Unnecessary Baby Products (a list of things NOT to register for)


I suppose we should begin with the end: a list of all the things you should NOT put on your baby registry.

These items are ones that you should either (A) pass on altogether, (B) borrow from a friend or buy secondhand, or (C) "wait and see" if you need it.


DVDs for babies - Baby Einstein, Baby Genius, Brainy Baby, Baby Signing Time. They all insist adamantly that they're not like each other (but they really are all the same). They claim to make your baby smarter, happier, funnier, better. Don't buy it...and don't forget that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV until after age two.

Hooded Towels - They seem snuggly and sweet and so marvelously miniature. Then, you get them home and realize they're snuggly and sweet...and ridiculously small. Isn't the goal to keep the baby warm after a bath? Regular, adult-sized towels are so much better for wrapping and warming.

Baby Shoes (0-6 months) - Babies don't walk. In fact, they don't even crawl until they're at least 6 months. The teeny kicks may be absolutely adorable, but they're also completely unnecessary.

Baby Oil and Baby Powder - These items are relics from the 1950s, yet they still randomly show up on registry "must have" lists. They are most definitely not "must haves." They are "why-do-I-have-these" items.

Baby Brush and Comb - That tiny doll-sized matching brush and comb set is so cute, but also highly impractical. They will likely go unused, except perhaps by the baby's older sibling and her collection of dolls.


Swing - Some babies like 'em, some babies hate 'em, some babies throw up in 'em. This is not an item you want to invest big bucks in. Even if your baby LOVES the rhythmic back-and-forth motion and the accompanying tunes, it's unlikely that he or she will use the swing for more than 6 months.

Nursery Decor - Ah, the "baby's room." It's what everyone wants to know about (Did you paint the baby's room? Did you hang up those cute little letters that spell out the baby's name? Do you have a "theme"?). It's how you show your parenting skills even before the baby arrives. It's as if having a flawlessly magazine-ready room will guarantee your prowess as a parent. But that's ridiculous for 102 reasons (which I'll save for another post in the future), most notably of which that (a) the baby does not care if the room is decorated and (b) the baby may not even end up sleeping in that room.

Mobile - Do you really need a hanging thing getting in your way as you put your baby in the crib in a sleepy stupor? Wait a minute...who said anything about putting the baby in a crib? Moving right along to...

Crib & Crib Mattress & Crib Linens - This is a little secret I'll clue you in on. Some babies don't sleep in cribs. GASP! We have a 2-year-old and a 1-month-old and you can search high-and-low throughout our house and you won't find a crib anywhere. That said, plenty of people do use cribs, but I wouldn't run out and buy that expensive cherry wood bed of luxury because it may sit forlornly in your perfectly-decorated nursery with no baby inside. Instead, borrow one from a friend or buy a bassinet off CraigsList for the first few months until you can decide what sleeping arrangements work best for your family.

Travel System Stroller (and infant car seat) - Again, you might use this. You might not. I much prefer to take my baby right out of that car seat and carry her in my arms or in a carrier when we're out-and-about.


Breast Pump - If you're returning to work post-baby and want to give your baby the benefits of breastmilk, those suction cups may become your new office-mate. If, however, you're a stay-at-home mom, you probably don't need a double-electric pump. You might prefer to use a manual pump or to hand express. Or you might not use a pump at all.

Bottles, Bottle Warmer, and Bottle Accessories - Childrens' story books and Hollywood would have us believe that all babies drink from bottles...but that's not always the case.

Pacifiers - Again, this one's a "toss up." Some babies use them. Some babies don't. Our two girls never did.

Bibs and Burp Cloths - Some babies drool a lot. Other babies don't. Some parents dutifully put bibs on their babes at mealtime. Other moms just let the mess get all over the place and then stick their kid in the bath afterward.


The resounding message of this post is, of course, that all babies are different and all parents are different. And I'm not just saying that to be politically correct. That's the truth.

Perhaps baby registry companies make those extra-long "must have" lists because such a wide array of parenting philosophies and baby behaviors abound. Oh, wait - scratch that - they're just out to make big money. ;)

YOUR TURN: Do you agree or disagree with the items on my list? What would you add to the list of things NOT to register for?

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42 comments on “Unnecessary Baby Products (a list of things NOT to register for)”

  1. Great post. Before we had our first child we thought we needed everthing anyone ever told us or we read. Interestingly we have have sold some items that we bought for our first child that we were advised as an absolute must such as a changing unit and it was a waste of good space. With our second child we just used an existing chext of drawers or the floor!

  2. I think the list is great, though I have to *partially* disagree on the baby brush, I though I greatly emphasize partially. Both of my children (and I suspect our newest addition due any day now) were soothed by using a baby brush. I think it is because it just feels good on their little scalps, just as it does with ours... they are human after all. Practical for doing their hair? No, but if it feels good for them, I am all for it!

    Thanks for the list!

  3. BUMBO - UGH! Babies who cannot yet sit . . . SHOULD NOT SIT!!!!! It's so bad for their developing bodies, not to mention completely disrespectful to put them into a position they cannot access on their own. If a baby cannot put herself into the sitting position then she is not ready for it. Period! Think of the damage you're doing to her spine, her tailbone, her organs . . . not to mention teaching her that what she CAN do isn't good enough and that she should be growing and learning the next phase faster, faster, faster. Please, if you care at all about your children, look up Emmi Pickler, Magda Gerber, or the RIE approach. As a matter of fact: http://www.sophiashearth.org/images/PDF%20s/revisedPiklerTrustWiseInfant.pdf
    Get that baby out of the stupid Bumbo and onto her back where she belongs. It's dangerous and stupid and yet another product to get you to spend money and actually hinder your child's natural development. Seriously, why does your baby need to sit up, anyway?! (Perhaps to get a better view of the TV? Yikes.)
    And while I'm at it, for the love of God, stop "walking" your baby by holding her arms up above her head. If the baby MUST walk before she's physically ready to do so on her own, get down on your knees, and hold her by the torso. Ever see an adult walk around with her arms up in the air?! NO. This is why little ones are falling down all over the place and barrelling headfirst into everything - they've been robbed of their own natural ability to take careful, intentional steps. I know everyone loves their chlid and is well intentioned but please, think about it. Let your child do it on her own.

  4. Not one person on this website has mentioned actually reading (and singing) to your baby from the very earliest age. Who needs Baby Einstein DVDs. Get some classical music CDs, Mozart or whatever composer turns you on. If you can play the piano, hold the baby while playing. They'll love it.
    Incidentally,My first child slept in a dresser drawer for a few weeks. We were in the USAF, and moving soon, so a crib was out.

  5. I agree with this article. My aunt still lives with my grandparents and they gave the baby her own room, but they did not do any fancy decorating or unnecessary crap most Americans try to show or imitate through magazines, tv, and etc. In fact, the only thing new in the room was the crib, and even so, the baby does not sleep on the crib, rather she sleeps on the connected changing table that is attached to the crib. She does not have a painted room, with stupid decorations, or fancy clothes, or expensive toys. Most of the toys she have are safe plushies that were handed down from my sister and I.

    I think there are people who are actually really silly enough to think that decorating a baby's room is a must. If you could afford it and love to, then go ahead, but in most cases, it is nothing but a waste of time and money. Especially if you will be in that home for the rest of your life, and when your child grows up to see their room painted pink or blue with alphabet blocks and teddy bear stickers, it would be incredibly embarrassing.

    Also, the baby does not sleep in their own room so often anyway.

  6. I dislike clutter, and I get rashes from too many products to waste my time and money on tons of baby items. I didn't want a wooden crib, but hubby wanted one. I did get a BabyBjorn travel crib to use as a napping bed and playpen because it was safe and washable. Strollers can be useful for those with back pain. Garage sales and Craigslist are dumping grounds for many baby items.

  7. So I gather most of the mothers on here are stay at home moms or have nannies. I am a mother to be who happens to work at a child care center. If you plan to have your child in child care buy a crib and have them sleep in it. Unless you are ok with a very tired crabby child every day when you pick them up, at least for the first few months.
    I also personally disagree with the bibs and burb cloths. I haven't met a baby that didn't need one at some time. Another reference to child care... It may be easy to take off one child's clothes to eat, but 12 is a bit more difficult. So the back up plan is bibs or you get very dirty clothes after every meal.
    Those are just my observations and opinions. I would also like to point out that every mother and baby is different.

  8. I dont agree with some of the 'pass' items as I found these invaluable! Bumbo was brilliant, especiallywhen my daughter was to big for bouncy chair but needed somewhere to sit when rolling around on the play mat wasn't safe due to hoover/mopping etc. All my friends loved their Bumbos!

  9. I have to agree with Mary regarding the DVDs: I think its important that people make claims based on facts and then back it up! Harvard researchers have found both no benefits to DVDs (see link) AND harm (see last paragraph).


    Here is an article which discusses "brainy baby" and "Einstein" and the association with language delays

    Lastly, I'm always wary when companies who are selling the product are the ones to find "they make your baby smarter"...

  10. Aww now, baby oil is very useful! Just not for things to do with babies. However, if you need to remove fingerprints and water marks from your stainless steel appliances, baby oil is the way to go!

    My son never spent one single night in his crib, hated his swing, never needed bibs, nor a hairbrush (not until he was well past toddlerhood anyway). I never even bought a high chair - I used a reclining booster seat with a tray made by the first years that strapped to a regular chair the whole time - it's smaller size fit better in my apt and made it easier to deal with. Instead of a mess mat under it, I laid out a mat from a Twister game to encourage him to hit a specific color with the food he threw.

    I will cop to using extensively one piece of equipment most parents say is useless - the changing table. My baby was off the charts the first year in height and weight and it was a lifesaver to be able put him up there so I didn't have to bend over or struggle to keep him in place. I used it as a place to give him baby massages too, since one second of contact with his crib mattress meant instant screaming.

    Also a wait-and-see? A baby monitor. If you end up co-sleeping or having the baby in your room, it's useless. I had one but can't remember ever using it.

  11. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with this whole list LOL! Luckily, I had a Sister of three that filled me in, so I didn't make the mistake of buying EVERYTHING like most first time mom's. I didn't have a "nursery" either because Capri was going to sleep with us, and I wanted to keep the extra bedroom a bedroom for people to stay in when they visit. I bought a cute pink rug, and borrowed my sisters changing table and that was our "nursery" except I can't tell you how many people came over wanting to see our theme and shocked by my birthing tub all ready for the birth in that room! LOL I did end up using a crib because we had to wean Capri earlier then we had planned for health reasons, and she couldn't sleep next to me without freaking out- so we moved to the Crib. We tried to get her to come back, but she was so used to the crib she never did. I SO miss the cuddles! Although, I must admit I enjoy being able to spread out! Great list, and thank you for this! It's so funny how this kind of stuff can rub some people the wrong way. Thanks for being you!

  12. As a soon to be grandma, I agree with most of what's on your unnecessary list. I'm amazed at how much stuff some new moms think they need. However, I disagree about bibs. They are unnecessary before your baby is into the eating solids stage, but I really loved the bibs that covered their whole front when they started feeding themselves. It protected their clothing, and eating topless wasn't an option some of the year. Bibs for spitting up are good for formula fed babies and for breastfed babies who are getting those noxious multiple vitamin vitamin oils. Otherwise the bf babies don't really need spit up bibs because, at least in my experience, breastmilk doesn't stain the way formula does.

  13. Loved this! We just had baby #4 and still have items from when baby #1 was born, almost 5 years ago! I totally agree with most of your list and will definitely pass it along to friends! However, I love the hooded towels because they are easier to wash (don't take up as much room in the washer) and the kids love wearing them after the bath! My 4 year old is just getting big enough to need a regular size towel! I also have gone through quite a lot of strollers and love to see what new features come around every year. We currently Valco Trimode Twin and love that it has the 3rd seat option (which we have yet to purchase, but love the idea that it is there!). And who the heck invented the wipes warmer??? My babies laugh at the concept!!! So, with 4 kids now, we have used up old items, bought new ones along the way, and are constantly on the lookout for great things to make life easier, but not cluttered!

  14. I agree with most things on your list. My son never sleeps in his crib. Not even for 5 mins.

    Yes, shoes are unnecessary but I buy them because he looks cute in them. My husband says I'm silly but tiny little sneakers are just adorable. They don't stay on very well but whatever, they look cute in photos.

    I disagree on the wipes warmer. I didn't buy one till my son screamed his head off at every diaper changing. I learned to speed-change his diapers and the warm wipes made him scream a bit less.

  15. Dennis, early TV watching not being a good idea is not something that was just made up by hysterical journalists. Ironically, when I tried to verify your statement that the American Academy of Pediatrics says it can't support its policy scientifically (this surprised me..) I discovered that it is "Turn Off" week this week. Their site links to a fact sheet about screen time for the very young which outlines research-based reasoning for limiting tv under the age of two. You should cite your sources because your position looks like a personal opinion to me. Mine are here http://parenthood.phibian.com/?ID=34 for those interested.

    Incidentally, no one is saying that children can't learn things from screens, just that there are better ways to teach the alphabet. Especially when they are under the age of two or three.

    I'd put a baby bathtub on the pass list - I've never met a baby who didn't HATE them at the beginning. They do grow to enjoy them, but my experience is that taking baby into the shower or bath is actually easier (and no crying!)

    We passed on commercial wipes altogether. You can use cloth ones instead - created from an old cotton housecoat / nightgown / shirt etc. We just wet them with water too, controlling the temperature by holding them under the tap turned to the desired temperature.

    I definitely second the nursing pad comment - I'd say this is a "wait and see item" as some moms won't really need them and others (like me) won't go anywhere without several changes of clothing and nursing cups to reduce the leakage. I found that nursing pads need to be changed so frequently that they were kind of useless for me, at least the first month.

  16. i would add baby bathtubs (nice at the beginning and with a first baby but not so good with multiples) and bottle warmers (we use a thermos and a cold bottle of sterile water to mix the perfect temperature).

  17. The biggest joke to me are the thin burp clothes. My daughter spit up alot and those burp clothes just didn't cut it. We went with a good old package of cloth diapers and that worked perfectly. Also, don't register for baby oil, lotions, shampoos etc. You will get enough of those to last you a lifetime as gifts or baby shower presents. My daughter is almost four and we are still trying to get through the stockpile of lotions we got!
    If you are going to nurse you will defenitely need nursing pads. I used cloth, washable ones made by Lansinoh.

  18. Sorry.. but you soooo do not know what you are talking about regarding DVD's. Totally agree with #2 comment from Patty.

    DVD's are good period (if they are educational). The erroneous facts that the media distorts has been promoted as a fear based agenda for far too long. There are scores of positive and real scientific research available to suggest that media viewing for children can actually have a very positive influence. In fact, when you count and look at all the research on this subject, there is an overwhelming amount of positive research that other Universities have performed. The question to ask is, why is this information supressed?

    Even the recent Harvard study stated DVD’s cause no harm. Harvard didn’t even test for educational value, nor did they test products like Brainy Baby (which has been proven to be beneficial to children and yes, they do make your kid smarter!)

    Please do not draw conclusions that are not based on fact and then attempt to pass it off to other parents as the truth!

    The key is content. My children were raised on quality, educational videos and they definitely learned all their basics from videos. To completely dismiss DVD’s in view of all the positive research is really throwing out the baby with the bath water. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that it cannot support their policy scientifically.

    I wouldn’t exactly cut the cord off the TV yet and as a parent I wouldn't feel guilty if you use a video. What about all those parents that absolutely swear that their child learned their ABC’s from a video? Don’t we count?

    1. Despite your admonitions on the subject of DVDs, I see no sources backing up your claims. If you're going to make the claim that "DVD’s are good period (if they are educational).", you might want to cite some kind of data that backs up that claim (You also might not want to make absolute statements and immediately write an exception in a parenthetical).

      You spent a lot of time writing your criticism only to make the same errors you are criticizing. While I don't doubt your passion or conviction on the subject, your argument is severely weakened by its inherent hypocrisy. If you have the time to write such a lengthy reply, please cite your source material and actually contribute to an intelligent discussion.

      As far as your claims, I was unable to find a cited study that supported your claims. It is possible that you specifically have used the videos to great effect but, anecdotal evidence cannot be accepted in a discussion about scientific merits. I was however, able to find two studies that seem to show they are at least a waste of money if used on their own (there appear to be others but, my time and interest is limited):

      (and an article that discusses the results in further detail, if you're not interested in paying for the paper: http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2010/03/03/does-baby-einstein-help-toddlers-learn/)

      (again, if you're uninterested in paying for the PDF: http://www.washington.edu/alumni/uwnewslinks/200709/videos.html)

      While the results of these studies aren't absolutely damning to educational baby DVDs, they seem to disagree with the marketing of said videos. Are they effective? At the moment it seems to be at the very least an unknown, and at the worst, and "all signs point to no". Given that data, I believe their conclusion on a list of unnecessary products is more than fair.

  19. Oh yeah, there is one thing I use on your unnecessary list, and that is baby oil. It's good for cleaning wax out of ears, even your own but especially the kids'. Just dip the end of a q-tip into the oil and then roll it around in the ear. It picks up the wax like magic!

  20. I agree with you on everything. Baby shoes are cute but don't stay on, hooded towels are not only small but ridiculously thin and don't absorb enough to actually dry the baby off.

    We didn't have a swing with our first two and then we got one for our third but only after we found one for $10 on Craigslist.

  21. I agree with you completely! Neither one of my kids liked their swings, and we've never owned a crib. I used those hooded towels a lot of with my first born (kind of a cute little novelty), but don't remember using them at all with my second. Like you said, they're so thin and un-absorbent!

  22. I know wipe warmers are a total waste. I laughed everytime a friend bought one against my advice. Then my son was born. He screamed like crazy everytime we wiped his bottom (We live in San Diego and he was born in February. Wasn't overly cold, but they wern't exactly room temperature either). After 2 weeks of him screaming at every middle of the night diaper change and sometimes waking his 2 year old sister, I finally broke down and bought a wipe warmer. It was a God send for the first few months.

    I won't be breaking it out for the next baby though unless we absoluetly need to!

  23. I agree with most of this list. Most of our baby stuff was either given to us as gifts or bought second hand. The only thing I bought brand new was my jogging stroller - because I knew exactly what I wanted and after looking for a used one for 3 months went ahead and bought it brand new.

    My little one started sleeping in her crib at about a year old - before that it made a great place to put her extra blankets...

    I despised the travel system.

    I didn't need burp cloths and bibs with baby #1, but my best friend needed at least 10 a day - her baby was a spitter-upper, we'll see how baby #2 is.

    We loved the bouncy hanging from the doorway thing - but I found that at a sale for $5

    My favorite thing when my daughter was a newborn was something somebody gave me - a vibrating, bouncy chair thing that could sit on the table, etc... and moved around easily. It was definitely a lifesaver for those times when I "had" to put the baby down.

    Oh and you hit on one of my pet peeves - nursery decor!

    I think get a few things and then "wait and see" what your baby is like, will like and needs is the best advice ever. Also - buy as much as possible used or borrow it from a friend or relative.

  24. I agree with most of it. Boo slept in her crib from day one, but would also sleep whereever we put her. She wasn't picky...

    We got most of our baby stuff at garage sales. Didn't have a swing OR a stroller until she was about 4 months, carried her everywhere instead. We did that out of financial neccisity, but I think we just might go that way again with the next one.

    I don't get Bumbo's, never have. Boopy's either. A pillow worked fine for me nursing wise. I also want to add Bottle Warmers...in my opinion if your baby wakes up make the bottle. Don't leave something that can catch on fire going all night long so you don't have to get up. Just my thought.

  25. I agree with most everything on your list, but I do love my travel system! I carried her (and still do) in the moby most of the time, but for trips to the mall, etc. I liked having the stroller to tote all my junk underneath. Also, we never used gas drops, but we did use gripe water frequently and it was a godsend.

    Some others I would add are baby tub, pack n play, and swing (only because DD hated hers!). When she was really small, I always bathed with her because I felt I had better control of her that way anyway. Now, I just put an inch of water in the tub and let her splash around while I sit on the edge with my feet in. The pack n play I planned to use as a bassinet and we ended up co-sleeping. She still hasn't touched her crib...which makes me really glad we bought one that converts to a toddler bed.

  26. I agree with everything. When people would ask me if the nursery was done (and why is that one of the most ask things), I would tell them no. The baby is going to sleep in her pack-n-play in our room so I didn't even bother with setting up a nursery. I don't have a crib, in a few months an old co-worker is gong to give me his, but I don't know if or when my girl will use it. Heck she sleeps with me an has spent maybe a total of 5 hours in her pack-n-play in her 3.5 months.
    Great list.

  27. I almost totally agree. I will say, that I received a couple of really nice hooded towels from some swanky local boutique. They were wonderful! Very generously sized, thick and soft. I would probably splurge on a few more if I had another baby. I used those until recently. The typical thin tiny ones drove me crazy and were quickly ditched.

  28. I'm still waiting on my first little one (2 weeks to go!) but I just love what you said about nursery decor. So true and so funny! I am so tired of people asking me what my "theme" is! I tell them it's blue and green, and that's not a good enough theme for so many people :)

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. Everyone asks me what my theme is going to be. People are shocked when I say I'm not doing one. Because I'm a high risk pregnancy there are so many other things I have on my mind besides what's going on the walls in the baby's room.

  29. I think what you "NEED" and "DON'T Need" is really dependent on you and your child.

    My daughter has loved her hooded towels from day one. So much that we have even bigger ones for her to use at 2 years old (that are more absorbent and all).

    I still use a baby brush and comb because my daughter 2 years later still has really fine hair and loves the softness of the brush.

    I loved our Bumbo even though it wasn't used long but we'll use it for other kids!

    I didn't think I would need a bassinet in my room but that proved a necessity for me since my daughter napped in her crib in the day and then slept in my room in the bassinet for 4-5 months.

    And my daughter hated the carriers - every kind I tried from mei tei to wraps. We'll see if this new baby likes them!

  30. Eeek! My philosophy is to put shoes and socks on those kids from the beginning so you won't have a toddler who refuses to wear them!! Obviously that's just an opinion, but it makes sense to me!

  31. Thanks for saying it's OK not to buy a crib at first! So many of our friends are shocked at our lack of a crib!!! One literally went pale and left the room after we said we didn't think we'd buy one. Between that sort of thing and our natural birth plan, we're freaking a lot of people out! :)

  32. Bibs we use several a day because around 5 months she started drooling in like a fiend and would soak several onesies a day otherwise. But my older daughter only used them for meals so they weren't so vital.

    I do like crib shoes (Robeez knock offs from Target) for the baby because she wouldn't keep socks on her feet - but those are the only shoes she has and she is 8 months old.

    And while I agree with above commenter that a Bumbo isn't a necessity - I LOVE ours. Both of my daughters used it for a long time. My youngest started getting too active for it so we bought a tray and it has extended its life by 3 months by keeping her in it. It is a great thing to be able to pop her in it for a few minutes while I go to the bathroom or make a bottle. It is also an easy place to feed her when she started baby food. (Buy one second hand, the price is ridiculous for foam.)

    Otherwise, yes wait and see. Buy second hand or borrow. My first loved her bouncy seat. My second hated it. My first never used a swing. My second would only nap in the swing at the height of her reflux. Even carriers are hard to predict. My first loved the pouch and my second loved the mei tei. I think you can hold off on most things and figure it out as your baby gets older.

  33. I disagree with many things on your "don't need" list. I used my daughters cribs right from the day they were born. Their nurseries were decorated and stimulating. They napped there each day and spent their nights with me in a cradle. The travel system stroller was a godsend. There were times when I carried my baby, but I have other young children to care for and at times, having my hands free was essential. As a physician, I can tell you that gas drops absolutely work and are beneficial to many babies. And as for DVD's and the tv, there is NO proven evidence, that a Baby Einstein video will in anyway harm a child. Nor will an episode of barney, sesame street or any other age appropriate children's show. I will speak for myself and tell you that I watched tv as a child and went on to be a successful professional and mother. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, so I thought that I'd share mine!

    1. There is PLENTY of evidence that television harms babies - their eyesight, for one. Their eyes aren't finished developing yet and screens are no good for those little eyes. There have also been extrememly high correlations between television in infancy and ADHD in childhood and on. The quick moving, constantly changing images of a television acutally program the brain to require stimulation - thereby causing inability to focus. This is even being proven with adults! Adults who watch television or who are constantly on the internet/smart phone/etc. have slower reaction times, lower reading skills, less problem solving, etc. etc. etc. Claiming to be a physician doesn't mean you have updated yourself on the latest research NOR does it mean that you have children's best interests in mind. Lets do some research and get some facts before we walk around giving a "physician's" seal of approval on ridiculously unsafe and UNNECESSARY things like television for babies! Moms everywhere are looking to you for knowledge. Shame on you.

  34. Totally agree with the list!! My daughter barely spent any of her first year in her room so who cares what it looked like, she didn't even sleep in her crib until she was 3 months old. I also still have bottles of baby powder and baby oil from my shower that have never been touched! And I never understood pretty burpcloths. It's for spit up after all, so we just used a pack of those cloth diapers. Cheap and does the trick.

    Another thing not to register for is a Bumbo. I don't think it is a necessity. Our daughter just sat in her swing or the bouncer (which we borrowed both)if we needed a place to put her. Plus, the Bumbo only lasted her a month because she had chubby legs.

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