ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500]

Know a pregnant or new mother? Forward this ULTIMATE giveaway her way. She almost won't need to have a shower if she wins this prize. It covers all of the "basics" in the very best brands.

Take a look at this quintet of prizes!

NURSING COVER by Bebe au Lait

ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500] 1

As one of the "original" brands of nursing covers, Bebe au Lait has the product down to a T. The nursing covers are beautiful, easy-to-use, machine-washable, and longer in length for optimal coverage. Best of all, their covers offer the patented Rigiflex neckline so that you can maintain eye contact with your sweet babe and get the latch exactly right. The neckline also helps to keeps you cool in warmer weather. As the mother of a 4-month-old baby, I never leave my house without throwing a pretty cover in my bag.

Bebe au Lait is running a special sale through August 31st. Buy 1 nursing cover, get a second one 50% off (+ FREE shipping). If you prefer to buy just one, check Amazon - where you can find covers starting at $21.


ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500] 2

Swaddlers are our favorite brand of diapers from newborn to size 2. They're softer than other competing diaper brands, contouring gently to baby's bottom. The swaddlers also feature a yellow line that turns blue when baby's diaper is dirty. One quick glance and you know if baby needs a diaper change. Watch for sales on Amazon. As of today, you can get 234 diapers for $44.99 (+ FREE shipping and no milage on your car). Compare that to your nearest grocery store.


ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500] 3

If you're a nursing mum and you haven't yet heard of Milkstars, do stop by to take a peek at their collection. It's one of the few brands of "nursing clothing" that is both functional AND stylish. The shirts offer a great two-layer design that is easy to use and keeps your postpartum belly covered.

The Brooke Nightgown ($65) is one of Milkstars' newest pieces. The fabric really is "irresistibly soft" - you'll look forward to slipping into the gown when the sun goes down. Nursing throughout the evening is a breeze: just pull aside. Note that the gown doesn't offer an internal bra so you may want to wear a sleep bra if you require additional support.

BOXY BACKPACK by Petunia Pickle Bottom

ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500] 4

Diapers Backpacks are an ideal pick for new mothers - especially mothers of multiple small children.

Petunia Pickle Bottom's Boxy Backpack ($175) is the Cadillac of diaper bags. Its' designs are unmatched in style and the exterior material is super easy to wipe off in the event of spills. The best part about the Boxy is the zip-out changing pad with adjacent pockets for diapers. SO convenient for when you're on-the-go. PPB recently replaced the velcro closure with magnetic snaps and we give this design change two thumbs up. To perfect the functionality, I suggest that Petunia add a small zippable pocket on the outside (for keys or a cell phone), add more compartments in the middle pouch for more efficient organization, and soften up the straps for the wearer's comfort.


ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500] 5

After testing 18+ baby carriers, the ERGObaby remains our top pick for overall versatility. With the infant insert, you can comfortably use the carrier from birth through 45 pounds. Wide, soft straps - plus good support for your hips and back - equal a happy mama.

Up for grabs in this giveaway is an Organic Bundle of Joy set. Available in Dark Chocolate or Navy, the set is super soft and sensationally easy to use (no weird wraps or ties; just slip on and clip!). From August 20-31, you can use code metromama10 to get 10%off your Bundle of Joy.


One winner takes ALL! Prize package is valued at $500. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!

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186 comments on “ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500]”

  1. All of those products look fantastic! We love Pampers, the PPB bag is adorable & I would love to have a nursing nightgown.

  2. My baby days are over, I think, but this is a great list of stuff that really helps. I think with every child you have the less stuff you need. Or I should say, want to carry around. :0)

  3. I just found out my niece is expecting and I would love to win this for her. she would love the PPB bag, I love mine!

  4. I'd LOVE to win this for my co-worker! She just went into labor last night! They were going to induce her on Sunday but called that morning to say they couldn't because too many other momma's came in and they didn't have room for her! I think she'd really like the Milkstars nightgown!!!

  5. As a new mom to a foster baby I am so excited about the ergo baby! I hear it is a must have!! Oh, please! Oh, please!!

  6. I'm def. most excited about the Ergo. I'd love to send in to my sister in Peru, who just had her first baby on the 18th.

  7. OMG! My sister sent me to your site since I am 5mo pregnant w/ my first and she knew this would make me smile! Perfect :)

  8. The Ergo carrier- we've tried cheap slings and Bjourns; my son doesn't seem to like them. Been in the market for a new one so I'm excited to win this!

  9. I already have the Ergo, or that would be my first choice. The nightgown looks like it would be great to own though!

  10. How I wish I had had some of these products when my little ones were little ones. I always tried to cover my kids in public for nursing, but using just a blanket never worked. They'd bat at it and scream. As a result, I fed them in the car most of the time. These new ones are just wonderful.

    We also had a baby backpack, but it was the Snuggli. It worked fine, but wasn't fabulous. I love how there is the newborn insert in these now - so clever.

    And the bag - I love the fold out changing pad. Changing babies in public was just Ewww - so again, we usually did so in the car where I knew it was somewhat clean!

    Nice pics for a giveaway, Stephanie!

  11. Oh man, I've had my eye on that Ergo for a loooooong time! With a 3 year old and a 3 month old I really need something versatile and comfy!

  12. I've been wanting to try the ergo for a long time. I have a woven wrap that I love, but I hear so many great things about the ergo that I'm curious how it compares.

  13. I would love the ergo carrier. My daughter loves to be held during the day and this could help free up my hands.

  14. I never got myself a proper nursing cover, which is too bad because they are SO functional and cute! I'm excited about the Bebe au Lait!

  15. My SIL is pregnant with her FOURTH (I do NOT envy her, but I'm sure others do) and I would love to give her the Milkstars prize because she would never treat HERSELF to anything - it's always for her kids!

  16. I'm most excited about the Ergo. I have one that I'm ready to give away, but two friends who need one. If I win, I'll be able to give one to both friends. :)

  17. Fingers Crossed! This is the best giveaway ever! Since this will be my first little one, I am going based on the many many recommendations I have had for the Ergo. Apparently it is quite the lifesaver! But the PPB bag is so dang cute too!

  18. I want the nightgown! Although I wouldn't turn down another Ergo to keep in the car, there've been a few times I forgot mine and wished I had it! ;)

  19. Im most excited about the ergo and milkstars. I live in my milkstars tops right now and would Love to try the nightgown!

  20. Ooo, what a fabulous collection! I've always wanted to try the Ergo carrier. Love the swaddlers & the nursing cover around here too!

  21. we just had our fourth little boy four weeks ago... he goes through a TON of diapers. so, i'd have to say it's a tie between the diapers and the ergo : )

  22. I have wanted to try Milkstars clothing for a long time! And petunia pickle bottom too! Great prizes for any mama

  23. This is an incredible giveaway! My favorite would have to be the Ergo. I've been looking into different carriers/slings for when we have baby number 2 and this is high up on the list!

  24. Well, since I don't need too much for baby #6, I guess I'd be most excited about the diapers! I just got some Huggies in the newborn size today, but I do admit that Pampers Swaddlers are also my favorite! They smell the best, haha!

  25. Everything is awesome. Pampers really are the best diapers for newborns. I would like to have a nursing cover this time around. I just used a blanket before, and it would be so frustrating at times.

  26. I own a Bebe au Lait cover, an Ergo carrier and we LOVE Swaddlers. I agree with all these picks! For my diaper bag I purchased a Vera Bradley with baby #1 and so far haven't needed/wanted to replaced it. What I love about it is that I can easily transform it from a diaper bag back into a regular tote for myself. But I do so love the look of Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. And I've never tried the Milkstars brand but that gown looks very comfy. What a great prize pack!

  27. I have always wanted a petunia picklebottom bag! Also, right now I am borrowing my sister-in-laws Ergo, and I am sure she is going to want it back when they have another baby, and that will make me very sad.... :)

  28. ERgo is a great carrier. I was so thrillled to learn that they donated carriers to the foster moms in South Korea. yay ergo

  29. Omigoodness! So many things to be excited about!
    If I had to pick one, I'd say the nursing cover and nightgown. It's so hard to find good nursing clothes that LOOK good too!

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