TrendAlert: Online Grocery Shopping

TrendAlert: Online Grocery Shopping 1"In 2005, $3.3 billion was spent on online grocery shopping. That's projected to hit $4.2 billion this year, and double, to $8.4 billion, by 2010. Overall, groceries are a $640 billion business. There are currently five million people who shop online for groceries, and that's only makes up 2% of the online population." (CBS News, 7-28-2006)

It's a growing industry, but most grocers have yet to make the move into the online biz.

I've listed a few of the biggest online grocers below. Have you tried these ones or other alternatives? Post your reviews here.

I haven't yet made the leap to online grocery shopping, but perhaps I would with a little prompting...

Bashas' Groceries On The Go
* Order online, by fax, or by phone 7 days a week
* Regular Delivery is $9.95, Same day delivery is $12.95
* Fresh, frozen, and non-perishable foods
* Only available in Phoenix metro and Tucson

Amazon Grocery
* FREE shipping nationwide on orders of $25 or more
* Ships in bulk
* Non-perishable items only
* Serves Connecticut, New York, Rhode island, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, the rest of the New England coast, Chicago and Milwaukee.
* $100 and over is $6.95, $100 and under is $9.95

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