Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach

Last week, we decided to pull off the interstate and spend two nights near the glittering beaches of Daytona. Shortly after we arrived, it rained. To be more accurate - it poured (which is pretty loud when you're in an RV).

We looked out the window and saw people running about with ponchos on. Being Arizonans, we ventured out in the rain without coats or umbrellas. We were soaked from the miniature run between our RV and our truck. The girls were delighted.

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 1 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 2 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 3

We spent part of the morning at the Marine Science Center. We touched stingrays and made snake bracelets in the craft area (see above).

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 4

Afterward, Tim spotted an open spot right near the beach that said something about vehicle access. He turned and we found ourselves driving up and down the beach in the rain...pretty close to the water too. "Take some pictures," Tim commanded gleefully, "I don't want to stop and have our tires sink down in the sand." Uh - okay.

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 5 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 6
Tim also jogged out to the shore with our 4-year-old to collect seashells (and hold jellyfish with their bare hands). I stayed behind with our sleeping 2-year-old. As I've said before, the best "attractions" are almost always free.

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 7 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 8 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 9 Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 10

We also went to the Daytona International Speedway for an all-access tour. That is a crazy sport, I tell you. You should have seen the slope that those cars drive on.

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 11

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 12

Of course, we also did the Ultimate Rainy Day activity - it starts with an "R" and ends with "eading."

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach 13

Have you ever been to Daytona Beach? What did you like/not like about it?

* Special thanks to the Daytona Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing passes for area attractions.

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6 comments on “Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach”

  1. This looks like a fun trip, I am preparing our family trip to Chicago and since it will be the first one since my husband passed I am a bit nervous.

  2. Since I just commented on your post about wrinkles, I would like to comment about this one also. We have a son who lives in Sanford, about 45 minutes down I 4 from Daytona. I've been to that beach only 1 time, in February, late in the afternoon. We had to go after the older children got out of school (there are six kids in all).. By the time we got there, it was somewhat windy and quite chilly. Of course, all the kids wanted to run to the water with Mama shouting, "Don't get your clothing wet!" At that point, the youngest, 2 at the time, fell and of course his diaper was SOAKED! You know how much those things weigh when wet!!!! I walked him back to the car because he was too heavy to carry. We were never so happy to have a dry diaper and clothes. The other kids did pretty well.

    It was also race weekend so we were able to enjoy all the hoopla in coming and going by the raceway. My husband, son and any other guys in our family who can, go to the Daytona 500. We are so happy that he lives where he does and that we can enjoy the beaches and weather during February when our weather here in WV is usually nasty.

    Remember, the journey is the destination. I don't know who said it, but it's true!


  3. I have never been to Florida, but the white sand beaches sure look inviting! I LOVE that you ran around in the rain...isn't it fun to just go for it sometimes and not let the fact that you will be wet, dirty, have to change clothes, may get cold, etc. get you down. You look stunning!

  4. We passed through Daytona in February of 2007. We did just that though...pass through. It was during the Daytona 500 and even though we really wanted to take our car for a cruise along the beach...we were quite worried about the crowds in town for the race.
    Your photos are lovely Stephanie. I especially love the "wet" ones! Too fun!!

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