Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers

Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers 1Thermos is a solid brand and one that I am a huge fan of. Thermos products are well-constructed, nice to look at, and they last through lots of falls and tumbles. 

In fact, we recently gave away almost our entire "coffee mug" and tumbler collection because they just couldn't compare to our new Thermos Element 5 set. This classy black and silver collection (with yellow trim) is tough and durable, and is perfect for keeping food and beverages hot or cold for extended periods of time. 

Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers 2Take, for example, the Thermos Element 5 Hydration Bottle. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and features a leak-proof drink lid and an integrated stainless steel carry loop for convenient attaching to a backpack. This beats a plastic water bottle by A LOT. Not only is it reusable (better for the environment!), it also will keep your drink cold instead of turning lukewarm after just a bit of exposure to the sun.

Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers 3The Thermos Element 5 Food Jar keeps food hot for 7 hours or cold for 9 hours. This little jar is perfect for packing blueberries or apple slices on a hot day, or soup on a cold day. Save money and eat healthier on trips by packing your own snacks (instead of stopping at Circle K to pick up processed items)!

Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers 4Another great option for cold weather is the Thermos Element 5 Travel Tumbler. Perfect for toting coffee, hot chocolate, or tea to work or to your next ski vacation. The tumbler keeps beverages warm for 6 hours or cold for 8 hours.

All of the products in the Thermos Element 5 collection come with a Thermos Lifetime Performance Guarantee. Yes, I said Lifetime! Imagine the money you would save if you invested in Thermos mugs and tumblers instead of those cheap-o plastic ones on the aisle at Target or the grocery store (that only last a month or two before turning grimy and gross...). 

The Thermos Element 5 Collection can be found at a variety of outdoor specialty stores and retail between $20-40 (it seems pricey, but they last a lifetime!). This would make an awesome Father's Day gift!

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Thermos Element 5 Prize Pack that includes the Hydration Bottle, the Food Jar, and the Travel Tumbler. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 7 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, June 8. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #243 Pat. Congratulations!

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369 comments on “Toss Plastic Water Bottles and Cheap-O Drink Containers”

  1. Hi---can someone please recommend to me a Thermos product to keep chili hot for a Fall picnic? I need one that will hold enough for two people. There are so many Thermos products that I am not certain which one would be the most suitable! Any help/info will be very gratefully received! Thanks!

  2. I have used thermos products for years instead of buyying coffee in a paper cup...and i carry it to work in a cloth bag that I make myself from fabric samples that a sales rep gives to me! Every small step makes a difference!

  3. Thermos is a very reputable company and has been around forever! I used Thermos brand products when I was a kid -- and I am older than the rocks that thr dirt comes from!
    I would be thrilled to win them! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

  4. With the kids heading off to camp, these are great! The old cheapies last a few days at best - my kids need these BADLY!

  5. I could use the set for road trips and keep my food warm and coffee hot throughout my day.

  6. ooo, these look so sturdy, whenever i have one of these, they always fall and crack, these look like these could stand up to the beating i put them through, i'd love to win these!

  7. We are trying to do away with disposable products and replace with permanent ones. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so much, live and learn, right? Thermos makes a great product and I love this package you are giving away. Thanks.

  8. OMG. This is great!! I work 10+ hours a day and get really dehydrated. This would be great for me because I work in a really hot place and this would keep my drink cold. I use an insulated mug but after about 5-6 hours my ice is gone.I could use the thermos at least 5 days a week.

  9. This would be perfect for the camping trips my husband is planning this year. Thanks for the post!

  10. Great for solid/liquids nutrition and dyration not only for temperature control but health/safety. What a great plus!!!!!

  11. Hi, these Thermos items are great. My daughter has been asking for a Thermos to hold hot food that she can bring for school lunch, and this would be perfect!

  12. These would be great for road trips. Alot more durable than the plastic ones. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  13. With one entering pre-school and one moving on into kindergarten, my boys can be brutal and I think these can keep up with them.

    Yes please!!!

  14. Probably the number one thing that prevents me from carrying a reusable water bottle rather than buying water in a throw away bottle is that the water doesn't stay cold in the reusable water bottle. This thermos would solve that problem and I could take soup to work! Count me in! I love it!

  15. My daughter is planning a trip to the "BIG" theme park in Florida later this year, and these Thermos products for the little one would be great!

  16. It IS so difficult to find stuff that doesn't have the little cracks and crevices that are impossible to clean -- THESE should last (like it says) a LIFEtime! Thanx!

  17. These products look great!!! I have been trying to reduce plastic containers both to help the enivronment and for health reason - don't want any of those chemicals leeching out of the plastic!

  18. My son's got food allergies, so I'm toting food with me everywhere. It would be nice to have this quality set. Plus, I can have hot chocolate with me whereever I go. =}

  19. I could really use one of these, and would make great gifts for the dad, he loves the outdoors and could really use one.

  20. I would really love to win this because I drink a lot of water everyday and this would be great o take along.
    Thanks so much!

  21. I have two sons, and any product that can keep things cold here in Southern Arizona is essential! Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. I don't want to buy water to carry anymore. It's to expensive and the plastic is not good for the enviorment. This is a great prize that saves money and plastic.

  23. Wow - with my son starting Kindergarten next year, we could use something like this so that he could have "hot" lunches instead of just PB&J.

  24. I've been looking for something to use for toting around coffee, water, hot chocolate, etc. These look perfect.

  25. I would love to win these for my husband - he's so good about bringing his lunch to work instead of loading up on fast food with his coworkers

  26. These are great! Now that I recycled of all the plastic water bottles that I've been using for years. Stainless steel is the way to go!!!

  27. I should also throw away my collection of junky water bottles and coffee mugs. Maybe this prize would motivate me also?

  28. I love your comment at the top of the page about bringing extra baby clothes. My son is now 3 but if you looked in the trunk of my car you would fing plenty of snacks, juice boxs, and bottels of water. A change of clothes and shoes a flash light first aid kit and blankets. I carry all this because you never know what may happen and I'd rather have this stuff for my lil man then not.

  29. Thermos makes great products. I'm glad to see they are expanding their product line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I would really love to win these. I have kids in sports and I'm always buying bottles to find out they leak or make the drink taste funny or drinks turn warm on hot days or cold on cold days. My kids are always trying to stay refreshed during their events. We also drive by car to family 1200 miles one way and like to drink and snack along the way, and sadly have not found anything that we really like. Please make me a winner you would make my children happy. And they deserve having great healthy drinks available since schools out and they did 4.0 gpa..
    thank you...

  31. I just wanted to thank you for this review. My husband has been loking for a new travel mug that actually keeps his coffee hot. I bought this for him after reading your review and he loves it already. It was a nice thing to get him for early Father's Day :)

  32. This is definitely new and improved from what I remember about thermos. What a great product! This would be perfect for my husband who works at a golf course in the summer and is always complaining that he doesn't get enough coffee in his travel mug.

  33. I've been using the same Thermos mug/food jar for years and it has been amazing. It keeps stuff hot for hours, doesn't leak, and takes all sorts of abuse. These new ones look even cooler, and I will definitely have to check them out!

  34. In Las Vegas we do not leave the house without water. We are always seeking new ways to keep our water cold. I have been told that freezing water in a plastic bottle releases toxins. A bottle that stays cold for 24 hours would be perfect here in the desert.

  35. These look classy and work great. I could really use the hydration bottle for those hot days at the park. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  36. My husband takes a Thermos to work every day. I'd like to get one of the short one's for soup.

  37. I would love to win this for my dh. He works construction, and doesn't always have time to take a good lunch or cold drinks. This would help him on the hot summer days..

  38. I practically live in my car while working, this would be great - eat healthy and save money. Great giveaway, thanks!

  39. This would be easier than hauling around a small cooler of sippy cups when I'm going to be gone for several hours.

  40. I would love it especially if it is leak proof; the thermos I have now leaks if I stick in my bag so I have to carry it around. These would be so much more convient

  41. I would love to have the Hydration Bottle for myself. I just purchased the Thermos Foogo straw bottle for my toddler and LOVE it! Great products and a fantastic giveaway. Pick me please!

  42. We have just recently switched over to BPA free products for my 2 daughters as well as my wife and me. We bought the Foogo sippy cup for my 21 month old and the Leak Proof Straw bottle for my 4 year old. My wife and I each got an early version of the Hydration Bottle (not the Element 5). We love them! They are awesome! They keep everyone's drinks cold (even without ice) for hours! With ice, it lasts pretty much all day! I highly recommend the Thermos brands!

  43. These are great. Would love to win. They would be great for the beach, road trips especially with kids would come in handy..

  44. This pack of items would be great for all the road trips we take. Or when I go to craft shows with my Sister. These would be put to use all the time. Ohh yeahhhh!

  45. My husband would probably use at least one of these every day. He is always looking for something to take to work. It would make him relieved if he could also bring something to drink from home.

  46. My husband found out last month, he has high cholestrol. We are re adjusting his diet. He always takes his lunch to work. The thermos would be a great solution to taking leftovers. Please enter me, thank you

  47. Would be great to have something more durable than the lowcost thermos & styro/plastic things I use now. Cheers to strong metal.

  48. What a great set! I could find a use for all three of these containers if I won! Just the though of my water being kept cold the whole time I'm out and about is awesome!

  49. I would love to swtich over to something I don't have to throw away. It would be great to have something to keep things warm or cold.

  50. My son loves to pack his lunch and drinks! and he is homeschooled :) We are both learning together on being 'green', he loves to map out our errands so that we don't need to backtrack. Thank you and have a wonderful month!
    Oh yes, we live in Yuma!

  51. i could really use this when i take the kids to the park. we could stay longer with some food and refreshments

  52. Oh, I would LOVE to win these! We like taking long drives in the Spring, Summer & Fall, and we take along food & drinks, so this would be a blessing.

  53. We love thermos. My mom has a super old coffee/drink container that she takes to the UW Husky football games. It's so old, it's now retro chic. But still works great! Would love to get my hands on the food jar, for chili and soups on road trips.

  54. Thermos is such a great brand. My grandfather has a Thermos brand coffee thermos that he has had forever. It's a bit beat up on the outside but still works wonderfully. I never see him without it.

  55. I bought online the Foogo ones by Thermos for my kids and the food containers too. I still haven't gotten them but the sippy cups do not leak and aren't heavy. I babysit a little girl who uses them at my house and I love them. Now I need something for me!

  56. Thee really look awesome. I'm thinking hot cocoa and sled riding (thank goodness that's months away!)

  57. Thanks for a great contest! Hey, I meant to tell you, the book I won back in March I think? Hypnobirthing? I never received it. Just thought I'd let you know!!

  58. That Insulated Travel Tumbler sur is sweet,
    Makes me want to shout and tap my feet.
    All my yummy coffee would stay so hot,
    Or cold bevs cold,
    Whatever I got!

  59. My dog Schatzie who is 2 years old, travels in the car alot with me. I love that a thermos can keep her water cold for her on a hot day. Man's best friend should be thought of too. Great Giveaway. Thank You.

  60. this looks like it would be great to take with me to various sporting events and would make ite easier to take food with me to eat healthier

  61. These would be perfect to take with us when we go to swim meets that are further away. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  62. I have the hydration bottle and love it! It would be great to have another one since my husband always tries to steal mine!

  63. Oh these would save me from the plight of grad school cafeteria coffee and snacks! Please pick me :)

  64. These are absolutely fabulous!! My parents are trying to convince me to go to MS with them this summer with my toddler. It's an eight hour trip without my daughter!!! UGH!! I don't even want to think about how long it will be for us if we go. However, this would come in really handy if we do.

  65. Ahhh...the new and wonderous ways to feed our coffee addictions! Gotta have it. Gotta have it. Gotta have it!

  66. With my recent commitment to change old habits and start thinking green, this set is a dream come true! Working out on a daily basis, I have not had much luck keeping drinks cold without freezing them then waiting for them to melt! The food jar would be a great way to keep my baby's food fresh and warm for days out at the pool and picnics at the park. The hot thermos would be great to keep my tea warm and keep me on track with saving money by making my own at home and taking it with me! COOL!

  67. My hubby would love one of these for his work, especially right now to keep stuff cold in this heat down here!

  68. I just bought a thermos a little over a month ago from my favorite Target and it is already starting to leak. A lifetime waranty is wonderful!

  69. Thermos has been around forever! I remember having one when I was a kid and packing it for lunch! They would be so much easier to carry around with a backpack than hauling a cooler around at the beach. Sweet!

  70. This is a great! I always out of the house and traveling to some appointment. I could even bring it out to my garden so I would not have to drive there back and forth.

  71. I'm not a camper but these would definitely come in use for long days out on the boat. Actually, I think these would come in handy every day boat or no boat!

  72. What a great product. I really like that it keeps things cold/hot for a long time. Great for a day out. Thanks.

  73. I have been trying to find something like these thermos in my local stores and nobody seems to care them.

  74. I've always been a fan of the thermos brand, but I haven't bought anything from them recently (their stuff lasts). Because of that, I was completely unaware of how long things can be kept cool. I'm impressed with 24 hours. Keeping things how is great too, but I live in Florida so I'm more interested in staying cool.

  75. When I think about it, I really haven't seen much in terms of Thermos lately anywhere. I always picture the lumberjack with his thermos of soup or coffee. These look great with an updated look and the sturdiness that you would expect from Thermos. Would love to win!

  76. These would be perfect for my husband to take to work with him. He works in construction, so anything tough enough to keep his lunch cold/hot in the elements would be perfect!

  77. Now that our son is drinking regular milk, this is a great item for keeping milk cold while on the road.

  78. This would be great for road trips, going to the park, the beach, heck just even going to the store! I'm preggo and I could store a drink for my son and I and then a snack for my 15 month old son as well and my hubby could use the travel tumbler at work (he is constantly working out in the heat!) We would definately put this to use!

  79. great stuff, pretty much indestructable. my hubby uses these and i would like to get a set for myself!

  80. Another fabulous giveaway by a company that has stood the test of time! The three items are wonderful. I would love to use the hydration bottle on my errands and walks! My husband could use the jar for his salads and fruits he takes for his lunch at work and we could share the travel Tumbler. Actually, this would be quite a Father's Day gift! Please enter me in your drawing. I always appreciate it.....Thanks,Cindi

  81. Since April, we have given up plastics. My hubby is on the road all day and we haven't found something that really works for him. This would be perfect.

    Thanks for having the contest.Good Luck to all.

  82. the day has challenges both anticipated and un-anticipated. this product gives you the flexibility to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    The best-last-case scenario tool?

  83. Think of all the $$$ saved by using these products instead of buying overpriced sandwices for lunch every work day!

  84. These are so cool. I don't like the idea of reusing plastic water bottles (can you ever really get them clean?), plus the whole BPA dilemma. These would be great! Thanks for offering this!

  85. Warm soup would be great during our cold WI winters. They look study enough to last many lunchs.

  86. How wonderful! I could use the set for road trips and to keep my food warm and coffee hot throughout my day at work. I am a teacher and my class knows that I need I morning coffee:)

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I enjoy your blog:)

  87. This is a great one. My husband is always leaving his thermos at work and winds up missing out on some of my great coffee. If I won, he'd have a better chance of getting a hot cup of joe to go.

  88. The kids like to bring warm food ... or cold food to school but the teachers can't warm up 10-20 meals every day. I know these products would help to keep the kids belly's full.

  89. Although I love my Klean Kanteen, it does really warm up here in the Phoenix summers. The Thermos hydration bottle is now on my shopping list!

  90. Great product line. My husband and I like to bring along hot coffee when we take the kids trick-or-treating. The Travel Tumbler sounds ideal for that.

  91. What a great giveaway! These are great products and will really meet a need. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  92. I love thermos brand products, they are very durable and last for a long time. Thanks for the contest and hope I win.

  93. what a great giveaway! i am a big fan of HOT soup and thermos is the only brand that can give that to me in the middle of a workday

  94. I live in the desert, always have water. Warm water. I hope I win so I can cold water in the car!!!

  95. I love the Thermos products because as a mother of 7 (3 still at home) who doesn't drive, carrying our drinks & food along on our trips (walking OR biking)) means we really need a reliable product. ((Ever see what happens to a backpack with a thermos that leaks? YUCK!)) Thanks for the contst! :)

  96. I am loving the Thermos Element 5 Food Jar! I'm so tired of dragging an unwieldy little cooler to the park, so that Cherub's fruit pieces and slices of cheese don't go wilty and nasty.

  97. No more nasty hidden chemicals for me. I have switched to glass, stainless steel, and Thermos!

  98. This is so much better than plastic water bottles! I'm trying to go green as much as I can.

  99. These are great for lunches, picnics, road trips & so mant things!! We have to stop being so self indulgent & think of better ways to be green. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  100. Thermos is a name I have trusted over the years. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    A Thermos water bottle is what I most need in this home.

  101. Now that summer is here, these would be so useful on little outings to the park or even just bike riding. Thermos has always had a positive image so i believe when they say cold things will be cold. thanks!

  102. What an awesome giveaway! These would be perfect for when we go to the park to walk the dog or ride our bikes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  103. We already use the food container and can attest to it's ability to keep food hot. Will love to try the other containers especially now that our household is ditching the plastic BPA stuff.

  104. Great set. I would use the food jar to send my daughter to school with her favorite soup - homemade chicken noodle.

  105. As a Phoenix native, anything that keeps a drink cold is a big deal!!! My daughter is starting her summer camp next week and they have to bring a water bottle - this would be great :)
    You site is listed as one of my favs on my blog :)

  106. Did you know you can cook oatmeal in a Thermos? The regular kind, in the big, round box - no need to buy the expensive instant stuff. Put the oats into the Thermos, add your own raisins and cinnamon (or whatever you like for flavoring), then pour in boiling water and close it up. By the time you get to work, you'll have a delicious serving of steaming hot oatmeal, and you'll have controlled every single ingredient that went into it.

  107. I don't like the taste of water when it has been sitting in a plastic bottle for hours. I already use a large thermos for water at work, but the food jar would be perfect for packing my lunch.

  108. I would love to replace my plastic water bottles with this! My water always ends up lukewarm or extremely hot in the summer when my bottles are left in the car.

  109. This would be great to have for when I go fishing on the lake. My lunch and drink would keep!

  110. This is just what I need for our new baby -- so we can spend our days exploring and have snacks on the go.

  111. Like everyone else mentioned, these would be great for traveling! When going on trips, I prefer to stop at the roadside rest areas with picnic tables and area for kids to run around. The Thermos freebie would be great for those rest stop lunches.

  112. We will be going camping in Maine this summer and it is a 9 hour car ride. The Thermos food container would be perfect for traveling with our baby's food!

  113. what great products. I could see carring black berries in the summer and clam chowder (my girls favorite soup in the winter). As for drink my girl would love hot cocoa for playing in the snow and white cranberry juice (their favorite) in the summer.

  114. I am guilty of using plastic reusable bottles for water. I fill it up with water with so much ice but it still gets warm in about 35 minutes! Would love to try these products out.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  115. The food jar sounds great. I need a jar to keep my food cold when we are on the go in Phoenix.

  116. These would definetly be great for travel. And my daughter goes through so many water and juice bottles and boxes. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  117. The food jar sounds awesome, with it you wouldn't have to be afraid of packing potato salad for lunch.

  118. I've been wanting to get rid of all our plastic, especially for my daughters. It can get so expensive though, this would really help!

  119. Wow--this looks great. After a lot of research, I decided on a thermos Foogo sippy cup for my daughter-this set would complement that.

  120. Awesome. I really like a good thermos in the summer because I can't drink water unless it's cold. I know - stupid but I just can't. It's just so nasty. So this would be great - plus the insulated food jar.. awesome. Please enter me to win. Thanks!

  121. I'm a big fan of nice cold drinks and this would be great in the wonderful heat of Texas. The food jar looks really awesome for sending my husband left overs to work!

  122. WOW! These would be great to have for our summer
    trips. The food jar would also be great for my husband to take his dinner to work at night. Thanks
    for the great giveaway Stephanie!

  123. I have a cheap-o pink reusable water bottle from Target. I like it better than water bottles, but as you said my cold water gets warm really fast. And you know we're a take-leftovers-to-work kind of family, so these all sound like they'd get a lot of use in and out of our home. Thanks!

  124. Yay, No yucky plastic to worry about! I'm so excited about your theme this weekend! We love camping (HATE hotels!!) and now that Eve is 18 months I think we're all ready for it. (She's probably always been ready!) We'll start close, like the backyard and probably head for the Badlands at the end of summer.

  125. I'm a sucker for anything with a carabiner! And I love Thermoses. (Is that the correct plural?!) These are so much cooler than the ones of my youth...

  126. Thermos is such a great brand! We went camping last weekend, and that will probably be the last time for us until it cools down again. Like October.

  127. Great stuff! While we wont be going camping this summer, I know that camping IS in our future! And the food thermos would be so helpful for packing lunches, something we are struggling to do.

  128. I recently bought one of the classic Stanley green "construction worker" thermoses. I love it. It's so retro, it's cool.

  129. Wow thermos has come a long way since my Strawberry Shortcake lunchkit in elementary school! This would be great for those trips to the park that seem to last all day!

  130. Wow, I'm super impressed with how long they keep things hot/cold. We have a Foogo for Allison that I really like. I'm wanting to get some new liquid toters for the grownups of the family too and I really haven't looked at Thermos but I should. I was thinking a wireless mouse for Father's Day but this would be good too!

  131. These would be perfect for road trips! We are planning on several road trips this summer and these would come in handy! Thanks!

  132. I got DH the Thermos Element travel mug for his birthday several months ago, and he loves it. This is also a timely subject with all the concern over BPA in plastics; we're definitely giving more serious consideration to abandoning plastic water & food containers all together.

  133. I have recently begun to wonder; should it be a requirement to have environmental counseling before marriage?
    Hubby dear sees nothing wrong in indulging in *nameless brand of expensive water in serving size plastic bottles*. I can't stand it!!
    I am also wondering if I presented him with something like this (or actually this!!) if he would feel compelled to use them since it would be a gift.
    He now has a Harley and gets "so thirsty" from all that exercise. Phew! This would be perfect!
    Thanks again, Stephanie!

  134. I used Thermos products when I flew as aircrew in the military. Keeps the hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. For a traveling mom, this newer stuff is great! Road trips. Camping trips. Picnics. Anytime when we're not at home and need to bring along some food and drink.

  135. These are so great!! Perfect for the road trips that we like to take during the year! Thanks for having this contest! chrisandamyward at comcast dot net

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