Tim said I should title this post "random"

Tim said I should title this post "random" 1

Today, I fell out of the RV. I was about to walk down the steps. I tripped - with my 21-month-old in my arms. I landed on my right ankle and my left wrist, holding my baby up and away from me. Remarkably, she didn't even have a scratch. (I, however, just took ibuprofen). (Do you pronounce it with the "u" or not? I'm curious).

Later, I thought about how all future presidential candidates should be required to star in a reality TV show prior to the election. It is so hard to get behind all of the political clutter to actually see what each candidate stands for.

Tim said I should title this post "random" 2Someday I might want to run for a political office (but probably not president). I like the idea of impacting the local community and helping to shape the future of our country.

I wonder what my girls will be, who they will be, and what causes will inspire their hearts. Our 4-year-old holds steady in her ambition to be a nurse. She also is quite the artist. And she saves lives...

Tim was filming the girls at bathtime tonight because they were splashing like crazy and laughing. Our littlest slipped (she was sitting down; she just sort of slid forward) and took a dive for the water. Her big sister caught her and helped her straighten up. She then stated confidently, "I saved her life. I actually saved her life." (And we caught it all on camera). It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Have you ever run for a political office? Would you want to? What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

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31 comments on “Tim said I should title this post "random"”

  1. Love the random!
    Glad you are ok after the fall. That could have been nasty! I go back & forth on the U- I feel kinda pretentious saying it so I usually slur through it saying IBprofen. We could all just play dumb and use the brand name Motrin (but that would be inaccurate in our generic brand household:)
    That big girl of yours IS some artist- and quite a life-saver. Quick- thinking & creativity are key to being a strong nurse. The profession would be honored...:)
    I am smiling because we probably have hours of (non-publishable) bathtime footage too! Those squeals are the best. I have serious bathtime anxiety though- those slippery wigglys make me a titch nervous...
    No political office here- too many skeletons;)
    Our big girl is pretty dramatic... and the little one is crazy coordinated. An actress & and a gymnast I fear:(

  2. Oh goodness, so sorry you fell! That is almost more emotionally traumatizing then it is physically (although, I'm sure you are hurting man!) I love that God created us in such a way that by instinct we protect our babies! I actually just had this conversation with a friend who was worried about babywearing in the winter and falling and hurting the baby!

    I would vote for you!!

  3. that was random, but that's ok. random is good. i think there are better ways to change the world than being a politician. what your family plans to do over the next year will probably do more for people in need than polititicans do. i'm not saying that they don't care, it's just that when one person cares about one thing, and another person cares about another, the important things tend to get lost in a fight.
    i don't think i'd ever run for an office. i did consider running for school board last week, but changed my mind. my husband's job is elected and i hate it. running for office the first time was easy, but running for re-election was expensive and really just a bad experience all around. we're still caught up in investigations and are retaining a lawyer because of the lies his opponent chose to spread. apparently, his opponent didn't think of the consequences of what she was saying and didn't think it would do anything but keep him from getting elected. she never thought that what she said would hurt anyone else, but resulted in a postal worker getting fired. the whole process is awful, i think, and it seems to be getting worse. the sad thing is that my husband's job isn't really political. it's not even a policy setting job.

  4. Ugh! Sorry you fell...so glad you are not more seriously injured and that your little one is fine. Isn't it frustrating how quickly it can happen!? I have never wanted to, or plan to, run for a political office. Oye.

    I love that your girly wants to be a nurse and save people...I can just imagine her little voice squealing "I saved her life! I really saved her life!" What a great sister!! Right now my kids want to be so many things when they grow up. Today we drove past a homeless man and Analise asked what his sign said. I explained that he was asking for money because he most likely didn't have a place to live, or much food to eat. She then said, "I have lots of money in my piggy bank. Maybe we can get that money and find all of the homeless people and give them money so they have a house to live in. But it would take so long to help all of them. We could do it every day and still not help them all. I want to help them all." My heart leaped with joy and I told her she was very thoughtful and kind and that she was very good at giving and thinking of others. She is already a world changer!

    1. I completely forgot to give Tim some props on pronouncing the U in Ibuprofen. We often times call it just Ibu (pronounced eye-boo). So, we call it 'eye-boo' or 'eye-bew-pro-fen'.

  5. Ibuprofen.

    Sorry about falling off. If I may ask, are you guys living in the RV now? Thought you were staying with family.


    1. Our 5th wheel is parked on my in-laws' property and we've pretty much moved in now. All of our dishes/clothes/books/etc. are inside the RV and we sleep there too. It's actually quite a little cozy space, albeit very small. ;)

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry you fell. Isn't it amazing that while flying through the air your body made sure your little was safe :)
    My big girl wants to be a Vet. My boy want to be a Sheriff (like the old west cowboy kind). Lil wants to be an artist but big girls keeps telling her she should be an entertainer :)

  7. Uh....yeah I already told you my whole running for public office story privately - it was brutal. People are so cruel and they lie viciously to get what they want. I don't think I will ever do it again. Although I won, and the people who matter KNOW the lies were spun out of jealousy and faulty information, the sheer meanness of people hurt deeply and I still think about it and feel a bit scarred. When my term is up, I am not running again for my seat. I thought I would be able to impact my community and improve education, but frankly, I think I need to find a different way other than public office. Like volunteering as a class mom, re-entering the educational field as a teacher again, or teaching a free class for parents at the local community center or something! :)

    But if you ran for president, I would vote for ya! :)

  8. It's so jarring when you fall with babies in your arms! Moms always seem to fall just right though so the babies don't get hurt. I can't figure out how to say ibuprofen without the "u" so apparently I pronounce the u.

    Interesting post about political office. I currently hold office in our township, which is the most basic and grassroots form of government. I think it's the only form where the residents vote on how much they are to be taxed year to year - the board makes recommendations based upon spending, but the voters make the decision.

    I spent a month interning in Washington DC during college and I enjoyed working for the Congressman that I worked for, however, I found the atmosphere to be very negative. The position I think I would be most suited for and interested in is the Secretary of State, which has a focus on the integrity of the voting process. In November I was in charge of our local elections and I found the process to be very interesting, albeit stressful! In MN we have been making headlines for our elections lately!!!

  9. Oh Steph, I hope your ankle and wrist are okay!

    I LOVE your random thoughts. The idea that a potential president should be on a reality show first, is genius! I commented above...but we say iBprofen...I have never said it with the "U".

    Our daughter wants to be a professional chef with her own TV show. She LOVES the Food Network. Our son wants to be a Firefighter and on his days off, a Veterinarian (he loves animals) Whatever they do, I know that they will change the world, somehow...someway!!

    I would definitely consider running for office. I am very stong willed and extremely passionate about many topics. I love being around people and helping others. I would be willing to fight for what is right!

    1. I could definitely see you in politics, Ashley! You should run for a seat on the Vail School District Governing Board for starters... ;)

  10. Sorry about the fall! I did the same thing the weekend before Christmas at my parents. We have an SUV, and I was getting my son (34 lbs!) out of the back, and stepped down on what I thought was a level surface, but wasn't. It was covered with snow so I couldn't see. Of course I was wearing heels, and of course my younger sister was watching the entire time. Luckily I didn't fall and my son wasn't hurt, so we could laugh about it. And my sister then proceeded to tell my dad's entire family (20 people) how I almost "bit it" in the driveway.

    I don't think I could run for political office. I have VERY strong political opinions, yet I am also a people pleaser. I don't have the thick skin required.

  11. In our house we call it "Ivy-profen" because Ivy has a fever disorder and has spent most of her life having a fever every 3 weeks since she was 1. Before that, yes, we said the U.

    Jade wants to be an artist. Ivy wants to be a doctor that teaches school and is an artist. (which is fitting because there is 1 PhD in fine art and 2 MFA's - all of whom have or are college professors).

    I never want to run for office. I'm not much into politics because i'm disappointed in the promises and lack of real action.

  12. oh gosh...i sure am glad you're okay...that had to be scary!! and even with the ibUprofen...you'll probably be sore for sure:(

    while I am very patriotic and love the USA...no interest in politics because i get pretty upset when i don't get my way:)

    as for my boys...well...seems as though they grew up when i wasn't looking! Shad will be 32 in a few months! However, I'm very proud of them and the paths they've chosen in this life:)

  13. I can't even imagine how to pronounce the U in ibuprofen. You'll have to call me one day to say it to me :)

    I have seen 2 friends fall with their babies in their arms. On both occasions, the Mom was hurt more than the baby, but it is so scary. I'm sorry. I bet you're still shaken up (and she's running around like nothing happened).

    I you tell big sister that she's amazing. And she DID save her sister's life. :)

  14. Sorry about the fall! It is always SO scary when you have a little one in your arms!! Glad you are both okay! PS. I pronounce it with the "u". :)

    I have absolutely no desire to run for any type of office. I do however want to work for a philanthropist one day. That is my dream. To have the power to change people's lives with large amounts of resources.

    On our Thursday Date Day's I often ask Kyleigh what she wants to be when she grows up. First it was a Gardener and lately it has been a dentist. I love the imagination of children.

  15. By the way, sorry about the fall! Great job on protecting the baby! Hope you heal up quickly. I haven't fallen (yet, give it time) but once Lizzy came out at a rest stop and I'd put up the stairs and she didn't look. She dropped straight down super shocked. It was a great laugh, since she was okay of course!

  16. Too funny! Very random. I say the "u", how else could you say it? :)
    I'm not sure I could do politics. I like to decide how to fix something and just do it. I don't love getting approval and suck at motivating others to agree with me to make it happen. So I think I'd be eternally frustrated.
    My son on the other hand would be president, except he was born in Ukraine, so he's out. But he could be in politics one day for sure.
    Lizzy's convinced she'll be a rock star, once her stage fright magically disappears. 5 years and counting...
    Matt, dunno, he'll do something dangerous or stupid or probably both. He says x-games so there you go.

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