This is What Our Daughter Would Say to Us If She Could Put It In to Words

priorities.jpgIn fact, I think this is what all kids would say to their parents.

Kids want their parents to be fiercely committed and completely in love. It makes them feel secure and safe.

As parents, it's easy to feel that we are doing right by our kids by putting them first and always attending to their needs above all else. But really - I think they would say to us - "Go ahead. Have fun. Enjoy each other. I want you two to be head over heels in love."

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6 comments on “This is What Our Daughter Would Say to Us If She Could Put It In to Words”

  1. The best advice I ever got when we had our son was:

    "Don't forget that your marriage should always come first, your kids second."

    And it makes sense. Our culture tends to lead us to believe that our marriage will just always be there resting on the back burner. But it needs constant attention and this, in turn, actually does put your kids first.

  2. Couldn't have said it better than your little girl ;) My husband and I have a very fun/strong marriage. We love to spend time together and make time for dates at least once per month...usually more. Our key is friendship and keeps us growing strong together,.

  3. Agreed!!! Happy parents work so much better together, and kids have a way of knowing when something isn't 'right'. Plus- keeping that part of yourself and working to keep it healthy will pay off in the long run

  4. Totally true. If we don't take care of our marriage, we're not going to be as good of a team, which hurts both ourselves and our kids in so many ways. Sometimes I hear parents spouting the best things that have ever happened to them, and while their kids make it on the list their spouses often don't. It makes me sad.

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