Travel With Kids: San Antonio

I surprised myself by loving the Texas Hill Country. It was gorgeous in Canyon Lake - I couldn't get over the towering Oak trees in all of their winter majesty and the shimmering green waters.

One afternoon, we ate at Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery near Market Square in Downtown San Antone (I don't know why I always want to call it that, but I do). Tim said it was his new favorite Mexican restaurant - and I have to agree. Delicious food. Art everywhere.

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There was this room in the back with lifesize murals (intricately painted).  I have since decided that I really want to hire an artist to paint an entire wall in my house with the people that I love. Would that be awesome or what?

Travel With Kids: San Antonio 6

We also took a little boat ride on the River Walk. And ate at the top of the Tower of Americas (revolving super slowly with twinkling lights all around).

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Have you ever noticed that some of the very best tourist attractions are free? Landa Park is an example. It's a huge park with grass for miles, huge trees for climbing, well-designed playgrounds, ducks, and a miniature train.

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And then there was Morgan's Wonderland - a spectacular place where dreams come true.

Travel With Kids: San Antonio 12

Did I neglect to mention that I was on the Oprah show?

Travel With Kids: San Antonio 13

And that Tim had front row seats for Obama's speech?

Travel With Kids: San Antonio 14

Sweet, right? (Okay, fine...we were at Ripley's Wax Museum...whatever).

Have you ever been to San Antonio? Also - What is the most ARTISTIC restaurant that you have ever been to?

Special thanks to the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing us with a passport for area attractions.

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30 comments on “Travel With Kids: San Antonio”

  1. I've never been to San Antonio (at least that I can remember!) But I used to live in Austin when I was a girl and I loved Texas - such a diverse and interesting state!

  2. Never too many pictures! I have only been to San Antone once and thoroughly enjoyed it. The River Walk is lovely and I couldn't help but tour the Alamo. Although, it was MUCH smaller than I expected it to be!

  3. I don't think you can ever have enough pictures! We went to San Antonio for our second anniversary in 2004. We loved it. We were there in November and the riverwalk was just so lush and beautiful. Also ate at Mi Tierra's--a couple times while we were there--yum!

  4. Hi Steph! Looks like you are having a blast on your great adventure! I love all the pics and all the colors on your blog. It is a great face lift...maybe a new era unfolding? Never been to San Antoine...but I have heard wonderful things about it. Have a wonderful time!
    Love, Cece

  5. Mi Tierra is my favorite restaurant EVER! It is such a fun, festive place to dine... not to mention, it has the best Mexican food (and tortillas!) I have ever had. (And I have lived in both Southern CA and South Texas... I know my Mexican food... haha!) San Antonio is such a great city... looks like y'all had a great time. :)

  6. I have always wanted to go to San Antone (I think Johnny Cash referred to it that way, didn't he?). I've never been to Texas. Your pictures make it look like a wonderful place to visit. In reference to your previous post I'd love to know more about being on the road with little ones in tow. Travelling with little ones was always hard for me, so undertaking a year of this seems very daunting!

    1. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful - miles and miles of oaks trees. We really enjoyed it.

      RE: traveling. The girls have been absolute troopers. Their patience and resilience inspires me daily.

  7. I have never been to San Antonio before but after reading your post, it looks like the place to be! Looking forward to reading more about all the places you go :)

  8. Whoa - you had me going there for a minute with the Oprah Winfrey show! It could totally see it happening someday for real...!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence. It will have to happen pretty quickly because I think her show's final season is this coming fall. ;)

  9. Too many pictures of delicious food. Now all I can think about is how hungry I am for some really good Mexican food! Interesting to find out what SA has to offer visitors!

    1. Have fun! Where will you be staying and what do you plan to do while you are there? Since you'll be kid-less, I recommend going up to the Tower of Americas for a drink or dessert (dinner is pricey and the food isn't spectacular).

    1. Yes, we did...right at closing time. The girls were, understandably, not very interested in it...but Tim would have liked to have been there longer.

  10. San "Antone" looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the pictures. My parents and my sister have been there but we haven't yet.

    I find Mexican and Italian restaurants are always very well-decorated. When you go to Disney World, go into the Mexican building at Epcot. Their Mexican restaurant is's like you are eating outside at night at the foot of the Mayan ruins. Just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah! We're going to be in Orlando next week and I will definitely keep it in mind.

  11. While you're in Texas you NEED to find a Chuy's resturant and get some of their tasty salsa and jalepeno ranch! I love Chuy's!!! I know I'm partial because my husband builds for them, but they are really an up and coming resturant and they have such a fun vibe. Try it out!

    1. We keep driving by Chuy's restaurants, but we haven't stopped yet (we mostly eat at home in our 5th wheel). I wonder if the Texas chain is related to the Chuy's restaurants that are in Tucson, AZ.

  12. I went to San Antonio with my family when I was younger. I still remember it vividly! The riverwalk was beautiful. We went on a mini tour of the inside of all of the nearby Catholic churches to view the architecture and art. I remember standing at the Alamo somewhat disappointed -- I thought it'd be bigger, and with so many city buildings around it, I couldn't imagine it as it stood in history! (Wasn't Ripley's right across the street?)

    I can't wait to take my husband and kids one day!

    1. We actually did go to The Alamo. I was going to include a picture in my post, but it looks like I forgot. Tim would have liked to stay a little bit longer to explore and read about it, but the girls quickly became bored. did I. ;)

  13. We LOVE Mi Tierra's especially the bakery. When my husband graduated from Air Force Basic Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Mi Tierra's was where he wanted to go eat afterward. So glad you are enjoying San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.

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