Travel With Kids: Rapid City

"We could easily stay here a whole week," Tim said as we drove back after a full day of spectacular outdoor sightseeing. I nodded my head in weary, happy agreement.

Mount Rushmore was positively majestic. We walked along the President's Trail, took photos, and awed at the handiwork of the artist.

Travel With Kids: Rapid City 1 Travel With Kids: Rapid City 2

Afterward, we took a scenic, uphill route to Custer State Park. The road was a bit terrifying with one-lane tunnels ("sound horn as you enter"), but it was an adrenaline rush. Tim was like a kid in a candy shop. Apparently, we've been doing far too many tourist-y attractions and not enough outdoor adventures.

We winded around the Wildlife Loop in Custer Park, stopping to snap photos of bison (tons of them!) and wild donkeys. A donkey actually passed by my window and I touched it's speckled gray mane.

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That night, we sang and swayed along to some fine country music at the Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper & Show. The fiddler was particularly outstanding. The food? Not so much. But the music made up for it, especially the rousing tribute to America's armed forces. I belted out "Proud to Be an American" with glistening eyes. Such a great country we live in.

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We also took the girls to Storybook Island, a free park in Rapid City. The entire property is themed with book characters - Snow White, Pinnochio, Jack & Jill, Santa Claus, Dr. Seuss, etc. There's also an on-site Children's Theater ($1/ticket), snack bars, and a miniature train. Great concept.

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Next time we visit, we're making a point to see Crazy Horse, Rushmore Cave, and the Soaring Eagle Zipline.

Have you ever been to Rapid City? What did you like/not like about it?

* Special thanks to the Rapid City Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing a campground spot and passes to area attractions.

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9 comments on “Travel With Kids: Rapid City”

  1. I just bumped into your blog and im super excited (okay that sounded dorkey). You made SD seem like a cool place to going to add it to my "places to visit" list. My family (me, hubby and 3y.o.) LOVE to travel. Im going to have to search through all the places you have been. We are going to New England this fall. Any tips?

  2. I've never been there but my husband has. There are also some dinosaur dig sites he thought were really cool around there!

  3. My brother use to live in Hot Springs, SD which is pretty close to where you were. We always loved going in the cave outside of Hot Springs. Did you see lots of wild turkeys?

  4. The Rapid City area has been on my list of places to visit some day for a long time but it just moved up several notches! It sounds like you had a great time!

  5. I'm actually a South Dakota girl :-) My whole fam lives there (well...or are at least from there.) So many of our reunions were spent in the glorious Black Hills...the camping in Custer State Park is AMAZING. There are soooo many small museums in that area (little gems, really!). Deadwood and Keystone are so cool, too! Just wait till you see Crazy is UNreal!

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