Travel With Kids: Fredericksburg/DC

Have you ever taken your kids to the theater? Neither had we - until this past weekend. We stayed at a campground in Fredericksburg and drove up to the Riverside Center Children's Theater for a presentation of "The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle". Housed in a beautiful building with table-style seating, the theater provided lunch bags for all guests. Then, the curtains were drawn and the music began.

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Our girls (ages 2 and 4.5) were enthralled by the costumes, the characters, and the storyline. I don't think they ever took their eyes off of the stage, even to munch on snacks. We all had a delightful time. I hope to make theater-going a new tradition in our house. I'd particularly like to see "Anne of Green Gables," "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory," and "Peter Pan."

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Fredericksburg is a also an ideal gateway to Washington DC. We were able to park our truck at a metro station just 45 minutes from our campground and ride our way into the Capitol. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, National WWII Memorial, and Korean War Veterans Memorial.

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The weather was miserably hot and sticky so we ventured inside the Smithsonian museums, where we were promptly captivated by the displays. We lingered in the American History Museum and then raced through the Natural History Museum (due to time). We could have easily spent three days or more at the Smithsonians. Our girls LOVED it (and begged us to stay at the end of the day).

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Also, you may already know this, but...many of the attractions in Washington DC are FREE. We hope to come back again when our kids are elementary age.

Have you ever been to Fredericksburg or Washington DC? What did you like/not like about it?

What children's theater productions have you seen (or would you like to see)?

* Special thanks to the Greater Fredericksburg Tourism Partnership for providing passes for area attractions.

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14 comments on “Travel With Kids: Fredericksburg/DC”

  1. I have been to DC many times. I LOVE the Natural History Museum. I also love doing genealogical research in the National Archives, but children under 14 aren't allowed in there. Groupon always has such great deals for the DC area too.

  2. I want to go to DC too! Hopefully when our son is elementary -aged as well. I have always wanted to go to the Smithsonian museums. I'm sure we could easily spend a week in DC.

  3. oh, that sounds so fun! Our children are taken each year at Christmas time to see productions of things like "Frosty" by grandparents... I look forward to taking them to plays more in the future. I always enjoyed those as a child :).

  4. I remember being awed by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, enthralled by the Smithsonian and captivated by all the memorials when we visited DC when I was 13. I'm hoping to spend a week in DC when my kids are older, maybe when Sugar is 12ish and Goose is 10ish - it will be a great field trip for our Homeschool!

    1. I kept thinking the entire time we were there about how *perfect* the area is for homeschoolers. I definitely want to bring my girls back when they are older and better able to absorb the material.

  5. Washington DC is amazing. We have yet to take our kids there, but you are reminding me that we should put that on our list of things to do. They are at great ages for this. I grew up in Roanoke, VA so we went to DC a few times growing up, and even once on an overnight school field trip. It is most beautiful in the spring with the dogwoods are in bloom.

    1. Your kids would be captivated by the Smithsonian museums. I'm sure of it.

      P.S. I recommend a visit in the fall or spring.
      P.P.S. The Smithsonian cafes are overpriced and the food is terrible. Try to plan ahead with meals - bring a picnic or research restaurants before you arrive.

  6. So crazy we almost overlapped! We will be in Baltimore on Tuesday and visiting DC on the weekend. :)
    Can't wait to see you, I hope it works out this fall!
    Oh, and I thought of a couple places you might want to check out while here... :)

    1. I CAN'T WAIT until we circle around to Washington. We'll probably be rolling into your wonderful state around late August or early September.

  7. I LOVE DC! I was able to spend a week there as a chaperone for an 8th grade class, so we were able to partake in all of the tours/history/etc. The Lincoln Memorial is one of my very favorites...I could spend hours just being there. And like you said, the Smithsonians need days! The Holocaust Museum is breathtakingly haunting, moving, powerful and so very well done. Not the best or kiddos, but if you ever have the is a must see. So glad you were able to enjoy it, despite the heat!

    1. We walked right by the Holocaust Museum. Perhaps we'll go back in the future when our kids are a little older? I'd like them to acknowledge and remember that tragic piece of history.

  8. When we lived in Pennsylvania we took quite a few day trips to DC. I LOVE it there so much. But I am with you on the miserable sticky weather. East Coast summers are pretty dreadful! I can't wait to take my girls there. So much history to learn!

    1. Pennsylvania's been pretty nice this past week, but I have to admit - I miss the dryness of Arizona.

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