Tim says that I am becoming a hippie

Tim says that I am becoming a hippie 1
Our family at the Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, AL

Tim says that my blog is "evolving."

It's happening because [I] am evolving - as a person, a mother, a giver, a traveler, a doer.

I'm still figuring out how to write about all of these changes in my heart and in my life.

I don't want to just write about travel stuff. BUT...then again, my life IS traveling now so I do want to chronicle it. That said, I also want to write about the more important things. Won't you bear with me as I stretch?

Tim also says that I am becoming a hippie. Today I was wearing ripped jeans, a yellow sweatshirt, and my hair all free on the top of my head. I jumped out of the truck with the girls (after driving for 4 hours) and danced in the parking lot. "Maybe I should take up hula hooping," I smiled over at him, swaying from side-to-side. He laughed, standing perfectly still. I snuck another smile, "Maybe I AM becoming a hippie. Maybe I'll have our next baby in our RV. BUT...I promise not to get dreadlocks."

(I was actually joking about the RV birth part). (I think). ;)

P.S. I asked this question on Twitter, but I want to ask it here too. What do you think of my new "Travel With Kids" column? Do you like it (or not)? I welcome your honest feedback.

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30 comments on “Tim says that I am becoming a hippie”

  1. Stephan says the same about me. I think its funny because Ive known a few hippies and I am so not one.

    Love your travel column. I'll be checking it out when plan our next vacation...especially since you've been to a few close to us places.

  2. A few weeks ago I sent a link to my blog to a former college roommate. I had been kind of nervous letting her see it, because I feel like a lot of the things I talk about there are a little extreme. I told her later, "I'm just so much more of a hippie than I was in college!" Her reply was, "Oh, me too. I think I get more 'hippie' every year that goes by." I'm so glad I'm not alone!

  3. I would love to hear more about your travels and everything! I just left Tim a long comment about how much I was thinking about you guys while my family and I went camping this weekend and how hard and difficult it is to not really have a routine for the next year. I cannot image it.

  4. So cute! I love it when my husband calls me a hippie.
    An RV seems like a tight place to give birth. But, you can probably do it. ;)
    I like your travelling with Kids column. But, I still must be able to hear what's on your heart & mind in your other posts!!

  5. I love the new column. It is a great "day in the life" view for different cities. I love that you highlight not the touristy stuff but the things someone who actually lives in the city might spotlight. Who knows, some day we might be headed to some of these cities and these are great pointers.

  6. ha! Sometimes I think I'm a total closet hippie.... I like that about you!:). glad you are dancing in parking lots in your jeans and yellow t-shirt as you travel on an awesome adventure- what an inspiration to the rest of us mommas!

  7. Have you heard the term crunchy con before? I think that's what I am. I'm crunchy in that I like organic things and I like alternative forms of medicine, etc. BUT I'm still very conservative when it comes to family values and finances and things like that. Does that describe you too?

  8. I think the travel column is super cool. I happen to be going to Austin with my boy in April :) BUT, even if I'm not headed to your destination anytime soon, it's still cool to consider a place through that lens.

    Also, I think it'll be great search engine content that can help lots of new mamas looking for info on various destinations.

  9. Nothing wrong with your blog evolving and changing with you! I love all your columns... Traveling with Kids included :)

  10. I like the columns, but they'll probably be more "useful" when you get around to places that we're likely to visit ourselves! ;)
    And I think your blog changing is fine! I've noticed mine changing a TON in the last year.

  11. I like it, I like hearing about what's going on with you.
    But then, I also SO love talking with you and hearing from you about matters of the heart as a fellow mother. Many times I have wished we could just sit and chat over a cup of tea regarding mothering, God, what Christianity looks like in action...I feel like this website is my only way to talk to you now so I am very interested in matters of the heart.
    But then :), we are planning a summer vacation and I keep thinking, oooh I need to check what places Stephanie liked in Texas for fun with little ones.
    Wow, I really didn't answer your question did I?

  12. but dreads would make life so much easier...no need to wash your hair, no hair products to buy...it's really part of a life simplification plan if you ask me. :)

    I love your kids column and will definitely look back at it when we are in those cities with kids to know what cool things to do.

  13. I love hearing about your travels. It shows that it can be done and done with a family. I traveled across the US and Canada in my early 20s and it was such an adventure and at the time, felt very much free and full of life, I suppose it could be a definition of a hippie. I did not grow dreadlocks, however I did not shave my legs...

  14. Love the travel column Stephanie. It will definitely help new readers see that you once travelled and maybe catch a few advice while reading. And I do think part of the reason you are travelling is to explore your innerself and peel layers of you that you never knew was there. I'm glad you are having fun with it. I would love to meet up with you guys somewhere :)

  15. Definitely like the travel columns and the photos.... keep sharing your experiences with us... I am interested in your other more serious topics as well - I am still not that brave to write about some things on my blog...or sometimes I just don't think people will be interested to read my thoughts on certain topics... so I like it when I see other writers stretching themselves b/c it challenges me too!!

  16. I love the travel columns too. Our family loves traveling and seeing the world and it's nice to have advice from a fellow mom.

  17. I like the travel column. I like that you guys often go to FREE places instead of all the overpriced things. It can get quite expensive when you have to buy tickets for 4 people.

    My husband also thinks I'm turning a bit too hippie. Oh well. No dreadlocks here, although I threaten to shave my head about once a month (at least when my hair is long).

    1. Unless we receive media passes, we ONLY go to free places. And in our experience, the free places are often the best places anyway. :)

      P.S. Tim often tries to CONVINCE me to shave my hair because my hair is everywhere in the house! He doesn't really want me to do it, of course...but he probably mentions it about once a month.

  18. Please don't get dreadlocks... :)

    I LOVE the new traveling with kids column - we don't get to travel much right now, but I hope that changes soon - lots of other things are changing, so hopefully that can change too! And I really enjoy seeing what kinds of places you're finding and etc...

  19. One decision is all it takes to start an evolution! For me that decision was pulling my children out of public school. The past year has brought so many wonderful changes into my life that my perspective on parenting, motherhood, family and relationships is forever altered. For you the decision was to spend a year in selfless giving. How can you not evolve? You must evolve! Embrace it and enjoy the experience. We are enjoying following along with you and Tim!

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