Travel With Kids: Houston

"Isn't this nice that we're at a campground with playgrounds?" our 4-year-old clenched her tiny fists in unbridled excitement when we pulled into Tomball, Texas.

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I smile back at her. "Yes, it is." Almost all of the campgrounds that we stay at have playgrounds, but...she still says that EVERY single time. With the same clenched fists and sunshine smile. I love that.

Spring Creek Park in Tomball has actually been our favorite campground thus far. It was a huge park w/ hiking trails, sprawling grass, big trees, basketball courts, and two playgrounds. Our 4-year-old especially enjoyed the playground specifically designed for 5-12 year olds {see above}.

Oh, did I mention that it's a FREE park? (with full hook-ups) (All my RV friends are totally going to look it up now). P.S. Isn't it funny that I'm an RV person now and I have "RV friends"? Ha.

We also visited the Houston Space Center because Tim *insisted*. He said something like this: "How can we be in Houston and NOT go to the Space Center?" We went on a tour, played in the kids area, and enjoyed revisiting many important moments in history. It's powerful to stand right where those famous words were heard not so long ago, "Houston, we have a problem."

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I also had Tim take a nerdy picture of me with my thumb up in the air a la that last picture (but I'm not going to publish that one).

Have you ever been to Houston? What did you like/not like about it?

Special thanks to the Space Center Houston for providing us with complimentary tickets.

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4 comments on “Travel With Kids: Houston”

  1. I lived in Houston, and loved it! NASA was such a neat experience. They give a behind the scenes tour that is so interesting. . . and probably the coolest thing I ever did there.

    Glad the family enjoyed it! :)

  2. I went to Houston for band competitions in high school (we lived in the DFW area)--but we were busy competing so we didn't see any tourist attractions. I did NOT enjoy the humidity there, way worse than Fort Worth!

    1. How did you like living in DFW? We met a family from Germany a few weeks ago who are traveling the USA...and they said DFW was one of the "most modern cities in America." Now I'm intrigued...

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