This Just In: Hoover FloorMate *giveaway*

Most moms multi-task a lot - just because it's part of the job.

I, for example, can hold a baby, cook dinner, play the train game with my 2-year-old, and send a text message to somebody all at the same time.

It might be nice to be able to focus intently on concocting a 5-course meal or to be able to just hold the baby with nary a care in the world, but that's not always practical.

Because of this reality, I appreciate products that multitask.

hoover-floormateThe Hoover FloorMate ($99) is one such product. It vacuums, mops, AND dries. One product with multiple functions. Gotta love that.

As I mentioned before, it does a fantastic job. Whenever my husband uses it, the floors end up looking quite sparkly (Yes, I did say: my husband. He's the resident mopper 'round these parts. And, yes, he does sometimes mop with our 2-year-old on his back. What a guy, right?).

That said, we have a rather expansive great room and it takes FOREVER to vacuum, mop, and dry the whole area. That's a downside because time is of the essence. A traditional mop would be much faster.

Of course, if time is our biggest consideration, we should probably just hire a maid (we are considering that, by the way).

Overall, though, this product is a great multi-tasking machine.

YOUR TURN: (A) Who does the mopping in your house? (B) Do you utilize maid service?

hoover logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Hoover FloorMate ($99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, July 21 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #226 Claudia M. Congratulations!

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426 comments on “This Just In: Hoover FloorMate *giveaway*”

  1. I had to rip most of the carpet out of my house due to flooding water that came thur a hole in the wall after Hurricane Ike!

    I am so sick of msweeping & mopping!

    I wish I owned a Hoover Floormate!

  2. I would love to have a new vacuum cleaner because the vacuum cleaner I have now is not working properly. I'm living with my parents while I'm looking for a job so I use theirs that's about 10 years old. My parents and I might have to fight over who gets the vacuum if I win this giveaway!
    Thank you!

  3. I have hardwood and carpet in my house.They are
    both hard to keep clean.I have been through lots
    of vaccums,seems like after awhile the suction goes bad.I don't enjoy mopping because its hard
    on my back.I have never owned a Hoover because
    we had a Sears card and always bought from them.
    I would love to try this nice machine out and
    see it it can clean my floors

  4. Hoover the patriach of floor care in the woods household; from one generation to the next; we give Hoover productions for special occasion gifts; thanks sW

  5. I would love to try this Hoover. My mom has a Hoover, and loves it. This would be awesome for my hardwood floors. Thanks!

  6. My husband and I share some household chores. Mopping is one we share. We also have someone come in to clean about once a month. That gives us a little break. Thanks for the giveaway. This would be a great win for when my husband and I take care of the floors.

  7. I am the floor care engineer here because I seriously have OCD around having clean floors. I used a cleaning service exactly once. I wore myself out making sure the place was clean enough to allow them in. LOL, you always have great giveaways and this Hoover is quite nifty:)

  8. I do the mopping in the house, but my husband is very good about helping out with other "chores" around the house. Plus, when it comes to outside, he likes doing yard work and I don't, so I guess it's an even trade, right? =)
    No, we've never had maid service. Wish we could afford it sometimes, but it really isn't that difficult to keep the house clean as long as we stay on top of it (which can be hard to do sometimes!). =)

  9. Hoover has always made reliable products. Since i have become the official mopper for the family, i need all the help i can get.

  10. I am the maid service, lol! Seriously, with 3 little munchkins and 2 dogs I vacuum, mop and sweep up at least once a day! Did I mention I am a bit of a clean freak too?? I could probably do the vacuuming, mopping, etc. every other day, but then it would be just that much harder, so to make life easier to do it once a day, usually after dinner when everyone is vegging out, mommie gets to work! I'd love a Hoover FloorMate to come to my rescue! Thank you for the chance to enter.

  11. i usually do the mopping with a rag mop although in the summer my kids do help out. when they are in school i can zip right through and get cleaning done.i wish i had a maid how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet that would be but i think i would feel guilty if she had to clean up after my mess makers.

  12. I normally do all of the mopping and all cleaning my house. Sadly, there's no way I could utilize a maid service.

  13. I also am fortunate in that my husband does the mopping in our household. He has even given the mop handle a nickname as he wages the clean-up war after our three puppies! And I know he would feel almost 'spoiled' to have a Hoover FloorMate that vacuums, mops and dries all in one. ;)

  14. I do the mopping as well as most of the chores. I would love to have a maid but have never had the money to.

  15. We have a place at the lake with the obvious problem of people constantly walking sand into the house which means that I am constanly mopping up after them, since I am the 'maid service'. I am a good 'mopper' but this could be a change. Every new appliance gets the guys into the picture & this could make mopping a coed adctivity!

  16. We can't afford maids, so I am usually the one who tends to mopping the house. It's a pain having to get on all fours, mop all corners & such... This product would save me time & energy!

  17. I am the official mopper in this house. This isn't by choice but just happens to be this way if I want clean floors.
    We used to have a house keeper come in twice a month a few years ago but can no longer afford this luxury.
    This would certainly make this dreaded chore much easier on me.

  18. Well I'm the lucky girl that gets to mop in my household and I dream of a maid *sighs*

    Multi tasker? Can this machine please talk to my husband???!?!?

  19. I could so use this! I do it all and with hubby, son, daughter, SIL, toddler and new baby on the way our floors get so messy! This is just what I need!

  20. I mop most of the time unless my husband sees that I am really stressed out. I have never had a maid service, but one can dream of winning the lottery and having maid service!

  21. This would be so great. Using a regular mop kills my back and I definitely can't do my kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

  22. This would be awesome to use on our second floor. Then I wouldn't have to lug my other sweeper up and down the steps all the time.

  23. ahhhh maid service i wish. i do all of the cleaning in my house. I have a guniea pig who makes auch a mess this would help keeping the area around her cage clean.

  24. We got a roomba for Christmas, and I have to say, it is a really over-hyped product. We are suffering from buyer's remorse and are now looking for a new upright! The hoover floormate sounds awesome, because the vast majority of our floors are wood.

  25. I'm the mopper in my family and I wish I had a maid service. Mopping is not that much fun, so no one else in the family will do it.

  26. I was just looking for something that mops my floors other than a mop....This would be perfect!

  27. I'm still a bachelor apartment dweller so I have to do all my own cleaning. I have seriously considered maybe not a regular maid service, but at least a professional cleaner to clean, mainly when I move out of a place.

  28. Vaccums, mops and dries??? with a messy husband, 4 cats and 2 kids running around the house this would be perfect!

  29. My hubby does all the mopping, which is the whole house except the bedrooms. He is so amazing because he'll wake up early and clean the house so it's sparkling when I get out of bed!

  30. I mop only when my feet turn black right after a bath. I hate mopping (and we have all hardwoods downstairs so it takes forever) So this would be a great addition to my cleaning arsenal!

  31. i would love to win this my two are a time to keep up after two and three my floors suffer thanks for the chance to win

  32. I hat mopping and my kitchen floor bears this out, it always is dirty and since the cats food dish and litter box is there I want it clean but I feel like giving up

  33. I do all of the mopping in my house; my nine-year-old son tries, but he does a pretty bad job of it, so I wait for him to be out of the house for a time and do it again. When I was working, I would have a friend come over once a week to clean for me, but since I'm not working anymore (wish I was, though .. can't wait for the market to pick back up for IT, so I'm going back to school), I don't have any excuse not to keep the house clean myself.

  34. I am the worst housecleaner ever. My hope is that a cool new floormate would help me do a better job.

  35. I'm all for multi-tasking! I am a live-in caregiver from my elderly mother and her house is almost all hardwood floors. This would be a perfect new weapon in my arsenal for keeping the house clean. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  36. With the exception of one carpeted room, all of our rooms are either hardwood floors, linoleum or ceramic (sp?) tiles - so the Hoover Floormate would be a godsend for us (er - my honey/husband - who is in charge of the And then there are the two high-shedding kitties... This is a truly wonderful prize!

  37. I love the hoover floor mate a friend of mine had one, and I used to borrow it. I have been wanting to get one as I have two messy toddlers. It would be wonderful to win this!

  38. I wish that I had maid service!! I do almost all the cleaning at my house. The kids help with dishes and dusting. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  39. Oh God I'd love this product. We have a lot of hardwood floors and I'm in desperate need of a new way to clean them.

    I always do the mopping. The only time I had a maid was when I worked a job that required about 60 hours a wk before I had kids...& when I had a lot more money!! Now the maid is me!


  40. Do I utilize maid service? What's that!?! I get down on my hands and knees. It stinks. Hubby's laid off work and times have never been this tough. Even when things were good, we couldn't afford a maid service, but we do have a small home, so there isn't a HUGE amount of mopping to do.

  41. I have hardwood and tile all through our house and this would be fantastic to keep the floors clean for our baby due in Nov.

  42. This would be great for our eat-in kitchen. I do the mopping. Exclusively. If it were up to the hubby, we'd have dirt on the floor 1/2 inch thick, LOL. Since I'm a SAHM, it's unlikely we'll get a maid but we've thought about it in the past when I was working.

  43. I have wanted one of the systems for years. I just haven't bought one. I know HSN Homeshopping sells them cheaper then most other stores. I think they clean much better then a mop.

  44. What a great product, it would be wonderful to use in our home. I sometimes feel that by mopping I am just spreading more germs! It is a great multitasking product!

  45. I do all the mopping and I sure wish I had a more efficient way to do it. This would be such a blessing.

  46. My husband does the sweeping & mopping & I vacuum. I have never used a maid service, but it would surely be a phenomenal amazing thing to be able to!!

    I really like the multiple features on this product~what a time saver!

  47. I think every household needs one of these, Especially mine!

    My husband will sweep, but that's the extent of it, I do the rest!

  48. no maid service here(I wish)but my hubby does do the mopping around here!It is on my NO list


  49. I have always wanted one of these -- they look amazing!! What a great contest, thanks for posting this!

  50. I do all the cleaning in the house, plus work 50+ hrs a week, a mom, and wife. I love cleaning my house because then I know it will be cleaned. The Floormate would sure make my house cleaning a little simplier :)

    Thanks for the GREAT giveaway :)

    [email protected]

  51. I try to get my kids to Swiffer - not much luck there. I know that NO ONE is going to use a regular mop around here! Maybe something would get done if we had this.

  52. this would be a blessing to win - i do all the housekeeping so it helps to have good housekeeping tools to help
    melissa.barnes76 at yahoo dot com

  53. I would love to have a multitasking product like the Hoover! I might even be able to get my husband to do the floors once in a while!

  54. I do the sweeping, my husband does the mopping. We discussed having a maid service a while ago but I realized I'm too cheap for that, as well as it would make me feel weird. This would sure come in handy, though!

  55. with three kids and 2 cats, this would be a blessing to have! We have carpet, tile and hardwood on our main floor, so this would be great.

  56. I do all the mopping and housecleaning! Well, most of it. My daughter does vacuum occasionally when I ask her to. I have a small mobile home so it isn't a lot to clean, but it does get dirty. I have laminate would and linoleum and would love to have this! Thanks!

  57. I do all the mopping and most of the vaccuming. we live in a small apartment so we dont really need a maid service. Im not sure if i would be comfortable with someone else cleaning my house, touching my stuff anyway

  58. My hubby does the sweeping and mopping as we have NO carpet in the house, 4 dogs and I have lupus. As for the maid service, that is a luxury we can not afford.

  59. i do it all - the sweeping and the mopping. so this hoover would be awesome to help me with all the hardwood floors in my apartment!

  60. It's me and me - I do the mopping (scrubbing) and I am the maid service! I would love to have something would actually pick up everything at once - instead of all the steps involved the traditional way.

  61. We have ceramic tile and being a light color I like it to be spotless, maybe with this prize my teens will even clean.

    Thank you


  62. This would be ideal for my kitchen. Right now i use a lot of elbow grease to get the floor clean. This is something i would really love to own.

  63. Nice giveaway I could really use the floormate. I wish I could get my husband to mop the floor. Whats your trick :)

  64. I do all the sweeping and mopping in my house, and though I'd love the luxury of a maid service (and envy my friends who utilize it), I just can't afford the expense right now. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  65. I do most of the mopping in our house. But my spouse has been known to mop as well. We've talked about hiring a maid service, but just can't bring ourselves to bite the bullet on that expense.

  66. Wow! This machine looks incredible. The special grout bushes and cleaner would really save me a lot of time. I love it. We don't have a maid and I do all the cleaning so this would be a big help. Thanks for the contest.

  67. We have a variety of floors in our house that both my husband and I switch off cleaning (our kids help on occasion, too). I love the versitility of this that would allow us all to stay on top of cleaning our floors.

  68. One of my roommates does the mopping at my house. We don't have assigned chores or anything, just clean what we want, and she just can't stand a dirty floor!

  69. I don’t run happily to clean my house becos I am using bissel vaccum for 2 years. I didnt like it. It's hard for me to research good vaccum at a resonable price.

  70. Answering in order:

    (A) Who does the mopping in your house?
    **Alas it's me. But then again, I'm single so it figures it would be me! LOL :)

    (B) Do you utilize maid service?
    **In only one place, MY DREAMS! Where we all have maid service, butler service, a chauffer, and a personal assistant! :-)

  71. So when we were on our honeymoon we were on the Ellen show and won 2 vacuums. At the time we had a vacuum and gave the to people in need. Now ours broke and we can't afford to buy one!!! This would be great!

  72. What a great product and that's so cool your husband is the "resident mopper" I have a hard time mopping (with traditional mop & bucket) due to back injuries - this vacuum would be just the ticket to keep my floors clean and keep my back pain free!

  73. My other half decided that hard wood floors would be great in every room of our house. Since he never cleans , this was great for him. However, with 2 furry dogs our floors need a deep clean pretty much daily. This would be awesome to supplement the back breaking work.

  74. Oh goodness....if I could afford one luxury, it would be maid service, but unfortunately, I can not justify the expense. My husband mops occassionally, especially when the floor is really disgusting and I need some extra muscle! Would love to try this mop out. Thanks.

  75. I have wood look laminate flooring and hardwoord floors througout my house and I think this would be perfect to clean them with, thanks for the chance to win.

  76. I need an appliance like this for my sealed wood flooring. Cleaning them can be quick with a thing like the Hoover Floormate!

    A maid service? I can only dream.

  77. I am the maid service, are you kidding? I'd love to have this as mopping the floor for me involves a bucket & a rag.

  78. Maid service would be wonderful, but let's get real. I can't afford it & it is a bit self-indulgent anyway, but the Hoover FloorMate would be nice.

  79. This almost sounds like a miracle machine - it vacuums, mops and dries! I'd love it. Thanks for this offer.

  80. My husband does the mopping - I hate it and basically refuse! My best friend has a Floormate and I love that thing, though! I hope I win!
    I don't use maid services right now but I've been considering starting some!

  81. I do the mopping at my house and the tile floors never really look clean using a regular mop. I would love to try this product and hopefully my floors will sparkle too.

  82. I *wish* I utilized a maidservice! Unfortunately, it's just me and the husband. But he DOES do the mopping. (Shhh ... I've convinced him he does a better job because he's stronger and can push down harder, thus more efficiently removing spots.)

    I'd love to be entered to win this so I can surprise him with a cool new reason to mop! :)

  83. The mopping of our dining room and kitchen floors is usually my job, so this would be great to win. I've wanted one for a long time. No maid service--my husband and I both do different tasks. But this would help!

  84. Unfortunately, I do all of the mopping in our home, and I desperately wish we could afford maid service. I'm pretty sure this multi-tasker would help! :)

  85. I do the mopping, when I do it. I used a maid for a about a year, few hours a month and it was WONDERFUL!!! I moved and would like to find someone I trust again. It's worth the money because my time is valuable.

  86. Hoover is a great brand!!
    We all take turns in the house,Hubby,MIL,and me,i think that this would be a great helper!!
    Maid Service..haha what is that for real?!?

  87. My husband and I take turns with the mopping around here. I wish I had maid service, but sadly it's not in the budget.

  88. I usually to the mopping in the house with a swiffer sweeper loaded with some homemade fleece reusable rags. It's more environmentally friendly than buying the disposable wipes. And who can afford maid services?

  89. The FloorMate would be great for me, we have a lot of wood flooring and a small amount of carpeted floor.

  90. well... who does the mopping is generally who makes the biggest mess... lol
    hmm... I thought I was a maid... ;-) I would love to try this

  91. We have mostly hardwoods and tile in our home and I think this would be great to have. I hate all the steps of sweeping, mopping, waiting for it to dry, and then usually sweeping up more cat hair.

  92. Been looking at getting this or a bissel Flip-it for a while now. Need a hardwood floor cleaner dealio, but not sure what one to get.

  93. My husband and I are retired . So mopping is a shared chore. Never had a maid service. I did have a friend who did but she cleaned before the maid came. ?Weird . Right?

  94. I do a majority of the mopping. My husband would if I asked him to, and he has done so many times in the past. We've never used a maid service.

  95. I do all the mopping in our house, and with two kids under the age of 3 that are constantly throwing food all over the kitchen, I mop a lot. This would make mopping so much easier! I'd love to win it! Thanks!

  96. I would love to get this. This is the one chore my husband and I argue over who has to do. With 2 young boys and a dog are floors get so dirty. This would definitly help us out.

  97. I do all the mopping at our house -- I figured there's no need for a maid since I'm not working outside the home! (Although I admit the idea sounds nice!)

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  98. Our 16 yr old usually does the mopping since keeping the kitchen clean is her chore. She doesn't do a very good job though - maybe this would help!

  99. I would LOVE love love a maid service but even if I could afford it I have issues with asking/telling people to do something.

    I hate doing floors so my Hubby usually does the mopping. I did mop the bathroom and kitchen last weekend and it renewed my hatred.

  100. I need a decent floor cleaner in the worst way. I hate sweeping/vaccuuming/mopping...this tool would allow me to do them all at once.

  101. I do all the mopping. With 4 dogs it is done quite often. I just started using a mop this year. My knees were killing me. I would love to use the Hoover. I think Hoover makes great quality products. My sweeper for 15 yrs and I still use it in the basement.

  102. My husband actually does most of the mopping. We're considering hiring a cleaning service, but haven't followed through yet.

  103. Around here I do the mopping. It's so many steps.....first I have to get out the vacuum (oh, and I have to lock the dog out first so her hair doesn't get all over the floor right after I finish vacuuming). After I vacuum I can mop but then I have to keep everyone off the floor until it dries. The floor-mate would be a huge time saver!! I'd love to win this!

  104. We both mop-but I hate it more! We don't have any cleaning staff- if money allowed we'd get a private chef before we'd spring for a maid,lol!

  105. This would come in so handy for the kitchen floor. It would be more economical than those swif*** sheets.

  106. I don't run happily to clean my house but with this Hoover Floormate I'd gladly tackle the work. Just by changing a dial, the vacuum converts from dry to wet and back. Nice!

  107. I do the mopping around the house most of the time because we cannot hire a maid. I end up on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor b/c I haven't found a mop that works well. I'd love to give the Hoover Floormate a try :)

    heatherlbrandt (at) verizon (dot)net

  108. I do all the sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping in my house so this Hoover Floormate looks absolutely wonderful to me. I wish I had maid service, but unfortunately I lost my job and cannot afford it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I do the mopping in our house...however, I have to give it to my husband, he does all of the vaccuming ;)

  110. We share floor duties, including moping. If the floor is going to get a good hand washing though, I'm the lucky one that gets that job. No, I've never used a maid service.

  111. my floors could SO use this prize - perfect!

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  112. I do the mopping in my house. I do utilize a maid service once a week. The Hoover Floormate looks wonderful!

  113. husband and I split the sweeping and mopping about 95/5. yep , i am 95 :) Maid service ? … I wish !!! just the mopping and cleaning the floors seems like a never ending chore .
    i love a HOOVER Floor Mate to make my life a little easier :)

  114. Mopping... right. DH does that job, but prob under 5x a year. Maybe this would increase our frequency! Maid service, I wish! We have thought about it, but when I do clean, I am a perfectionist and I just think I would be dissapointed. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  115. I would love to win this product- it would eliminate so much time and mess from my cleaning! I do all the cleaning here at home and it is such a pain to be switching from one tool to the other all the time! Thank you very much!

  116. I do the mopping in our house, I've never had a maid service but it would be nice! I usually use my Swiffer Wet Jet and hope for the best!

  117. I do the mopping in our house and it is my least favorite task. I would love to hire someone but we could not afford that.

  118. My hubby does the mopping. But I could be tempted into doing it if I had a cool machine like the Hoover Floormate! Maid service... I wish. It might stress me out though to have to get everything picked up so the service could come in and clean!

  119. I love this product. It does so much. I usually do the moping. I love that your superman husband helps out! Gotta love men like that!

  120. I do the floor cleaning but not with a mop. I use a rag because it gets cleaner that way for me. I don't have maid service but if I could afford it I certainly would.

  121. YOUR TURN: (A) Who does the mopping in your house? (B) Do you utilize maid service?

    I do the mopping in my house and *I* am the maid service!!! All that is missing is the little french maid costume!! hahahh although HUBBY would really love for me to wear one while I AM cleaning!!!

    BOY would i love a HOOVER Floor Mate. MY tough Job is the Bathroom! HAIRSPRAY is the enemy. It leaves a sticky residue that does NOT come up easily. I am a product of the 80's! I would love a HOOVER Floor Mate, It would make my JOB as maid a job easier!
    Thanks for the Chance to win!

  122. I hire my daughter as my housekeeper. She would love it if I had one of these. Make her job mucho easier.

  123. Sounds like a great product. I have hard floors throughout my house, and this would save me tons of time. Thank you.

  124. We share the sweeping and mopping in our house though no one wants to do it. This prize might help. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  125. Right now... the person who has that chore mops.... in the new house... same rule! If I had one of these... they would always want to mop. We now have hardwood floors in the new home so that will be sooo nice on clean up. With all of the renovations, the house is a mess and needs the clean up!

  126. with kids and a crazy dog I go through mops like candy. I really need somthing that holds up and works well

  127. I'm 62yrs old raising a grandchild this Hoover would sure make my cleaning easier good luck to everyone

  128. Who does the mopping? LOL!!! That would be me. We use a swiffer and have mostly hard word floors throughout our home. Looks like a great product.

    mommainflipflops AT

  129. I do the mopping. I just got done scrubbing the kitchen floor for 2 hours a couple days ago. I would love something that would help me keep it cleaner. (I'm working on keeping my husband from walking on it with his muddy boots...LOL!)

  130. I do the mopping! I keep trying to use those swiffer things but they just sort of smear dirt around. Of course, perhaps I should do it more often?? Nahh.. it must the the product's fault :)

  131. I do the mopping and all "maid service" in my house--I live with 2 other guys who are still in college and I am working now--so I tend to do most of the housework!

  132. I LOVE that it vacuums while it mops! With kids, that is essential. We "share" the cleaning in my house which means my husband tries-- but I do most of the cleaning.

  133. Well, seeing as I'm a single woman, and the cats absolutely REFUSE to help with the housework, I do the mopping (and everything else)! I'd love a maid (and if my brother and his wife lived down here, I might try to get a family discount and utilize their cleaning business to have them clean my place), but I just can't justify the expense.

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  134. I do most of the mopping, but my husband does a lot of the other general cleanup (and nearly all of the laundry.) We do not utilize a maid, but I think about it, especially since as a working mom the time with my kids is precious and I never want to spend it cleaning. With three kids under 5, it is getting harder and harder to "keep things up" without spending a lot of my quiet time late in the evening doing the cleaning. I need some of that time back, too! Maybe a Hoover FloorMate would help.

  135. Our kitchen floor is so large, and it's the worst thing in the world to clean! This would make it easier.

  136. I would love this. You asked who does the mopping in our house. Unfortunately mopping is about the bottom of our list so it usually doesn't get done. Also we don't utilize a maid service. Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. We have limited carpeting in our house; mostly hardwood and tile floors. I usually do the mopping, but not nearly often enough because it's a chore I don't like at all.

  138. We have tile and linoleum in the house, and it seems like I am constantly on my hands and needs scrubbing the floors. This looks like an awesome product to help with that!

  139. I can't believe it does all three! I've never heard of anything like this before. We desperately need a new vacuum, our current one is all taped together and barely picks up anything. Thanks for the chance!

  140. This would be awesome for our first floor because we have hardwood, carpet, and tile. Kind of a pain with a mop, broom, swiffer, and vacuum.

  141. Baby #2 is on the way, so I've got to up my multi-tasking skills. :-) This sure would help. We have carpet in most of the house, but tile in the kitchen and laundry room. How wonderful it would be to have once machine clean it all!!!

  142. WoW sounds like the Hoover Floor Mate does it all. I could use that kind help and performance. Would love to try it and as a winner would be an added attraction. Thanks for the opportunity.

  143. My husband does the mopping and about everything else around the house. Since he retired I have had it pretty easy,so I guess I retired also. I don't need a maid with him around. [email protected]

  144. I do the mopping, mainly because I feel so much less stressed when our floors are clean. How cool would it be to have one appliance that can mop AND vacuum? I'd be floating!

  145. I am a Hoover fan from too far back to admit. My friend from England calls cleaning her floors "Hoovering".

  146. Gone are the days when my two oldest daughters would eagerly play Cinderella! We now have a scheduled rotation that everyone grudgingly complies with.

  147. Sorry I hit enter before I meant to. We try to straighten up before we got to bed every night so we don't wake up to a mess and don't dread having to straighten up the house in the morning.

  148. I do the mopping and it is not a job I enjoy. My husband and I do all the cleaning. We may not always have the cleanest home but we try to always have a happy and straight home.

  149. I would love to win this! Cleaning the hardwood floors in my house is always a hassle, this looks like it would make the process so much easier! Thanks for the chance!

  150. My wife usually does the mopping and we don't hire maids. Our house is too small to justify that. We could definitely use a new vacuum as ours is dying pretty quickly.

  151. This looks totally awesome. All my floors are laminate and we have a Golden Retreiver. so YES we need this!

  152. I hate to admit how bad our kitchen floor looks sometimes. With multiple kids and a cat, it can get really nasty. I am coveting that FloorMate!

  153. I do almost all of the mopping in our house (my hubby occasionally takes over, but that is pretty rare) and no maid service here...I can dream about it though, can't I?

    And the running skirt on my blog is from Target, by is my all time favorite running item! It is so sporty and feminine at the same time!

  154. I do the mopping in my house, and its a pain! Everyone seems to forget that the floor is wet and they walk all over it!

  155. We desperately need one of these. Every time I mop my floor never looks clean because there's so many grooves and bump in the vinyl. This would do wonders for my floor and maybe my husband would quit complaining about how bad of a job I did on mopping.

  156. What a great product. I usually use a wash cloth for mopping. I cleaned homes in high school with a friend's mom, and it just works better than a mop.

  157. I do ALL the floor cleaning in this house- vacuum, mop, sweep, pick up clutter, etc... I would LOVE this machine!

  158. Even if I could afford maid, no one touches my mom's floor. "No one's going to pay for it if it's ruined!". Blah blah blah.

  159. I have a bad back and lugging around the mop bucket and squeezing out the mop- HURTS! This would be a dream:)

  160. I do the mopping in my house. I would faint if somebody else mopped. I don't use a maid service, but I would love to have somebody come in and help me with the housework occasionally!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  161. No, we don't use maids. I'm the one who does the mopping (reluctantly)! Its one of my least favorite chores, right now we have the Swiffer WetJet and I have to say it does not work on my floors the way I would like. This would be a great thing to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. This product really sounds great. i like the idea of 3 products in one. i don't have much storage space (most people don't) and this would be great. My floors are mostly tile so I could really use something like this.

  163. Generally, I vacuum the floors first, then my wife mops with her homemade cleaner (made with vinegar, baking soda, etc.). This would make it easier on both of us.
    A maid service? That's wishful thinking in these parts.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  164. I do all the mopping at our house and it's a large area. We live in the country, hence no maid service available. There are some individuals who offer cleaning services, have talked with two ladies, not real impressed though. For now I'll continue doing it myself. Thanks for the chance to win!

  165. My vacuum broke a while ago and and I've been borrowing a friend's vacuum, so I could really use this produt.

  166. We fight over who does the mopping in our house - we both want to do it! Usually I win because hubby does the vacuuming instead.

    I have a maid service already - hubby :D

  167. I wait until my husband cannot stand the floors so he mops. I HATE moping our floors and would rather do any other chore. I wish we had a maid service - than neither of us would have to mop the floors!

  168. I could really use this product. I need to keep things easy and simple because I run out of steam really fast due to being chronically ill.
    I hope to win!

  169. I do all the mopping in my house, a necessary but dreaded chore! Thanks for another great giveaway. God's Blessings to all...

  170. I have been wanting one of these. I asked for it for my birthday. Would be great to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  171. Figured when my kids had passed the spill everything in site stage my mop wouldn't wear out so fast. Well that is true they are grown now but now with 2 kittens one adult cat and a big blond lab not yet 1 year old I am back in the spilling everything in site conumdrum so would love to have the Floormate. Not only keep my floors dry but keep my arthritis quiet also.

  172. I wish we could afford a maid, I have COPD and it is so hard to mop/ vacumn and ect.
    So this prize would be a bi help to me!
    Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  173. I teach music lessons from my home so always have families coming here. This would sure be a time saver in straightening up the house.

  174. We don't have a maid service. My husband and I split the duties pretty equally -- but with 2 husky mixes, a long haired cat and a baby that is only halfway sure where her mouth is, it needs to be done A LOT!

    I've been looking into products like this because getting out a hot bucket of water and the mop everyday just isn't practical. Thanks for the review.

  175. I don't do my floors nearly as often as I should, but I do love the look of a shiny clean floor. I have a steam cleaner that my daughter gave me, but it needs to be refilled several times because of the square footage of the floors--I notice that most of them have fairly small reservoirs. I wish that I did have maid service, in fact that was always my dream indulgence. Hasn't happened yet though.

  176. We have maid service all right. Me. The Hoover could be easily carried downstairs and back up again. Yippeeee!

  177. I do all the cleaning in my house with a little help from my 14 year old daughter. However with the attitude she gives which is demonstrated in the job she does I am better off doing it myself. I tried several maid services but have had such bad experiances with all of them it is really not worth the effort or the cost. Perhaps I am just too picky but naturally I dont feel I am.

  178. All mopping and any cleaning done by me -division of labor-I do the inside , he does the outside

  179. No maid service here (I wish) and I do the mopping, a job I hate, I would love to have this product

  180. I just moved into a new house and need another vacuum. I wish I could hire The Maids, but I think that dream is a few years away!

  181. I love that your husband is the mopper of the house!

    I so wish we could afford a maid. Even just someone to come every other week would be wonderful. I vacuum (almost..I'm sure I've skipped a day at some point) and use our swiffer wet jet every day in the kitchen. I'm sure that even witha maid I'd still have to do that, but there are all of those little sneaky spots that wouldn't get really really disgusting in the months in between getting to them!

  182. (A) Who does the mopping in your house? I do, and often my daughter does too.

    (B) Do you utilize maid service? Once a month I get 3 women in, and they do my house in 2 hours.

  183. This could make my life so much easier. I don't think mops do a good job - so I usually get on my hands and knees and wash the kitchen floor. This would be great!

  184. A Maid? It's actually on our list of "first things to do as soon as this last bill is paid off..." The rationale - I take care of our kids and only send them to Auntie's house, Nana's house or the sitter when I'm on a tight deadline, when one of those people call and say "can the kids please, please, please come over" or when I have an appointment; I also work from home, cook our food, do our laundry, take care of our two dogs, and attempt to keep our house clean. I've got too much on my plate and Hubby is busy with work and finishing a degree. Needless to say some things aren't getting done like they should - at least until the kids are big enough to help with the housework we have seriously considered hiring a cleaning service to come in and help out.

    My hubby vacuums because he likes carpet and I don't so I agreed to have carpet in the house on the condition that he would do the vacuuming. He's talking about hardwood and tile floors now... :) As for the mopping - I do that, I asked hubby to do it once and he got a pretty bewildered look on his face so that was the end of that!

  185. It vacuums, mops, AND dries the floor! What an awesome product. I would love to win this. I usually do the mopping, but my husband occasionally mops. No maid service.

  186. I most definitely do the mopping around this house, though not near enough. When I was prego, I had horrific sciatic pain, and mopping would just send me over the edge. It's much better now that I'm not prego =). We bought an older home that has white, textured tile all throughout. Not ideal for toddler-living. Super hard to get clean while mopping, and then to keep clean. I did use a maid service once, towards the end of this last pregnancy. While I loved the end result, I found it oddly uncomfortable to have someone else in my home doing my cleaning for me. It was fantastic once they were done and gone though!

  187. I do most of the mopping, but I think if we had this devise my hubby would opt to do it. I wish I had a maid service... if only I had an income it might be an option.

  188. I would give anything for a maid service even once a month! I do the mopping because I am home with the baby but it does not get done often enough. We have hard woods and use a swiffer but it is not really good enough.

  189. wow if my husband ever pushed anything besides his spoon or fork I would think I died- I do it all

  190. IF the mopping gets done, it's because I do it. I was noticing the sad state of my floors tonight but did nothing about it.

  191. Stephanie,
    I've recently gotten my kids mopping the floor (they are 8 and 10 now), and I think they'd do great with this "multi-tasking machine"! And I'm all for something that makes mopping a little easier. (We have a lot of tile in our house and I think this would be great!)

  192. we have a lot of hard wood floors. It would be great to have something like this , it would make it so much easier to keep them up.

  193. My wife and I both mop the house - but her more than me, so this would be great to win for her...Im sure she will appreciate it and tell me to use it....We dont use a maid service. Thanks !

  194. Unfortunately I do all the mopping in my house. Between the dogs making little messes and the husband making big messes, it can sometimes be a major chore to clean house. I love the fact that the Hoover Floormate vacuums, mops and dries. What a time saver!

  195. I am a single mother and most of my floors are tile. It is a huge undertaking to clean them! The Hoover FloorMate would be a great tool to own. I do not have anyone to share chores with...not complaining, I enjoy being a single mom!

    Thank you. :-)

  196. I would love to get it all done at once with this hoover....seems like no matter how you do it, it's going to take forever!

  197. We have mostly hardwood floors, so I can't justify the expense of replacing my vacuum (which fails to pick anything up). The floormate would be a perfect solution.

  198. I do the mopping, but we only have to worry about the kitchens and bathrooms, so it doesn't take too long.

  199. My vaccuum cleaner died over a year ago and I have been laid off work for over a year and couldn't afford to buy another one. So you can imagine how bad my apartment looks. Please pick me I need this bad.

  200. My girls like to "vacuum" with me. They have a toy vacuum that they use and normally just get in my way when I vacuum. They take turns with who gets to vacuum and who gets to run around screaming at the working vacuum. Fun all around.

  201. This sounds like a dream, to vacuum mop and dry!! When I mop our hardwood floors ,they always dry spotted

  202. This Hoover Floormate sounds so great. I love that it does multiple jobs. Unfortunately, I'm the one who does the cleaning in our home, so anything that could make the job easier and quicker, is very much appreciated.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  203. LOL a maid? I WISH!!! my friend's coworkers chipped in and got her a couple weeks maid service as a baby shower gift and she said it was the BEST present ever - it makes me so JEALOUS! anyways, i'm the mopper at my house...i detest it =)

    autumn398 @

  204. I never enter blogs sweeps but this looks so COOL! I want to win it and make my life easier!!!!

  205. I just told my hubby that I think we should start buying dustbusters (we love our shark!) as baby gifts since it's the most used item in our home. I must sweep/vacuum at least 3 times a day, which I really have to after each of my twins meals and sometimes in between. I hired someone to help with bedtime and blessed her soul she started wiping down the floor with a wet rag every night. At least I don't step on a crunchy sticky mess every morning. We also mop at least once a week and wet swiffer as needed. My bathroom I run over with a dry swiffer every morning- we have a white floor and I can't stand seeing hair everywhere!

  206. We have someone come in and clean once a month. So yes, I clean (and mop) the other three weeks but at least I know once a month everything gets a good scrubbing - even the showers and tubs.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  207. i think when you become a mother it's impossible not to be a multitasker. nothing would ever get done if we couldn't. i've held a baby, talked on the phone all the while starting dinner

  208. Oh I would love to have this! I hate cleaning my bathroom and kitchen floors and they get so dirty so fast! Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  209. With 3 kids, a new puppy and a slobby husband, the Hoover FloorMate would make my life a little easier.

  210. My husband does the mopping in our house too. Does the floormate work for carpet too, or just on tile? I think it might become my best friend if it does carpet too.

  211. We're supposed to mop too? Geez, sweep and mop thats asking a bit much don't you think? haha! The kitchen gets mopped with a swiffer wet jet by whichever kid is assigned the kitchen when I enforce the chore chart. Occasionally by me or dh when it just gets too much to handle. The laminate floors get mopped when something gets spilled on them.

  212. We have both hardwoods and tiles in our house, and as the Queen of England ... my wife that is ... reminds me, cleaning them is my job!

  213. My wife has allergies and so we have been converting to hardwood and tile floors, this product might be just the thing to help us keep up.

  214. A maid???? I AM the maid. I do ALL the housework because no one else will or if they do, it's never up to my high standards.

  215. I usually do all the mopping an still do. Hubby has helped out once in a while - to move furniture off the tiles for me! Haha! And a maid service is on my wish list. :)

  216. Cleaning is my thing and I'm very particular about it. My husband cleans our second bathroom but other than that I do everything else and don't really mind it.

    I scrub my floors on my hands and knees with a bucket. I told you I was particular! I can't ever get it scrubbed well enough with only a mop so that's what I do. However, I only scrub it once a month and just try to maintain it in between.

    Have you looked into prices for a maid service? I'm curious. I'm too particular to hire a maid service for everything all the time but it might be a nice "treat" every once in awhile.

  217. I would LOVE to try this thing. Like I said in your previous post, we have slate floors that are terrible to mop. And I hate to admit it, but I have actually never mopped them. Yup, I said it. I've seriously been considering a cleaning service because even though the tile is dark and you can't see the dirt, I know it's there and it's beginning to gross me out!

  218. Well, I do most of the mopping, unless my husband has time and decides to be especially helpful! And nope, I don't use a maid service, though someday if we earn more money...

  219. I do the mopping, and we couldn't afford maid service, so I'd sure love to have a Hoover Floor Mate! :)

  220. Great idea- WOuld love to try this one- Then I do not have to lug my heavy vacum downstairs to do the tile floor after I sweep, but before I wash- Maid Service?/ What is that??

  221. ok so we have 3 dogs so there is always dog hair EVERYWHERE! this would help alot. Love the pic of your husband and the little girl! So cute!!:)

  222. Oh...I forgot to add that I do the mopping in our home and if I could have maid service I would LOVE it but it really doesn't make sense since I am a stay at home mom!

  223. Oh my goodness this would be wonderful! I have two, young kids only 17 months apart so you can imagine what a mess this can be! I have been needing a new vacuum for a while now as well! I have had mine since we were first married so going on 10 years! Time for an upgrade! I would get so much use out of this!

  224. I do more mopping and whatnot. My husband is great on cleaning clutter. I am better on cleaning dirt. It works well. No maid service here... Tho sometimes I think it would be nice! :-)

  225. Something like this would be so perfect for the downstairs area of my house, which is completely tiled. With 3 males, 2 cats and 2 dogs, its always in constant need of mopping and sweeping, so this gadget would be ideal for my household. Maybe I could even get my teenage kids to start cleaning up with such a handy dandy appliance.

  226. Okay, this sounds amazing. I agree with you, the time thing would be the downside, but it sounds a lot better than the mopping that I am currently doing! We have discussed a maid too, but I think for now, I can handle it myself. We would love to make it a tad easier though!!

  227. I use to be so anal about the floors in my house. Everyweek I would sweep and then mop all of the floors. I am a little bit more relaxed now in that I do not mop the floors eveyr single week (but apart of me wishes I did - no time). I would love this and I would use this ALL of the time!

    I wish I had a cleaning service but there is no money in the budget for that so it is just me cleaning the house.

  228. The mopping is mine, all mine!(unfortunately)
    As far as a maid is concerned -- I'd probably kill myself cleaning prior to arrival, so I don't think so.

  229. i do the mopping in my house. we have a roomba (that my lovely hubby just got to make life easier) that we switch on and leave.. it stops automatically when it thinks its done. i love it.
    But only problem, i cannot do wet mopping on tiles with it. thats why i am entering for this giveaway.

    also we only use maid service when we are having guests after a long time and the house really does need a good clean!

  230. I really do not like to do the floors! This would make the job so much faster! My husband is a real jewel and does the floors most of the time! My triplets have decided they really enjoy vacuuming,but I must admit, they don't do a great job.

    This would make getting the floors done a lot faster and easier!

    I love to see that your husband helps, and look he is multitasking! He has a two year old on his back! You go guy!

  231. I do the mopping and I do not have a maid service, although, I wish I did. I think a maid might run right out the door when she got a look at my sons rooms!

  232. Aren't all moms, and women in general fantastic multi-taskers? I already mentioned this before, but I hate mopping! I used to use the Swiffer, but our current place has tile in the kitchen and bathroom and the grout is too deep, so the Swiffer doesn't work very well. I usually vacuum the tile first, then use a paper towel and floor cleaner on my hands and knees. It is a small enough space that this actually is the fastest, best way to clean the floors. We do not have a maid service...not in the budget, and our space doesn't really warrant it. I sure wouldn't mind it though!!

  233. I mop just once a week in our house. And usually use a Swiffer WetJet and then scrub by hand what it misses. I employ the maid service for the first 4 months of each pregnancy since I'm lucky to get off the couch at that time. The rest of the time the cleaning tasks fall to me!

  234. I do all the mopping when it ever gets done as I put it off as long as possible! I dont use a maid service but it would be nice sometime!

  235. I'm ashamed to admit that mopping doesn't really occur at our house. With three kids running around, I've not been able to figure out how to let the floor dry. When spot mopping is done (using baby wipes - those things are good for everything!), it's usually done by me.

    I'd love to have a maid, but it's not in the budget and I think my house would scare the most stoic of them.

  236. That is amazing! I do the mopping and the vacuuming, and everything else. Hmm on second thought I guess I should try to convince my husband to do some of these things. I would love a maid service, oh yes I would!

  237. Hubby does the vast majority of the mopping in this house. I'd be more willing to take some of that responsibility if I had something to help, like this vacuum/mop... If I could afford it, I would most definitely take advantage of a cleaning service. I don't think we need a weekly cleaning, but an every other week or once a month deep clean or something would be wonderful.

  238. i do the mopping..well crawling on the floor....the kitchen is the size of a small house..i need help! i tried the swiffer thingy but it got tooo expensive after awhile. this is my next need thanx

  239. I do the mopping with a mop, bucket, and Murphy's oil soap. The downside is that I only do this every two or three or four weeks. I am lazy!! It is not a priority!! Our entire apartment is hardwood so I can just do a segment of floor and wait for it to dry before doing the segment next to it. It takes some planning to avoid getting trapped in a corner!!

    No maid service. I am too much of a control freak to let someone else know how messy we really are!!

  240. I have often thought of hiring a once- or twice-a-month maid service. My father passed away a little while ago and left us some money that we weren't expecting, so now it's even more tempting. In the meantime, what I know is that I hate traditional mops. They're such a mess and then the floor seems to take forever to dry. This product sounds like a great alternative!

  241. Boy, I could use this product! We have a Great Dane puppy and my floors are constantly trashed. I wet mop, but then have to wait for them to dry, so this would be ideal.

  242. I'd say my husband and I split the sweeping and mopping about 50/50. I would love to have a product that could do it all in one, since I find having to sweep and then mop soooo tedious!

  243. I could really use this, we have a huge amount of tile in our house and I have severe arthritis which makes cleaning the floors very difficult. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  244. My husband was the resident mopper until our older boys got old enough to help, and now they might take a turn for some extra allowance money! It doesn't get done often enough, though! We don't utilize maid service at this time, but when I was working full time in the public schools and we had more income than now, I did have someone come in twice a month and clean for us. It was WONDERFUL! If I could afford it, I would definitely do it again!

  245. I am the mopper in the house (one of my least favorite chores). I would love to have something that does it all...less stuff in the house that way! I would also love a maid, but I don't think that will happen!

  246. I would love to have this - one machine that can do the work of three "machines" (broom, mop, towel). Great idea!

  247. my husband does the mopping. i hate it, plus when i do iy my hubbt complins the floor is to wet, i missed a spot etc. this product looks so cool, and easier than a mop.

  248. We moved into a new home last November and the kitchen and entry have ceramic tile floors. I love the look but the grout is a &%*@# to clean. I have been pricing steam mops online...otherwise I'll be on my hands and knees with a toothbrush forever. No maid, yet...

  249. I do the sweeping and the vacuuming. Honestly, the grace of saltio is that it always look I rarely mop.

    But with two kids and two dogs I'm looking for something new and improved!

  250. I do the sweeping and mopping but the kids do the vaccumming. Daughter would love to do the moping and with this she could... would love to win this. thanks for the great chance

  251. A product with mult-functions ... yippeee ... please, please give it to me. With 3 dogs in the house (one big dog, one medium dog and one small dog) I sure need all the help I can get to keep the house squeeky clean and smelling fresh. Super giveaway, thank you.

  252. I hate cleaning, so I WISH I could hire someone to come in and do it for me. It would be fabulous! However, I do have older children, so the mopping, sweeping and dusting is all left to them for the most part. It is much easier that way, as they are home all day.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  253. I do the mopping! And no maid service here. We did it once just to clean the house and I hated all those people in my home. Plus we have a macaw (bird) so they can't really use all the harsh chemicals that they use all over the house. It was a pain to try to explain that to them.

    I just don't like the feeling of having someone I don't know cleaning my home.

  254. I would love to have a house cleaner -- but since I don't work outside of the home, I can't justify it. This would be such a help! I would love to have something like this to help with the mopping as we have a lot of floors that could use some help!!

  255. I do the mopping in the house. We too have a large area that takes a while, but it is worth it to see it clean. No, I do not have a maid service. I don't know if I would like that, since I am too picky.

  256. I'm sad to say that my husband has never mopped the floors so it's all been up to me. I'd really love to try this, it looks so much better. Thank you!

  257. I mop, my father refuses to do so. And I've so been wanting to try one of these out, my mop is disintegrating.

  258. My parents are older and while I try to help clean when I go there. There are days I can not get to their place. This seems to be an answer to cleaning certain spots of their condo (bathrooms, kitchen. entrance way etc).

  259. I do the swiffering at our place... we have all hardwood floors and its a newly renovated condo so there is dust everywhere! I have never utilized a maid, don't I wish! Thanks!

  260. I wish there were a maid - actually not, I don't like strangers having that kind of access. Hubby does most of the mopping but I do some.

  261. I do the mopping in my house. I don't have a maid service, but am thinking seriously about it once the kids are back in school. The summer is costing me too much money!

  262. I would love maid service, but alas, the budget does not allow for that! I do the mopping in the house, but my husband will tend to get things ready for me by lifting chairs and such off of the floors. Sometimes he'll even do the vacuuming, which helps tremendously! :)

  263. OMG. I love this. We bought a Dyson for vacuuming and man were we ever disappointed. (note to people thinking of the Dyson Ball, but I digress). Something that could do three in one would rock my world...and maybe MY husband would do it too. BTW it is still Tuesday here in Alaska!!! Does that count?


  264. Well, I missed the deadline. It's 1am here in Central Wisconsin. But, I will say it anyway that I do the floors in my home. You can tell because right now my kitchen floor is a disaster and my carpeting is full of dog hair. I need to vacuum and scrub, but I am working on a quilt to give my daughter and her soon to be husband. They are to be married on Aug. 1. or did I mention that before? I really just need to go to bed.

  265. My husband and I take turns mopping. Not that we keep track, it's just whoever does it is the one who does it. If my kids had their way, they would do it. I'm not kidding! They LOVE to sweep and mop and vacuum. It's actually quite cute, and they don't do a bad job. Well, on the mopping and vacuuming, that is. Sweeping with a broom means things kind of just get swept everywhere. And now I'm rambling. I should go sweep and mop. My floors are getting pretty nasty. ;)

  266. My husband and I take turns mopping the tile in our house. Because our tile is so slippery when wet, the non-mopper usually takes the kids to the park while the other one mops away. I usually prefer to be the mopper so I can have some child free time in my day and sing with loud music at the top of my lungs.

  267. i think that would be awesome. we have hardwood floors throughout the entire house and i sweep and mop them. would love to give the hoover a try.

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