If I could live in any period of history, I'd choose: right here, right now.

Certainly, there are good and poetic and romantic things about every era. BUT...

  • I like the fact that I can vote and wear jeans and put my clothes in a washing machine.
  • I like that I can type in "biscuits" on and immediately have an awesome recipe in front of me that has been rated by 81 people.
  • If a friend invites me over or I'm going to a new place, I like that I don't have to ask for directions because I can just type the address into the GPS app on my phone.
  • I like that I can take a hundred digital pictures of my kids to get one "perfect shot" without having to worry about the cost of developing film.
  • I like that I can get a glimpse of what the world is like in Thailand and Turkey and Taiwan...without living my house.
  • And it's nice that I can be sitting here after midnight, with a light on - in a pretty nursing gown - with a baby monitor next to me on the desk.

Yes. I'm quite sure that I like it here in 2010.

{I have to say, though...I'd be content in any era as long as I had my family there with me}.

Us at a 50's restaurant (Little Anthony's, in case you're a local and are curious):

twenty-ten 1 twenty-ten 2 twenty-ten 3 twenty-ten 4

If you could live in any era of history, which would you choose? What do you like about living in 2010?

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26 comments on “twenty-ten”

  1. I'd choose right now too. It frightens me thinking of the lack of great medical care of previous eras, along with the oppression of women. Though I love some of the clothing of previous times, like the Renaissance and the Victorian period.

  2. What a great post! We really need to be more thankful for everything that we have in this day and age!

  3. You are so thorough. I was just about to list off the reasons why it would have been cool to live in the 50's or the 70's...and then I read through your reasons and now I'm on the same page as you. Digital cameras and communication technology wins me over.

  4. I agree that there way too many benefits of living in 2010 that I could never live without, yet there are some times I really wish life could be more simple. But, of course, I realize that has a lot more to do with me than the calendar! :)

  5. I was just saying the other day that I'm so glad to be living in this time! So many things I love about it, but especially things like running water, nice hot showers, and not having to spend hours baking my own bread or grinding grains, or doing things like that each day! lol

    Hugs to you!

  6. I was sitting here totally agreeing, and then realized that four of those happened in our lifetime, my since-college lifetime. What a wild world.

    p.s. I always get so caught up in your writing. I just love how it draws me in.

    p.s.s my baby is 9 months. it's going by fast. too fast for this mama.

  7. I am with you! I am loving the great things we have in life in 2010! Although I do believe it is awesome to "unplug" from the technology world very often!

  8. I agree - right now is the time to live. We've got a pretty good balance of technology and personal interaction. I fear that in the future, we might lose more of the personal touch.

  9. I love all that 2010 affords us. But I really hate that I am so dependant on all the technology. I hate that sick feeling in my stomach if the internet goes out b/c I can't check my bank acct or pay my bills.

  10. 2010 has turned out to be the best year of my life...married my husband and traveling the world are amazing things to happen in one year. Plus, we have so much hope for the future! However, I'm not fond of the body aging...too many aches and pains...if I could live in this year, but have the body of a 20 year old...things would be just about perfect! :)

  11. I don't know. Mine is mixed. I think I like this era for the technology and the possibilities. But then, I feel like a lot of things are too complicated, and the world is getting more cruel, more polluted and the unpredictable happens everyday. I see various body part cancers, diseases, wars, and I wonder why. I would rather have a simple life, with all the technologies but minus the pollution, the chemicals, the diseases, etc.

    [email protected]

  12. We just celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday. As long as you're with family, I think any era will do...but we are lucky to have many more ammenities than she had when she was raising 5 children!

  13. As the only male to speak up so far... and as a total geek, the times just keep getting better for men. Toys are way neat-er and there are so many ways to keep working hard yet spend time with your family. I agree Stephanie!

  14. I love little Anthony's! I've only been once, but it was fun. :)

    As for the era thing, I think about that all the time. There are great things about so many eras, though, that I can never choose!

  15. Yes 2010 is a pretty convenient era, I agree! I love the way people dress in Jane's Austin time but would miss all of our modern conveniences!

    So I think I should buy/sew some pretty dress and stay in this era so I would get the best of each!!!

  16. I like your list! Yes, there are definitely advantages we have to living in 2010. I also like the 1890-1900 era. But I'm sure if I could travel back in time, I'd still prefer living where I am right now. Fun post!

  17. The here and now is very good. For the reasons listed above and a few more. I love my soft contact lenses. They are comfortable, and most importantly, I can see! I'd be blind as a bat or stuck in crazy thick coke bottle lens glasses in any other era. I also love texting. My sister is currently backpacking through Europe, and it's awesome to get updates and be able to check on her.

    1. I second your comment about contact lenses! I wear them too - and I am so grateful for that option.

  18. I couldn't choose, if I had to.

    I'd really like a simpler time, but I do enjoy modern conveniences. Actually, I've always said I wouldn't mind being Amish if I could just have electricity and a couple of modern conveniences.

  19. Any time period where we're closer and closer to seeing Jesus come back, is where I'd love to be! Who knows, we might be living in that time frame right now.

    And like you, as long as I have a family I'm good to go. I love being with my family. I do have to admit I like the technology we have nowadays, even if I don't use it all. lol


  20. I agree with Meghan that I would love to live in the movie pride and prejudice where life seemed simple, our foods and products didn't have nasty chemicals, our environment wasn't poisoned. There were tons of social balls for entertainment, and everyone dressed really formally. I would love that.

    But, I also love living right now. I would say that my favorite thing about this era is the internet. How information and learning is right at my fingertips, and anything I want to know I can access. I also love having a car. :)

  21. I like living in this era, but I also love watching movies in the "pride & prejudice time" and just go "wow I would love to wear that!!!" and just the way of life back then was so beautiful and fascinating to me.

  22. I like this era too! But the 50's...everyone dressed so cute, no???

    You would drink a coke out of glass and refill it, and no paper plates, and ride your bike. Although I can't live without my iPhone now, I do appreciate the simplicity we used to have.

  23. I like this era too! But the 50's...everyone dressed so cute, no???

    You would drink a coke out of glass and refill it, and no paper plates, and ride your bike. Although I can't live without my iPhone now, I do appreciate the simplicity we use to have.

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