Tupperware products: for baby

Tupperware recently sent me a little package of goodies - and I thought I'd post a few of my thoughts here...

bell tumble set or sipper seal set by tupperwareSipper Seal Set ($6.50)

This set of 4 cups (green, pink, blue, orange) is terrific for toddlers. In fact, these are the best sippy cups that we've used-to-date. The domed lid seals off spills and the cups are the perfect size for little hands. My 6-month-old isn't drinking anything yet besides mama's milk, but my 3-year-old uses these cups every single day.

shape-o toy tupperwareShape-O Toy ($26.50)

Does this toy look familiar? I think it's been around for years and years. In fact, I think I may have had one when I was a baby (is that possible?). The colors are bright and fun without being obnoxious - and the ten shaped blocks help little ones learn shapes. Tupperware's website states that this product is ideal for babies that are 6 months and older. I think the 1-2 age range would be ideal because my 6M-old isn't quite dexterous enough to put shapes in corresponding holes - and my 3-year-old gets bored easily with this classic contraption. I also worry a little bit about how the two halves "snap shut" (be weary of little fingers!). All that said, it is still a diverting and educational toy for toddlers.

classic sheer 1 gal pitcher tupperwareClassic Sheer 1 Gal. Pitcher ($27.50)

Is the weather still warm enough where you live for lemonade stands, backyard BBQs, and picnics? If so, you might want to have this pitcher on hand for hand-squeezed orange juice, sun tea, and other favorite drinks. It's spill-proof, easy to clean, and easy to pour.

tupperware logoWIN IT! One winner will receive all three of the above products (total value of package: $60.50): Sipper Seal Set ($6.50), Shape-O Toy ($26.50), and Classic Sheer 1 Gal. Pitcher ($27.50). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #37 Kendra. Congratulations!

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220 comments on “Tupperware products: for baby”

  1. I am a mom of four and Tupperware products are very durable and kid proof!! I am a Tupperware consultant and live in the Toronto area. If anyone is looking for a consultant feel free to give me a call (647)746-2469. I will be more than happy to provide you with a catalogue, replace old Tupperware products, customize your kitchen and more!!

  2. We're having our first baby and I think that the little toy would be a fun thing for when he/she is a little bigger. Always good to get things early I guess!

  3. Tupperware is a brand I can trust so I spend quite a bit of money on it. I like that I can always trust it in the dishwasher adn usingit and it's not going fall apart on me.

  4. I love tupperware! That is such a nice pitcher. It would be great to have since we do Sunday BBQs at our house this would cover the whole family.

  5. My god son would love this toy. It's great that there are toys that I used to play with that are still around. It makes me not feel so old.

  6. I love Tupperware. I like that these things are the same as they were 30 years ago but they're just as great today. It's nice when there are things that can still be used!

  7. I loved the shape o toy when I had one! It actually is a great toy because it helps develop a baby's mind. I love it when the classics hold up!

  8. I love tupperware, but somehow I end up with unmatching lids and bottoms all the time. Someone needs to figure out a way to keep everything together!

  9. I haven't found the perfect sippy cup yet so I'd love to try the Sipper Seal Set. I don't know if it's the sippy cups I buy or if it's her, but there's always spills!

  10. The Shape-O Toy looks very familiar, I know I didn't have one so it was probably my little cousin. My son has plastic shapes similar to that toy and loves to chew on them since he's teething.

  11. Oh my word, the Shape-O toy!!! I seriously remember having that exact toy when I was a baby...I can't believe they still make it! No wonder why I've never been able to find it. I had no idea that Tupperware was the company that makes it. And here I thought they only made containers.

  12. OMG! i HEART tupperware!
    Need to add tgo the collection since I just moved!

    Thanks so much for the chance! u always have great giveaways! Maybe this time the random nember picker will pick MINE!

  13. Oh man, I so remember the Shape-O toy from my childhood. My mom got one for my younger sister and I think i played with it more than she ever did. Great memories!

  14. tupperware products seem to last a super long time i have bought the cheaper sets and in my house they always seem to get cracked so easily.it shows you get what you pay for :(

  15. These are all good useful items! The sippy cups would be great for the little ones, and the toy with the shapes is great too! I also could use the pitcher! It is so pretty, and it has a nice top also.

  16. I love Tupperware and have had the cups with the sipper seals and the shape toy in years past. Alas, I don't have them anymore and have a 7mo as well as a new grandchild on the way.

  17. That shape-o toy HAS been around a million years LOL. I love tupperware products and they last for ever. Thanks for entering me.

  18. I didn't know Tupperware sold toys! I had one of those when I was a kid, too. And I am totally willing to try my hand at another sippy cup brand in my ultimate quest to find the one that truly doesn't spill and is the right size! Thanks!

  19. I love Tupperware. In the 70's I had one of the tupperware lunch boxes that had the little box for your sandwich and the cup with a lid for your drink. You could take the lid off the box and turn it over and it was your food tray! Loved it!!

  20. I love Tupperware. The shape toy is a hit for any child, and I could definitely use new cups and a new pitcher!!! I have a daycare so the lids have gotten bitten and my old pitcher cracked! Thanks!

  21. 5 grandkids under the age of 4- never enough cups and never enough toys. The pitcher, now that's for me - to have a nice cool lemonade after they go home!

  22. The first two items would be cute gifts for the parents of baby I am carrying (a surrogacy). :D And I'd take the pitcher for myself, since my kids broke my other one somehow, lol.

    Thank you SO much.

  23. would love some tupperware, cool stuff! the toy would also be great as I got a cheap imitation at a discount store and the thing doesn't stay closed...
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  24. I cant believe the Shape-O-Toy is still available, I had ones of those too when I was a kid!! Love tupperware, huge fan and will always own their stuff.

  25. I'm 28 and I had a Shape-O Toy! I had not idea Tupperware was still making products, there's no reason for them not to because they're very well made.

  26. I just hosted an online Tupperware party. My friends/family loved it and were thrilled with their new products, my mom especially with her veggie/fruit keepers (sorry, not sure of their real name).

  27. All of the dishes I have for my kids are totally thrashed. I've never actually had any tupperware but I would sure love to try it!
    By the way, you have the best giveaways!

  28. Tupperware has come a long way since my kids were little. I think that my daughter would like to have the pitcher and cups for her girls, and I would give the shape sorter to a friend who has an 18 month old.

    ps: My...your little ones are getting big! So cute!

  29. I had a Shape-O Toy as a kid, and my mother still has it at her house for the grandkids. It's held up great! I would love to have one of my own for my daughter.

  30. I love tupperware my house used to be filled with it but since our move and my hubbys taking the wrong boxes to goodwill I'm no longer finding any of my tupperware. I have been wanting to purchase their thats bowl so hopefully some day I'll get that chance. Thank you for this opportunity

    Thank you so very very much


  31. I had one of those shape toys when I was a baby, my mom had a daycare for a ton of years and had a bunch of those cups too, how awesome!!

  32. I remember the Shape-O toy! I was trying to explain it to hubby a few days ago and he was completely lost - I don't think they have them in England. Poor hubby missed out!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  33. How old is the Shape-O? It is such a classic baby toy. I remember having one at my house when I was a kid along with some tupperware zoo animals that were divided into three parts and you could switch the heads bodys and tails of the animals. I played with both of those toys for a really long time. Now my kids are playing with them :) But our Shape-O is about 30 yrs old and doesnt snap back together like it used to. Instead it just kinda hangs partially open, so we could use a replacement.

  34. I don't know if I had a shape-sorting ball, but my youngest sister definitely did. I think younger babies can enjoy it even if they can't match the shapes to the right holes yet; it looks like it would be fun to shake around!

  35. The Shape-O Toy brings back memories. I loved playing with it as a child. Oddly enough I didn't own one of my own. I played with it at my best friend's house. Why did she have all the cool toys? lol

  36. I think I might have had one of those "shape o toys" when I was little, too! it looks very famliar! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Ditto about loving Tupperware and having the same cups and shape toy!! My kids love their little t-ware bowls, when they are going to get a snack, they run to the cupboard to get one to hold their food, it is pretty funny!

  38. My kids and their friends used the sipper cups all the time, and one of my son's favorite toys was the sorter ball. Love to see other family members be able to enjoy them too!

  39. I love tupperware because it is so durable and long lasting. I have some pieces I have had for years and they look brand new

  40. So I'm so sorry to ask this but....are the cups BPA free? You know me....queen of green! LOL! I had no idea Tupperware had "baby" products ! Thanks for the info! Again...I think I only want to be entered if they're BPA free : ) I think I should just go to the site! LOL! Sorry....

  41. Boy, these sure bring back memories! Tupperware has such awesome quality that I think my mom still has the Shape-O toy from when I was a little one. I know my little one would love it too! These are the best items for little ones.

  42. I remember all three products from when I was growing up. I would love to have the sippy cups, It is so hard to find a good sippy.

  43. I would love to have those cups for my son...their quality is unmatched! I am sure they will last through all the throwing he does from his highchair
    !!Gosh....boys are so different from girls!

  44. I have one of those shape things. They are so much fun for the kids and adults. I could alway use great sippy cups and a pitcher. Fun stuff, thanks for the chance to win them!

  45. Oh my, I had one of those shape-o toys when I was a kid. I totally forgot about it until I just saw it. Classics never go out of style! I loved that thing!

  46. I remember my mom having all kinds of different tupperware containers, cups, pitchers, etc. when we were kids. I wish she would have passed them on to me.

  47. LOVE Tupperware -- all of it. My children have the sorter ball -- as did I as a baby. :) Classics that don't change -- love it!

  48. I have been wanting to purchase some tupperware because i know they have quality items, its just not in my budget right now, but to win these would be so awesome! Its like test driving the product.

  49. We were just talking about how we need to get some plastic cups for our kiddos. We have sippy cups and normal glasses that we adults use, but no plastic cups for our little ones! I gotta get on that!

  50. Oh my goodness tupperware. My mom was such a raving fan when I was younger but I never see it anymore. My son is the perfect age (20 months) for the shape sorter. I remember that as well.

  51. I would love a spill proof pitcher, it would definately cut down on the messes at our house. The toy would be great for the baby on the way. Thank you

  52. I love the colors of these products. I had that toy when I was little. Also, the pitcher looks great. Tupperware products last forever.

  53. I just wanted to say that I have fond memories of going to tupperware parties with my mother when I was little, and I also had that toy as a baby/toddler!

  54. I had the shape-o-toy and the sipper cups when I was little. In fact I still have a few of the sipper cups! Tupperware is a quality product that lasts.

  55. How funny! I had no idea that shape sorter thing was a Tupperware product. I think every living American has played with one of those at some point. Sadly, I never owned one, but played with them elsewhere.

  56. I would love the sippy lids...my mom still has our Tupperware cups from my childhood and it is amazing how well they've held up!

  57. I have a set of the sipper seals and they are great. My little one always wants to have one of those to drink with as they are his favorite. The gallon pitcher looks like it would really come in handy and I love that it's spill proof!

  58. I like tupperware. Their products seem to last a long time. I am using some tupperware that was my grandmothers from years ago.

  59. I love the shape sorter! I'm about to become a great aunt, and I am excited to start buying this great baby stuff. Hope I win :)

  60. I had no idea Tupperware made kid things - even toys! The sippies look great - do you know if it's BPA-free? But I LOVE simple, easy to clean sippies that easily transition to big kid cups! :)

  61. When I was a young mother I attended and hosted many Tupperware parties. They were so much fun and had such useful products. I remember purchasing the Shape-o toy for one of my children.

  62. The perfect sippy cup... can it be? Out little one just turned 6months, and although he is drinking mommy's milk, once in a great while we do offer him water, particularly if it's a hot day or if he is drooling a ton more than usual. He is starting to get water offered in a cup instead of a bottle.

  63. I really enjoy the colors and simple yet perfect cups and toys that are featured....I prefer Tupperware to all others, for durability, design and colors!

  64. We had the Shape-O-Toy when I was young, and I'm in my (late) 40s. We're still trying to have another, but in the meantime I have a godson I could use all of these with. And bless Tupperware, it lasts FOREVER.

  65. I love those sippy cups! I didnt know that they still made them, I have some from when I was little, my mom kept them. I will wash them to use instead of using one of the infinite other cups we have. Oh, and I remember pinching my finger in that toy multiple times.

  66. I love Tupperware although my husband hates it. We could sure use some more tupperware and the kids would love the shapes sorter.

  67. I, too, had a the Tupperware shape sorter as a child. It is so much better than others because it has more than 4 or 5 shapes!

    I've tried every sippy cup out there. I'm stuck on Playtex as they don't seem to leak, but I'm still not a fan of the valves. I've never tried the Tupperware ones, but would LOVE to give them a try. Do they leak at all when tipped upside down?

    Also, those pitchers are the best. My mom had one that was light brown with a white lid. The lids are fabulous. I loved when she made juice in it because I could tighten the lid and shake the juice up every morning instead of having to stir with a spoon. Orange juice is just much better shaken than stirred!

  68. I love Tupperware. I love how all of their products last, and last, and LAST! My husbands grandmother gave us her tupperware and its still in pristine condition!

  69. I especially like the sippy cups....my daughter won't take any but I would love to give them a try....I just love tupperware products

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  70. Tupperware is great, it lasts forever. My little guy would have with the Shape-O-Toy. With the holidays coming, I could really use another pitcher-we go through gallons of tea. Thanks!

  71. The Shape-o-toy was one of my grandkids favorites,and I can never have too much Tupperware. It's quality and lasts forever.

  72. Tupperware products are really nice and they do not melt and get nasty like the stuff you get at the store. I have some from when I was a child from my Mom - this stuff is really great!

  73. I love Tupperware. My daughter grew up with Tupperware toys and I'd love to have the shaper ball for my new little nephew.

  74. Thank you for the giveaway. I remember having the shaper ball when my oldest was a young toddler, wow...that was ages ago! My oldest just turned 12 this week!!

    Tupperware products are great. I have a pitcher in my fridge that I have used for about 5 years or so and it still looks new. I LOVE Tupperware.

  75. Hello, It is good to know that companies like Tupperware are still around and doing well!
    It has been awhile since I have seen a catalog
    or been to a Tupperware Party! All 3 of the items you have in this giveaway are tremendous.
    Many thanks.....Cindi

  76. There is one essential Tupperware childrens item missing from this grouping -- the popsicle makers! I made so many different kinds of popsicles when I was a kid!! :)

    I love this shape sorter. I had one and I'm older than you Stephanie -- so yes, it's possible!

  77. Sippy cups generally drive me crazy. In our humidity they grow mold faster than you can blink...Ugh! Do those have valves and small cracks and crevices, or are they really as simple as they look? It's unbelievably difficult to find simple sippy cups around here. Levi mostly just drinks from regular cups, but I like to keep some on hand for car rides. I just haven't found the perfect ones yet.

  78. I remember the shape ball and I had one for my son too. Its a classic
    Love tupperware and though its costly now I still buy it whenever I can

  79. I remember the Shape-O Toy from when I was little they are always fun. I really like Tupperware products they are so durable and well designed.

  80. Tupperware is the best, and my Mom used to have tupperware parties when I was young! We had all the toys even some cute animal snap together toys. I would love to introduce my children to tupperware now! :-)

  81. i know! that shape toy has been around for a long time! one of the first family i babysat had that toy (16 years ago now) and they passed it to us. then i lent it out and never got it back :(
    man i love tupperware! apparently their stuff is all BPA free and has been before the "big scare" happened.

  82. So many memories! I was just wondering the other day if tupperware was still making products because I hadn't heard anything about them in so long. Good to know they are still cranking out quality products for kidlets.

  83. oh wow - I remember the shape-o-toy from when I was a little girl. Had no idea they still existed. would love to have for my little boy!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  84. My mom still has her tupperware from when we were kids. Mind you it is all orange, green, and yellow colors from the 70's. It sure has stood the test of time. We still use the sippy cups when we go visit her that we used when we were kids. It is such great value.

  85. Wow, I remember the shape toy!! I love Tupperware. Their stuff is such good quality and lasts forever!! What awesome things to give away. I'd love to win them. I'm in need of a pitcher anyway. :)

  86. Talk about a blast from the past! Tupperware lined my mom's cupboards when I was little. But somehow I've only managed to line my cupboards with the cheap Glad look-a-likes. I always give them away or they get warped after too many dishwashing cycles. I really need to invest in some longer-lasting pieces.

  87. Oh I remember that shape-o toy thing. I didn't have one but my sisters did!

    I am still looking for the "perfect" sippy cup - I hadn't thought about trying the tupperware ones yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

  88. love the tupperware for the durability !! I need to get more containers for keeping food though !!
    thanks for this opp here :)

  89. Those are great! We have the shape toy (and that snapping shut action makes me a little nervous too), and our younger one loves it. I don't have the other stuff, though, and I'd love to: especially the pitcher, as we don't have a good one at home. Thanks!

  90. We had one of those shape sorters when I was a kid too. And my mother in law still has those sippy cups from when my husband was a kid. The cups are great even without the lid. I really need to look into getting some good tupperware stuff. Plus the colors their stuff comes in is so cute.

  91. I love tupperware. That shapotoy is so fun. I had one when I was little, and how fun would it be to have one for my kids?

  92. It doesn't get any better than Tupperware. I have tupperware products from the early 1970's that are still wonderful, such as, the salad crisper!

  93. Oh gosh! These items bring back so many memories of my boys when they were small. We had the sippy cups and they had the toys from Tupperware! I used to love the keychain items that you could win at the Tupperware parties. I'd love to win this for my grandsons.

  94. I think I had one of those toys :) I was thinking about Tupperware last night and how I need to update my canisters. Thanks for the reminder that I need to check em out!

  95. Someone gave us the Tupperware "shape ball" when my daughter was a baby and she loves it! She learned the names of most of the shapes very early because of it. And now my 8 month old likes to push it across the floor and scoot/crawl after it.

  96. Havent been to a Tupperware party in YEARS!!!!!! Yes, my kids played with the shape sorter and they are 24,22,19,&18!!! Its been around a while! Id love to win it for my future grandbabies and my childcare kids!

  97. Oh, fun! My kids grew up on Tupperware, especially the Shape Sorter. They loved it - and now I'd love to win this to have for my grandbabies!

  98. I always have wanted Tupperware, but everytime I go to buy I can't bring myself to pay the price. I know once I try it I will be hooked! Have you have tried the kid's straw cups? I have heard they are fabulous!

  99. I love Tupperware! My kids had the Shape-O-Toy when they were babies & it would be cool to have one for my first grandbaby Scarlett who is due in january!

  100. This is a nice giveaway. I still have Tupperware toys from my first child, and 5 kids later they are still as good as new. Sometimes I wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  101. I forgot that the shape O toy existed. When I saw it it instantly remembered my childhood. I loved that toy and I'm sure my son would love it to.

  102. The sippers are a good thing, and I love Tupperware in general. The only problem I ever had with the shape toy was that it liked to snap closed and caught my daughters fingers a few times.

  103. My mom still has one of those sipper cups! BUt the spout is all chewed up :) I love tupperware products. I need something to stash Cheerios in when we are on the road. I should peruse their website and see if they have anything.

  104. What a great gift pack. My boys would like the new cups. The shape sorter would make a great gift for a friend. And the pitcher would come in so handy in my kitchen.

  105. Love that toy. My little girl (only 3 months) doesn't have any toys yet and would love to start her collection with this. Those sippy cups are definitely a must.

  106. I remember the Shape-O Toy from when I was little. They have great products and I know all would be a nice addition to any home (especially those with little ones!)

  107. My 2 year old still loves the shape sorter! But I'm loving those plastic sippy cups. They need to sell those in the baby aisle at Target!

  108. Wow! I so remember having that toy when I was little. Such a classic! And the sippy cups look awesome...and begin Tupperware makes them indestructible! Sure beats the Take-n-Toss we are currently using!

  109. I love the shape-o toy! I remember it from my childhood, and when I found out I was pregnant the first time I went to the Tupperware kiosk at the mall and bought one for my son. I wasn't even showing yet, but I knew that was a toy we HAD to have in our house.

  110. I remember the shape ball... wow. All of my Tupperware is from thrift stores or "borrowed" from my mom. I'd love to see newfangled Tupperware stuff in action!

  111. I just went to my first Tupperware party last night! I guess I was confused because I thought the lids were sold separate from the cups and it was just the lids for $6.50... oh well. We had those cups growing up. I would love to get some for my son, but I thought the price was too high to pay.

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