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When I think "Washington State," I tend to think "rain." Relentless rain. Grey skies. Days without the yellow glitter of the sunshine.

In reality, however, Washington is much brighter than novels often portray it. Especially eastern and central Washington. Take Spokane, for instance. The city (which is the 2nd largest in Washington) averages 260 days of sunshine per year. The terrain is actually quite dry - crackled yellows rather than heavy greens.

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Our girls had a delightful time down at Riverfront Park - a large municipal area near downtown that features a kiddie train, a carousel, amusement rides, a fountain, and a giant Radio Flyer wagon that is a slide! Kayla's favorite ride was the miniature dragon roller coaster and Liv loved the baby bumper boats.

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Have you ever been to Spokane? What did you like/not like about it?

* Special thanks to the Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing a campground spot and passes to Riverfront Park.

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10 comments on “Travel With Kids: Spokane”

  1. Hey Stephanie, so glad you liked Spokane - you came on a stunningly beautiful weekend and I love your pictures from Riverfront park! Please come again - we would love to host you in this fine city! Your girls are so cute and I love the carrousel picture!

    Dana Haynes
    Spokane Regional CVB

  2. I have been to Spokane many many times because my grandparents and parents live in Coeur d' alene, Idaho. Matt, the kids and I were just there over the fourth of July.

    What we liked: We enjoyed visiting Riverfront Park.
    What we didn't like: I felt more unsafe in Spokane than I even have in downtown Los Angeles! I found myself holding on to Matt's hand very tightly the entire time. Nonetheless, I would visit again.

    I hope you guys are doing well! : )

  3. I have an uncle in Spokane! We ate some amazing seafood and fresh berries there, but aside from food just enjoyed time with family (I visited him at a holiday time pre-baby so we didn't do any kid stuff!)

  4. I love that you are in Spokane...getting closer every week! I have been there once...but it was just to pass through on the way to Coure 'de Alene, Idaho (which is ridiculously beautiful!). You look beautiful and I can't believe how big #2 is getting!! Can't wait to hear about HOW you are doing/feeling. And I agree with Kate, Whidbey Island is lovely...and Seatlle is my favorite US city (of the ones I've visited).

  5. I love Spokane. We used to go there every summer to visit good friends. I have such wonderful memories of playing in the Spokane river and going to Riverfront park. Washington is beautiful. Fresh air and lots of trees. My parents are actually in Spokane right now, too. What a small world. If you make it to other parts of Washington, you need to go to Whidbey Island. It is my most favorite place in the USA.

  6. WA is my home state! I grew up in Moses Lake, & lived in Issaquah, Renton, Everett & Marysville - Marysville has a wonderful outlet mall if you need anything. Are you going to venture up to Canada?

  7. We have good friend in Spokane. I have never been, tho. No... wait... I have. I picked a friend up at the airport there once and at dinner at Red Robin! :)

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