Transport Your Laptop in Style

Transport Your Laptop in Style 1If you are a mom with a laptop, you are going to love this! Whether you regularly stop in at a coffee shop with your laptop in tow after you drop off your little one for preschool or you’re planning to bring your laptop along on a family vacation…a funky and fun laptop backpack is the way to go!

I take my laptop everywhere and I’ve searched for the right kind of “carrier” for years. I tried the shoulder bag, the purse, even the “naked” approach (the laptop is naked, not me). Finally, I tried the laptop backpack and it’s as if trumpets went off in the blue Arizona skies! I will never go back!

Transport Your Laptop in Style 2The sumdex nicole modern backpack is one of many excellent options from kolobags, a company that specializes in “designer fashion for technology.” It’s small, sturdy, and super chic. The feminine pack features a top-loading, fully padded compartment for your laptop, plus extra pockets for your cell phone, notepad, baby stuff, etc. It even comes with a detachable cosmetics case!

 The Nicole fits pcs and macs up to 14.1.” I have a MacBook and it fits snugly in the designated compartment. The backpack is a safe, comfortable, and hands-free way to get my laptop from place to place! And – oh! – did I mention it’s extremely cute?

 *NOTE* Do you need/want a bag that is bigger, snazzier, sportier, or more professional? I invite you to browse through the kolobags collection…

Transport Your Laptop in Style 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a sumdex nicole modern backpack ($52.00) in the color of her choice. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, October 7, at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules!). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #197 Zoey Smith. Congratulations!

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259 comments on “Transport Your Laptop in Style”

  1. How cool--you mean I can easily manage carrying a laptop and have free arms for everything else?? What a dream!! Thanks for the contest.

  2. I love the style of this laptop bag,looks
    verstible,but stylish.I could really use
    one of these since I am always toting my laptop
    back and forth.Please enter me and thanks for
    the giveaway

  3. Function and Beauty - this bag has it all!!! I'm your gal for this giveaway for sure! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. Stay well!!!

  4. I love backpacks, and even have a nice leather backpack purse. I love having my hands completely free, especially with 2 small kids to keep track of. I haven't seen a laptop backpack before and it's such a great idea! Hope to win.

  5. This is the cutest and neatest idea for a laptop bag. I have searched for years being a single mom looking for a handsfree way to carry my laptop to and from special events and meetings with kids in tow.. Way to go....!!!

  6. Great style and its the shape of a laptop!Great colors and it would be wonderful to travel with,count me in to win this great contest

  7. I have been looking for a new laptop bag. I inherited my husband's boring black bag that digs into my shoulder.

  8. I really like this sumdex nicole modern backpack! I think it is so functional for mothers on the go and I like that it is compact, yet will hold the necessities that we typically need to carry with us! It has an urban chicness to it that I am drawn to. I don't have a bag for my laptop so this is something I really do want and need. Thank you for another great giveaway!

  9. stylish and convenience! Transport laptop, wipes, shirt change and also have hands completely free to actually help the boys! Thanks for the opportunity and the giveaway!

  10. I'm a mom lucky enough to have a laptop and since I don't have a case or bag for it, its starting to get scratched. Every time I see my sister, she harasses me about getting a laptop bag for it but I can't-4 kids and what they need come first! So its cool to have a chance to win.

  11. I have to travel a lot, so this would be wonderful. I have a purse style laptop bag right now and it is always slipping down my shoulder!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Im 26 and just starting college, i would love to be stylin like the 18 year olds again.. Its so cute..

  13. Wow, this is really cool! I try to carry my computer around in a regular bookbag and it just gets banged up. Other bags are too big and bulky for me to carry around. This looks perfect!

  14. this is such a cool idea, i hate using a regular laptop bag to carry my laptop, i always get the sore shoulder, so this looks great!

  15. I am starting a new job where I will be required to use my laptop in the field. I would love to have a convenient, ergonomic method of carrying my laptop from appointment to appointment. From where I stand this method of transporting a computer seems safer as it is more difficult to steal/swipe something that is securely attached to a person than a bag that is loosely carried in one hand or on one shoulder. This is a huge plus! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  16. This is a fabulous prize. Very handy- it would free up my hands if I had a backpack for carrying my laptop. I didn't know this product existed til now. Maybe I'll get one for my sister who travels a lot w/ her notebook.

  17. I am new to the laptop world so do not even own a bag to transport. Thanks for the chance to win a nice bag especially made for the computer!

  18. My son races, so I bring my laptop to the track all the time. A Sumdex Nicole Modern Backpack would be a life saver. I would, of course, have to get that in pink.

  19. This would be a better option than the ratty old shoulder bag i used to use for grocery shopping. I'm always worried my computer's just going to fall through it one day.

  20. This is fantastic. It's so well-designed. I couldn't have customized it any better! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I would love to have this for traveling with my laptop would be so convenient and be one less thing for me to carry in my hands

  22. I would love this laptop bag. As a mom of two I never have room in my arms to carry my laptop and shoulder bags always end up falling off. This backpack would work perfect to carry my laptop but still give my two arms to carry around my little ones.

  23. I went and checked out the website, because my hubby was talking about buying our daughter a new laptop for Christmas since she is in a college prep high school and doing wonderful. I don't know how we can afford it, but I guess he is trying to get a lot of overtime so we can.

    I hate carrying my laptop in a typical carry bag, because I always have little ones with me and need to hold onto their hands too.

    I really like the idea of a laptop backpack and they look so pretty too. Thanks for the review!

  24. The sumbdex nicole modern backpack is beautiful, very efficient, and comes in such a feminine color! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to own one!

  25. You know I just started a new job and though the company is wonderful, they gave me a backpack (a plain black one) to carry my backpack in. Since this doesn't really go with a dress, I have been looking for something with some class to carry my laptop in. This would be great!

  26. I love this bag, my favorite feature is that it is water repellent. What a must have for a laptop bag that you wouldn't always think of!

  27. Carrying my laptop in this bag would give me style and panache... something terribly missing in my mundane suburban existence these days! Thanks.

  28. Due to 2 deaths in family, a daughters wedding, sons first child being born, 2 family members having surgery and another hospitilized, I have had to make 6 trips that were 1200 miles one way.
    When I find cheap tickets the cost of luggage cost more then plane ticket. So I try to pack as light as I can. I always want to take my laptop in case I can find a signal to check my email because of losing a contest recently due to the fact didn't know I had won until the 72 hours to contact was over. I would love to win the black laptop bag for my upcoming birthday gift to myself. Thank you for all your time, effort and energy to provide us with the most fantastic prizes.

    [email protected]

  29. This carrying case would be so much better for me than the one I'm carrying now. I go to school full time and work full time, all while taking care of my 2 beautiful kiddos. I would love this!

  30. I'd love to win it in blue. It'd be nice to carry all my stuff plus my kids stuff, and have my hands free and look good at the same time! =) Thanks!

  31. thanks so much! My baby is arriving soon, and i'm already wondering how I'm going to manage all the additional "luggage" that we are going to have to tote around for him/her!

  32. I love backpacks....especially when you have kiddos and you need your hands to carry THEIR items around. My laptop would look very groovy in one of these bags!

  33. This would be very helpful for me, since my laptop is my new best friend since I started working for Make-A-Wish.

  34. I so love these. And they would be so Perfect when we travel. It would be so nice to carry my laptop and still have my hands free.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  35. I absolutely adore laptop bags that don't look like laptop bags! Great site!

    I would choose the high sierra chip laptop messenger bag in pink because I'm such a girly girl!

  36. What a cute bag! My new laptop (that I'm wishing for for Christmas) would sure look great in this bag! Welcome Back.... loving all these terrific giveaways!

  37. This looks like the perfect solution for me! I always have my laptop with me when I go out of town, and my hands are always full (purse, luggage, water bottle, etc). This backpack is an excellent solution! :)

  38. Well I really want to get a laptop SOON but since I don't have one yet and my sister does I would love to win this for her. It's so cute and the different colors. Please enter me to win. =)

  39. I really like this bag because I never seem to have enough arms. I have a toddler who moves like Speedy Gonzalez, a bag for my toddler, a shoulder bag and a laptop carrier with a shoulder strap. I am always dropping things and I could really use this backpack style bag to free up one hand. Plus it looks feminine. ;)

  40. I like the size and shape of this computer backback. I would like it in pink and would like it even better if they had purple. There's lots of other computer bags to look at there.

  41. How fun. There are a lot of great comments here, but I want it more! ;) ;) My laptop is in need of a cute new cover and I really like that it is a backpack too. Thanks so much!

  42. All of the laptop bags that I have found are gigantic and not half as cute. I would love to have something like this to take out with me so I can bring my workstation around with me in style. What a cute find! (I love the color too!)

  43. Thank you for letting us all know about this attractive, functional backpack. Good to know how to purchase it if not selected a lucky winner. Thanks also for the contest.

  44. My husband just gave me a laptop for my birthday in August. I need a bag to carry it around in and this ollks great. Hope I win.

  45. I used to have a bagpack for my laptop but it was so big that ended up being too unconfortable and I gave it away. This looks like a really nice not too big bagpack, I'm using a regular laptop bag and it kills my shoulders!

  46. Okay -- this idea is simply brilliant! Laptops are so awkward to carry around, and too often the cases are unappealing.

  47. That is brilliant! My laptop is a little on the heavy side (I won't sacrifice screen size for lighter weight because it spends most of its time on my dining room table) and the last time I lugged it through an airport on my shoulder I swore I would never do it again. Wearing it on the back is a much smarter way to do it!

  48. This is a very stylish alternative to other laptop bags I have seen. I like how it is able to be carried on your back, freeing up the necessary hands for other things! Great colors, too!

    tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

  49. I have a shoulder bag, and it's nice and all, but I'm a teacher and when I have to carry graded papers, a laptop bag, and all the other accoutrements of my profession I get a bit bogged down (as in, I feel like a pack mule...). The backpack approach seems like a nice change, and this one is cute! Thanks!

  50. I could so use this -- my husband just ordered us some padded laptop sleeves, but mine didn't fit. He gave me his and insisted he didn't want it back. If I had this awesome backpack, I could have a stylish bag AND return his! :)

    Thanks for the chance,
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  51. First off, good to have you back. Ever since my husband received a work laptop I've been stealing his. Like the person above I've been transporting the laptop in a plain old bag. I'd love to have a better way of protecting the laptop and being stylish at the same time!

  52. I am a flight attendant and would love to have this with me on my trips! What a great way to travel !Thank you so much for the chance to win such a cute way to carry my laptop!

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