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Travel With Kids: Richmond 1At just over one million residents, Richmond is a very similarly sized city to my hometown (Tucson, AZ). It is big enough to offer culture and commerce without being hustle-and-bustle like the big city.

Richmond is a city of history and diversity. We were only there for a few short days so we didn't get a chance to stand in St. John's Church (where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech) or to visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.

We did, however, venture out into the June sauna to explore Maymont, a 100-acre estate that features a children's farm, nature center, several gardens, and a mansion. The best part was watching the bears swim in the water.

We also had lunch at The Dairy Bar Restaurant, a retro diner in the museum district. The family-owned business has a menu full of kid-friendly fare - including sandwiches, milkshakes, hamburgers, and smiley-faced french fries. I especially appreciate that the owner makes a concerted effort to purchase ingredients from companies in the surrounding area.

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Our favorite thing about the area, however, was hanging out with good friends. They toured us around and made us feel like locals. For example, we now fondly refer to the city as R-V-A (not "Richmond" - that's what the tourists say!).

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Have you every been to Richmond? What did you like/not like about it?

What is the population of your town?

* Special thanks to the Richmond Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau for providing passes for area attractions.

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7 comments on “Travel With Kids: Richmond”

    1. No, but I'd actually like to get my hair cut for the summer - preferably at a salon that specializes in "curly cuts." :)

  1. I have visited Richmond many times because I have family that lives there and the surrounding suburbs. I have honestly never done anything touristy there though so maybe I should now!

    We live an a town on the Northshore of Massachusetts and have about 25,000 people. We just recently moved here from a neighboring town and I am loving the people and the feel of it already!

  2. I did visit Richmond once - a loooonnnngggg time ago :) I'd love to go back Maymont sounds like a great place to visit!

    The population of Greenwood is around 3800 last time I checked, but we're a suburb of a suburb of Kansas City so the population around here is huge - over 2 million.

    1. Stay safe this week, Jenn! I was just looking at and it looks like the tornado threat is high in your area today and tomorrow.

  3. Hi There!! I didn't realize you all were leaving Gloucester and heading to Richmond. I lived in Richmond for just a brief period of time with my brother in the Museum District. We lived directly across the street from the Virginia History Museum in an apartment complex that once was an old hospital. Those were some of the best times in my life. I absolutely love Richmond.There is just a different kind of vibe there that I can't explain. I also had the pleasure of working in downtown Richmond in an old bank building. Richmond has some of the nicest buildings and museums among many other places to visit! I miss it so...

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