoons" on television, but - fair warning - it's DIFFERENT from the books and movies. There are new characters and new plots...which is potentially quite disappointing for loyal Anne of Green Gables fans.

  20. We shop at our local Salvation Army thrift shop a lot. Consignment shops, not so much as they tend to be a little more expensive around here.

    LOVE Anne of Green Gables. My 6yo hung on every word when we listened to the audiobook. Haven't seen the animated version.

  21. I often buy clothes at thrift shops. Sometimes at the bi-annual kids swap meet in our area. But I haven't done the consignment shop route. Sounds like a potential good deal...if my second girl doesn't completely "use" all of her hand-me-downs before their consign-able. Can't wait to hear about the new project.

  22. Sounds like a good summer morning! I watched Anne of Green Gables and AoGG the Sequel when my husband was out of town last month. It had been too long since I saw them last. (I checked the DVDs out from the library, of course.)

    I am too scared to watch the third movie that came out a few years ago, because I hear it's pretty different from the books. And I've read all eight books about five times.

    1. I'm not a fan of the third movie for the reason that you mentioned. It veers from the book significantly and I can't figure out why the producers did that! The original story was so enchanting and beautiful as it was...

  23. I shopped at a really good baby consignment store before we moved. I'm going to have to see if I can find one where we live now.

    I type one handed more often then two. :)

    Great finds!

  24. I love Anne! Even my husband (who has 5 sisters) likes it. Sometimes when I am sick or just sad I will watch it. We have it on VHS and it always makes me feel better.
    I can't wait til my girl is old enough to enjoy the story too.

  25. It all sounds so exciting! Can't wait for the unveiling.

    Consignment and thrift stores are my favorites!! You can get such incredible deals and clothe yourself and your munchkins for next to nothing.

    Haven't seen the animated version, but I must have watched Megan Follows' version about a million and one times growing up. Oh, how I loved Anne with an e.

  26. I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am so looking forward to what you're working on. Sounds like it's going to be a worthwhile read for sure! In the meantime I'm enjoying your current blog and checking out some previous posts. : )

  27. I LOVE consignment stores. I have favorites that I frequent often. Sometimes I let the owners know if I am looking for something specific, and when they find it they let me know.

    I love the green top and orange stripe top. Good job! It is so much better than shopping new, (it is new for us!) and kids grow out of the clothes so quickly that it's not worth paying full price.

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