Transporting Cupcakes in Style

Transporting Cupcakes in Style 1Remember when you were a kid and you were absolutely 100% certain that some colors of M & M's tasted better than others? Yes, I was convinced that the blue ones were much tastier than the yellows.

That's sort of how I feel about cupcakes compared to just some big cake sheet. I always feel like cupcakes are just a little more scrumptious. Irrational? Yes, but there's just something about cupcakes that I like better - their smallness, their individuality, their easy-peasy serving style (no knife needed).

When it comes to transporting cupcakes, however, it can be tough to get them to their designated location (whether that be a baby shower, a classroom awards ceremony, or a birthday party) without smooshing the frosting and smashing the cupcakes together. Ordinary plates and pans just won't do.

Transporting Cupcakes in Style 2Jennifer Gunn, a mother of two, knew there had to be way to get cupcakes to any soiree without spills or she created the Cupcake Courier. The courier effortlessly holds 36 cupcakes or you can remove the trays and transport a cake if that's more your cup of tea. The courier is available in three gorgeous, spring/summer colors - Soft Blue Sky, Petal Pink, and Lemongrass. You can purchase the Cupcake Courier at Target ($24.99) or at a Target store near you.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Cupcake Courier! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, May 5 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, May 6. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #294 Tanya Moyer. Congratulations!

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382 comments on “Transporting Cupcakes in Style”

  1. Very cool. And, in my house, the birthday season is upon us, so it would be very helpful.

  2. This is the coolest cupcake carrier I have
    ever seen!Please include me in your giveaway
    and thanks

  3. There is ALWAYS a reason for cupcakes! I send them to the school at LEAST twice a year on my son's birthdays, and if a teacher asks for treats! My husband has been known to pick some up on the way home. This looks like a Great way to keep them fresh and prevent smash-ups!I have never seen one of these before! Thank you for the contest!

  4. This would be PERFECT for all those cupcakes I send to school and other events with my 5 little darlin's.

  5. where has this been for the last 20 years I would LOVE TO WIN THIS it would make it so much easier...WOW AWESOME PLEASE>>>>>

  6. It saves on the baking; so agrivating in baking/decorating; then having it messed/mushed before the final destination of choice. This saves the day!!! Best of luck to all who Enter. Many Thanks SW

  7. This would have helped me out last week when I went to a ladies tea. I couldn't ice my cupcakes until I got there because they make such a mess. Then they weren't nearly as cute b/c I had to rush!

  8. I haven't baked cupcakes in forever. The carrier would give me incentive ! Good luck everyone !

  9. Great for birthday parties at the local pizza parlor. Everybody gets their own indiviudal cupcake...saves on the clean-up.

  10. My oldest daughter is intolerant to wheat and dairy, so I bake allergen-free cupcakes for the whole class at all school functions, celebrations, etc, so she can indulge without feeling like she's eating something different or not as good. This would be great to bring all the cupcakes to school - so much better-looking than all other cupcake carriers!

  11. My mom first brought this product to my attention just last month. I think this is a brilliant invention. I only wish I had thought of it! We RV a lot and I do not make cupcakes because they are not travel friendly. Like the piece above says "their individuality, their easy-peasy serving style (no knife needed)" is an RV'ers must. I would love this product.

  12. Great product! I always something like this to bring goodies to church for parties and potlucks.

  13. I have three kids; needless to say, cupcakes play a prominant role in my life. This would be most helpful. Thanks!

  14. I have been looking for a product like this at a reasonable price. I teach special ed and often bring in treats for my class. This would be a much easier way to transport my creations!!


  15. This is a really great idea for a practical product. Room to carry lots of cupcakes without damaging any of them.

  16. This is something we have all needed at one time or another. Please enter me in the contest. thanks.

  17. I'm a teacher and I bake cupcakes for my students often. I have a small one, but it's not big enough for ALL the cupcakes that I make...because of course I have to make enough for the staff!

  18. This would be great to have for parties at school, picnics etc. Would make life so much easier!

  19. I make cupcakes for each of my grandkids birthdays so this would come in very handy. Neat idea and great giveaway. Thanks,

  20. My class is about to embark on lots of bake sales to help fund our trip to Seattle for national convention. Boy could we use this!!

  21. I love baking and this would be perfect for me when I take my delicious cupcakes to dinners and parties!

  22. Oh, I want one of these! It's great that it can hold up to 3 dozen or it can also be used for cakes too!

  23. i have to have one of these!! could you e-mail my hubbie and tell him to buy me one for mother's day? lol!

  24. With 3 kids I am always making cupcakes and taking them to school for some holiday or occasion. This would just make it so much easier.

  25. This is very cool. I'm better at cupcakes than cakes and like to take them to events. What better way to keep them looking their best. would love to win

  26. This would be great for my daughter to take cup cakes to school for my grandchildren's birthdays.

  27. I so need this item. We bake a lot for the kids and there's just not a good way to keep cupcakes from sliding all over the place.

  28. I posted just a second ago but it showed me an error. I pushed refresh and lost it...If the other post should show up I am not trying to generate an extra post (sorry about that).

    Now, onto commenting on that awsome cupcake carrier...I want it so bad. I am forever doing church, school and birthday parties that I always bake cupcakes for...this would make times so much easier.

    Awsome contest...

  29. I've not seen this before. It appears to be a great "stress free" way to get your cupcakes delivered intact.

  30. I'm so with you on the cupcakes!! I'd much rather have a cupcake - everything you need in one little handful! This carrier is perfect. I like that it comes in neat colors, too! I'd love to win this! Thanks so much for offering!

  31. An awesome idea - another why couldn't I think of something that great! I just remember the disasters of transporting cupcakes for 4 kids! Now I have 5 grandkids and another one due in December - I feel a cupcake party coming on!

  32. What a great invention. I love cupcakes instead of cakes, and what a great way to get them where they're going, or to a picnic or family reunion.

  33. This is just what i need to take all the cupcakes to school for my five grandchildren. It will make the rip a lot easier.Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Do you know how many times in my life I could have used this wonderful courier? I love baking cupcakes!

  35. Wow that cucpcake holder is so inventive, I could use that so bad! I was just thinking how they need to create somethign where your cupcakes stay safe and not get smooshed.

  36. I love this and I have had my eye on this for a long time. My sister would love this (she is one of those great mothers who always sends stuff to all of the functions).

  37. Hey-I invented this in a dream one time. Can't tell you how many times I could have used this thing. I'm always the cupcake lady.

  38. WOW, if I win this my wife will be compelled to make cupcakes which means!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be compelled to eat them. Aside from making my belly bigger, wifey would love to have this!

  39. I'd love one of these..they're awesome. Beats a shirt box which is what I use for transporting now.

  40. I saw this for the first time last month. What a great invention & prize. Thanks for the contest.

  41. I just made cupcakes for a friend's birthday at work....I scrambled in the morning to devise a carrying case for them. They made it, but the icing got smushed a bit. This would have been perfect!

  42. I love to bake cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and pies. I would love to win this. I go to lots of get togethers this would be great. Please enter me, thank you

  43. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway. I would love to win the cupcake courier, it would be great to have. Thanks again:)

  44. Great product! I've seen some of these around before, but they usually don't hold very many cupcakes. This is a great size because it's enough for a whole classroom.

  45. This would be perfect for all of my son's school parties. Please enter me in this contest. Thanks!

  46. I try to make cupcakes around all the different holidays for my little man and our neighbors...This would be such a great way to transport them! Thanks for such a awesome giveaway! Have a great weekend!

  47. Oh wow, I've had my eye on this product for some time now. With three kids in grade school, this would come in handy for many, many years. I can actually even see passing it on like an heirloom once they are grown up. Way to go Jennifer Nunn, you made the perfect cupcake carrier that women all over have been wishing for for decades!

  48. I have honestly sent hundreds of cupcakes to school for parties, bake sales etc. And now that I only have one daughter left in school, someone finally comes up with something to send them on besides cookies sheets. LOL I SO NEED one of these!

  49. I recently had a major cupcake accident. It was my night for treats for our Bible study group and I transported my cupcakes by car. By the time I drove to her house they had alllllll turned over and it was a disaster. I had to excuse myself and go to the grocery store.

  50. I know Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office)has raved about hers. It looks like it would be really helpful.

  51. cupcakes galore. cupcakes galore. and more cupcakes galore. they are my favorite and my little girls favorite and we bake them all the time and don't have any good when to transport them to events. count me in as we want to win!


  53. This is awesome, I would love this, finally cupcakes that still have frosting and don't get smashed, Thank you

  54. Where were these when I was a GS leader? LOL Love to have this for the many, many times I bake.

  55. I've never owned a cupcake holder. It would be great to not have my cupcakes all smush together.

  56. This would be perfect to bring my son's birthday cupcakes to the park next week - if I win, I need it soon!

  57. This handy product would be amazing for the bake sale and birthday treats that have to go to school so often any more! It would also be great for toting baked goods to our small play group and church functions. What a nifty idea!

  58. It's amazing the products that have been coming out in recent years that just make life so much easier giving us more time to spend with our families.

  59. NoWAY!! I didn't have any idea they made these!! How perfectly easy to carry all my kids cupcakes!! ~thanks

  60. That is a nifty carrier! I've seen other ones but this one takes the cake (or cupcake!) - at least I entertain myself with the stupid puns :-)

  61. When I was little I never ate the icing off my cupcakes, just the cake part, don't ask me why, I was missing the best sugar rush of my childhood I just wasn't into it! But now I love to make my own butter cream frostings that are delish! I could sure use a cupcake carrier for them.


  62. I had no idea something this fabulous existed! My son would be over the moon to see me coming into his classroom with this. It's brilliant!

  63. I really need this, even as the grandma I always seem to get "volunteered" to do all the baking for school and bakesales! Please pick me!! and thank you for giving me and everyone else the opportunity to win such a great prize

  64. Absolutely brilliant! I've had many a spills carying cupcakes in whatever sort of pan and seran-wrap concotion I could think of. My hubby's always impressed by a good desing, I'll definitely be sending him this link. And my girlfriend just introduced me to a waaaay yummy cupcake place near dangerous! I could stock up for weeks! :)

  65. Oh We have been dying for one of these, we are always bringing cupcakes to gatherings & school.


  66. I could really use one of these. I take cupcakes for a low income day care so it would really come in handy for that.

  67. I bake a lot of cupcakes for school and church. Some don't make it because I have to taste some for quality sake but this sure would help me transport them

  68. My grandchildren like to bake cupcakes at my house and this would be great for them to carry them home to eat later.

  69. I make cupcakes a lot! Even my husband is addicted to them. This would solve my transportation/storage problem. Thanks!

  70. This would be an awesome thing to take to work to spoil the 25 or so nurses I work with every night. I and they would love it!


  71. That is so awesome! I always seem to bring cupcakes to functions and usually just put them in a cardboard box. This would definitely be way better to transport my cupcakes!

  72. I would love to win this so I can make more cupcakes and keep them fresh for my family! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  73. There is a shop in my town that makes the most scrum-dilly-umptious pumpkin cupcakes with pink cheesecake frosting. This carrier would allow me to buy enough to get all my punches on my punch card (which means- 1 free cupcake!!). Happiness!!

  74. This would be a great product to have. For one of my major birthdays, my mom made me cupcakes. As she was driving over, she had to turn sharply and guess what? Yup, cupcakes all over the place. She was so mad...but we picked off the lint and eat them if I with this awesome carrier,I would share it with my mom and I would never have to eat lint for her again!

  75. {{{OH MY GOODNESS}}}waving frantically

    this was sooooo made for me. We moved to new neighborhood and they are very party prone, i am now regaled as the cupcake queen.
    favorite food? pink cupcakes. not orange.

    i am officially holding my breath.

  76. Oh, boy! No more cupcakes sliding around in the box on the back seat on the way to the school bake sale! Yippee!

  77. Have 5 little boys and am always taking cupcakes to school for one reason or another. Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

  78. so clever. you'd think it woulda been invented years ago. this is totally something i'd like to use for Calvin's birthday parties...many of which i hope to be outdoor fall picnics (in the south...we can have picnics in the fall!).

  79. I am forever toting cupcakes to school functions, sports events, and family get togethers. Mine always end up turned over with half of the icing missing. I really need this!

  80. I work 6 days a week between 2 jobs. Unfortunately there is a lot of stress involved, so I have taken to baking cookies on my one day off--saturday (its relaxing and I love cookies!) I bring the cookies into work on sunday mornings to perk everyone up. I've wanted to make cupcakes to bring in for months now--but I didn't have anything to carry them in, so I haven't yet. The people at work would be so grateful if I won :o)

  81. This would be great for transporting cupcakes to the fire station for my husband and his crew. Thanks for the chance:)

  82. This would make transporting cupcakes to school so much easier and stylish. Pretty cupcakes deserve a pretty holder!

  83. Oh how I want one of these! I am a major cupcake maker, and mommy school party organizer. My carriers just don't cut it!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  84. What a cute, stylish and practical way to transport all the cupcakes we moms end up baking for our litte ones!

  85. What a wonderful carrier!It would be perfect for so many different outings.Thanks for having a most delightful giveaway!!!

  86. This is a great solution to the problem of transporting cupcakes. They always slide around in boxes and don't look pretty when you arrive. Thanks for the chance to win,

  87. Ok, I need this. I've had so many cupcake accidents on the way over to parties or the kids' school. :)

  88. Oh how I would LOVE to win this...I have a bunch of things coming up--2 wedding showers, 1 baby shower...and much more...that this would be perfect for. THANKS :)

  89. A cupcake courier would definitely come in handy when trying to transport the sweets/cupcakes along with a 19 month old active little boy and a newborn (soon to be here) when going to my daughter's class and/or other special events. Thanks!

  90. This is the biggest cupcake carrier I've seen yet! Would love to have this, because I prefer making cupcakes, and giving them individual frosting colors and decorations!

  91. This is just what I need! I always chicken out of bringing cupcakes to parties and potlucks because I don't want the frosting to get goobered.

  92. Oh, boy! I've been wanting one of these ever since I first saw one online! My Tupperware cake thingy only holds 18 cupcakes, so the last time I took cupcakes out of the house I had to use the top from a copy-paper box, and it got totally slimed. What a waste of homemade 7-minute frosting.

    Thanks for the offer!

  93. This is perfect!
    No more searching for boxs then linning then with foil to transport cupcakes to school and brownie meets and cubscout meetings! I want one!

    This is such a great give away!
    Hugz, Dolly

  94. This is absolute genius. I rememeber taking cupcakes to school when I was little. My mother covered then with wax paper. When you removed it, the frosting came off too. No one would buy her cupcakes at the sale except for me.

  95. I remember when I was a kid, we would all look so sympathetic to the kid that was handed the smooshed cupcake. This would solve a bunch of problems!! :)

  96. I so need one of these. I bake cupcakes for everything..Birthdays, Anniversary Parties, Church Eaten Meetin's, Valentines name it and I am the Cupcake lady.

  97. this is so cool ! how handy would this be to tote treats to the office for birthdays!! please enter me!

  98. Oh my goodness what a great idea! no more cupcakes falling on floor, geting smashed and crumbled. Very innovative.

  99. Cool thing to have for parties as I love cupcakes and it would be fun to make some for the next outing--summer is on its way!!

  100. I'm always baking goodies for friends and this prize would help insure they get to their destination intact.

  101. This would work great for my daughter to take snack to girl scouts and school!!!! She hates cardboard boxes!!!

  102. It'd be wonderful to have a way to transport cupcakes so that they don't tump over on each other and ruin my attempt at making them pretty!

  103. Awesome! I love to bake and sometimes a cake is not the best choice. Cupcakes are a fun change of pace and are like individual prizes! This holder would be the "cat's meow" for me! I would love to win it and if I don't, it WILL be on my list for Mother's Day. Thanks for the chance and be blessed!

  104. It sure would be a lot easier to transport cupcakes to school this way.Everybody will say, "Where did you get that?"

  105. What a timely post! It was my turn to bring treats to our Mommy & Me class this morning. I chose to bring raspberry cream-filled cupcakes and of course had the problem of how to transport without messing up my hard work, aka, the icing. I ended up bringing multiple containers with one level each. But what a waste. I would love to win this hand contraption!

  106. My two girls adore making cupcakes!! We make them at least once a week!! What a great way to take them for school snacks, bday parties and bake sales (or just over for a playdate at a friends or the park)

  107. I would love to own this product. I am know to my friends and family as the "Cupcake Lady" I love make, take them and eat them. This is a must have.

  108. I would love to have this cupcake holder. I have been putting cupcakes into shirt boxes and they end up stuck to each other and generally messed up.

  109. I have a smaller version of this but it doesn't hold enough cupcakes for ALL the kids at daycare so I rarely use it. This would definitely be a newer, improved model that I would make great use of!

  110. I would totally be able to use one of these! I always end up carrying MULTIPLE tupperware containers full of cupcakes and they still inevidably get smooshed. Thanks for this giveaway!

  111. Yay, no more smooshed cupcakes or smeared icing! I could have used this a few weeks ago (although I must say I didn't MIND licking the chocolate frosting off of the foil I used to cover the mini cakes...). So fun!

  112. This is a great idea. My daughter just loves bringing cupcakes to class all the time. This'd make that process a whole lot easier.

  113. That's great it holds 36...I usually use most of my containers when I have to make cupcakes or muffins for an event. What a great idea!

  114. This is S-W-E-E-T!!!!! I'd love to have a carrier like this for everything--cupcakes, casseroles, etc. Seems like I'm always holding them myself and then nervous the whole car ride over to wherever we are headed.

  115. my friend has one of these and I've borrowed it several times! Would love to have one of my own so she doesn't worry about me not bringing hers back! lol

  116. I've looked at this at the store and also saw it featured on Rachael Ray. I definately want one of these, but have yet to buy this. There are other things that have been more important. Lately we have been making more and more cupcakes to take various places, so this would be very handy!

  117. This is one of those inventions where you think "I wish I had thought of that!" -- or "why hasn't anyone come up with this before"! I LOVE it! We are called for cupcakes often, for school or church bake sales just being a start. I love that this carrier prevents the inevitable plastic wrap removing or messing some of the lovingly placed decorating atop the cupcake. I've actually had this on a list of things to buy for a bit -- but have been delayed in the purchase by the many needs and expenses that come with preparing for the arrival of a new baby! I truly love it and would love to win it! (Hopefully not to lessen my chances, but this is something that I'll end up buying when I can even if I don't win. Love it that much! Great job and hats of to Jennifer Gunn!

  118. Yeah! A mom invented this! Fantastic. Do you think it can transport deviled eggs, caramel apples and/or decorated Easter eggs as well? I'll have to wait and see.
    How fun!

  119. What a great idea! I could so use this for sending my kids to school with cupcakes. Thanks for this giveaway.

  120. I would love to win this! 24 cupcakes is never enough but 36 is perfect! No more icing all over the sides of the container. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :-)

  121. Love, love, love, love, love this! Cupcakes are my new obsession (have you tried looking up cupcake blogs? you end up with a mile long list. it is apparently not just my obsession!). I bake cupcakes for the husbands bday every year though, so this would come in very handy! Thanks.

  122. I send cupcakes to my husband's office and this would make getting them there so much easier! It's hard to carry cupcakes on the NYC subway.

  123. These are wonderful! I can't tell you how many times I am called upon for bake sale contributions.....

  124. This would definitely keep my cupcakes from crushing each other when I transport them. What a practical idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. This is such a great yet simple idea. I wonder why I've never seen these couriers before. I'd love to win one, thanks.

  126. This would be an ideal carrier for my neighbor. She's always making cupcakes for church and school. It's just amazing how she comes up with cute decorations. Thanks for entering me too.

  127. This is so clever....I have always wanted one of these. It would come in so handy for my little ones birthday parties at school, and it is awesome that you can take the trays out, to hold a cake. I absolutely love to bake, and this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  128. I'm first?!? Yeah! I have been wanting one of these. While I may not be a gourmet chef, my husband does say that I bake like Betty Crocker...well...almost! : )

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