Unwelcome Visitors...and a question for you about "morning" sickness

Nausea, Dizziness, and Throw Up have decided to take up residence in this little body of mine (despite my many "eviction notices")...which is why I've been a bit MIA here in the blogosphere.

But I can't complain. I am - at this very moment - experiencing an incredible miracle. A little life is taking shape inside of me. If that isn't awe-inspiring and beautiful and intensely moving, I don't know what is.

Unwelcome Visitors...and a question for you about "morning" sickness 1I do have a quick question for you about "morning" sickness. There is an Old Wives Tale out there that the amount of morning sickness that you have can be a predictor of baby's gender. I don't put much credence in such tales, but I thought I'd take a quick show of hands of my mama friends just to see how it panned out for YOU. 

Did you or did not have morning sickness during any/all of your pregnancies? Did you notice a difference based on the gender of your baby?

Okay, back to resting and trying to lie veeeerrryyy still so as not to send my body's nausea-meter off the charts...

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90 comments on “Unwelcome Visitors...and a question for you about "morning" sickness”

  1. My son - no morning sickness. My daughter - some morning sickness. This pregnancy - more morning sickness. But I'm not as bad off as some people I know (my mother threw up even after delivery b/c of pain medicines - she tells people I made her sick 9 months and 4 days!).

    If I had a theory, it would be that girls cause MORE morning sickness than boys. However, my husband's sister had sickness with ALL her babies and 2 are boys.

    Sorry that there is no magic pill. I'm sort of hoping this one is a girl, so I'm kind of smiling through the queasy moments. But I'll be happy with either. I already have a set.

  2. I did not have morning sickness. Hope you are feeling better. I was carrying twin girls, who eventually came early (23weeks 5 days). They are now 2 y.o. and doing fine!

  3. Congratulations on the growing miracle. I rushed right over when I heard you've been away because of morning sickness. (I just found out today!)

    I've had four pregnancies and with three I had nausea. With the last one my stomach hurt so bad, but I've never had trouble with throwing up. I can't say that I'm sorry about that.

    I hope it subsides soon. Nausea is terrible so I can only imagine the mad rush to the bathroom. Ugh! Take care.

  4. No MS at all with DS#1; felt just a little 'off' with DS#1 (just bad enough to quit going to the gym!).

    I'm sorry it's hitting you so bad. Ginger is supposed to work wonders, even just 1/2 teaspoon in some boiling water as a "tea."

    I hope you get some relief soon.

  5. This is a bit late, but I'll share my story. I started getting sick at 8 weeks. At about the 2 1/2 month mark, I was complaining, yet again, to my doc about being sick, sick, sick. He finally realized that I wasn't fibbin' when I showed up, 11 pounds lighter, with ketones in my urine. I was starving! So, he sent me to the emergency room for an IV. That was the most glorious day! I was hungry, and when I ate, nothing came back up! I think I stuffed myself like a T'day turkey. Oh. Sorry. Food reference. :-(
    A little advice, though: An apple tastes great going down...and isn't so bad if it doesn't stay that way. Um...food for thought. Sorry.

  6. I'm so sorry you're so sick. I was sick my whole pregnancy with my daughter.. having her was such sweet relief! I'm sure that's the last thing you wanted to hear right now.

    With my son I was sick the whole pregnancy but then after my third time of laying in a hospital bed with an I.V. in my arm, a WONDERFUL nurse told me to try taking 1/2 to 1 unisom tablet every night before bed. It made it so I could function at least half of a day.. every day around 1-3 I would start to feel queasy again, but queasiness is far better than hanging over a bowl all day and not being able to eat or drink anything.

  7. Welp, I have 3 kids, and with all 3 I had hyperemesis gravidum, which basically, for me, meant all day incredible nausea, throwing up 15 times a day, and basically feeling as if I was dying, until about week 28, and then I had lower level nausea and got sick just once a day until delivery. And I was on zofran the whole time. I have 3 girls, and I will always wonder if my body would react differently to having a boy, but we are done, done, done. (And after reading these comments, I realize it's probably just my reaction to pregnancy) I have a true sympathy for anyone going through "morning sickness", because it simply just really sucks. I'm sending you good thoughts that it'll soon pass!

  8. Yippee!! Congrats on your pregnancy! What a blessing and miracle for your family! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I was more sick with my boys than with my girl during pregnancy. I honestly think that morning sickness is different for everyone, just depends on your body and hormone reaction! I hope you start feeling better soon! Hey, second trimester is a blink away~ then, (hopefully) you will feel better! Congrats again, Stephanie!

  9. I threw up for seven months with my daughter - ugh! Not sure if it was because she's a girl or because she's got a spitfire-type personality. What I have heard over and over from other moms, and I experienced - is that more often than not extreme morning sickness is followed by more excessive heartburn . . . followed by a hairier baby. Not knowing what she was until I go through delivery, I was convinced by the rumors of "the more heartburn, the more hair" that I'd be giving birth to a monkey!!

  10. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and know you have talked and thought about this for awhile! I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and having so much morning sickness. Wanted to answer your question...I think from what I know personally and from friends is that it is all myth! I have three daughters. I had severe morning (all day!) sickness with the first two. The 2nd was the worst - enough to bring on hospitalization and numerous runs to get IV fluids due to dehydration, etc. The third time, I did have some nausea, but nothing like the first two. With the first two, I could throw up many, many times a day and did for many months (more than half the pregnancy) With my third, I threw up only twice the entire pregnancy. Early on, the many differences between this last pregnancy and the earlier ones (not just including MS but defintiely that in part) had us convinced this time it was a boy...but another amazing little girl who just made her way into this world in a way very different than her big sisters!

    Will be thinking about you and praying for you, your family, and the new, amazing gift and sweet life within you!

  11. I was just getting a little worried from not hearing from you, so I thought I would check in! Hope all is well and you are feeling much better!

  12. I had nausea with all 3 pregnancies (girl, then 2 boys); I didn't notice a difference per gender. What seemed to work for me was increasing my protein intake (so instead of crackers, a protein bar or eggs) - that decreased the occasions of nausea for me.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I've been busy with my new little boy and haven't had a chance to be on the internet much.

  13. You haven't posted in a few days... so I just wanted to say I hope you're feeling better and doing okay.

  14. I had moderate nausea with my last 2, a boy and a girl, and this third pregnancy really got me! I lost 8 pounds in the first trimester, and I'm still getting over that stretch. You're not slowing down like you may have with your first because there is someone else who demands your time and attention!

    My OB nurse was not very happy with the weight loss. She had me discontinue my prenatal vitamins temporarily and had me get B-natal - they are basically OTC B-vitamin supplements in lollipop form designed to quell morning sickness. They did seem to help, and they worked where the Preggie Pop drops left off. You only take one every 8 hours, but I never needed more than one a day.

    Sure hope things look up for you soon! It's the best reason in the world to feel so awful, and although it doesn't feel like it, it does pass. Feel better!

  15. Feel better soon, my friend. Can I bring you Saltines and 7-up? How about 4 tins of Altoids? ;) I wish I had some advice. Sea Bands seemed to help me a little...wish I could be more helpful.

    Take care and rest!

  16. I had nausea, but I never threw up. I was told that if I did have morning sickness and did throw up then I would have a boy. So, needless to say, I had two girls!

  17. I didn't have morning sickness with either my daughter or my son. The only difference was I craved Sunkist orange soda with her, and red meat with him.

  18. First, Congratulations!
    I experienced morning sickness with all of my pregnancies, All. Day. Long.
    Three boys and a girl.
    My DIL was bedridden sick with my grandsons and not as sick with my grand daughter however…with my grand daughter she was a total airhead which IS NOT her.
    From what I have heard…the sicker you are the less chance there is of a miscarriage. Fact or fiction I know not.

  19. Awww! CONGRATULATIONS and I am so sorry about your sickness, it has very little to do with morning at my house. After four kids, three boys and one girl I can say that I have no difference between them with nausea and vomiting but my cravings were different. I craved fruit and chocolate with my girl and never had that craving with the boys. Feel better!!

  20. Stephanie,

    I was WAY more sick with my son than my daugther. Way. The pregnancies definitely felt different. I hope you feel better soon!


  21. I only have one boy, but I definitely had morning/all day sickness. Sometimes it would come at 3 pm and other times it was at 9 am. It was all just nausea - I kept thinking if I could just get it out it would be better...Drinking anything with carbonation (bubbles) somehow really helped me through the hardest parts. So sorry that you are feeling sick, if there's anything I can do please let me know!

  22. Morning sickness with both of my boys involved lots of nausea and throwing up.

    Morning sickness with my girl involved queasiness and severe food aversions.

    I really thought my third was a girl since the sickness was so different and I ended up correct. :)

  23. Can’t answer the question directly but my wife was “light” on the morning sickness and we had a boy. A close friend had a terrible time; she said she felt seasick constantly during both of her pregnancies…two girls.

  24. I have no two cents to add, never having been pregnant, but I wanted to add some words of support nevertheless. The problem is after scrolling past all those comments detailing morning sickness, I'm starting to feel a little queasy... Umm, good luck? :)

  25. Since I was so sick with my first child...all my co-workers were convinced (and convinced me) that I was having a girl. When I had my ultrasound I showed them the picture and showed them where my little girl has a penis :)

    With my second child (who IS a little girl) I only threw up once and I'm pretty sure it was a flu bug and not morning sickness.

    My advice...have fun with the old wives tales...and appreciate God's little miracles!

  26. I miss a couple of days and see you're pregnant with number two! CONGRATS!

    I dont know about your question. I think it's all wives tales really.

    I had it for 12 weeks with both boys and had it for 9 weeks with this one...I dont know the sex until next Monday.

  27. I had morning sickness with my first son, only certain smells would make me actually yak... but I wasn't throwing up on a daily basis. As for my 2nd son I had the feeling but never threw up and now I'm preggo (33 weeks) with a baby girl I had the "feeling" but no yakking! I'm blessed I guess.

  28. I was totally sick with both my boys, not with my daughter. : /

    I think it's another girl for you, just the vibe Im getting :D

  29. I have two girls and it was different for me each time. With my oldest I had NO nausea or m/s at all. With my second I was sick as a dog!

  30. I have a boy. In the first month I was dizzy and experienced extreme hunger pains which led to nausea. Can you imagine being hungry and disgusted at the same time? Not once did I barf. After that, it was smooth sailing. I didn't even know that I was pregnant until 19 weeks. I blamed coming off of depo provera for that episode during the first month!

  31. anecdotal:
    i found it's mostly due to the mom's hormones, healthy "fat" level, and of course, nutrition. women who seemed to be the most sick during pregnancy were ones with very little body fat and possible hormone imbalance prior to pregnancy.

    i've heard ALL pregnancies are different. i had mom friends who had zero problems with sickness with the first pregnancy, and had more morning sickess on the second---same gender baby both times, whether that's boy or girl.

    women in my mom's or grandmother's generations tended to believe that a pregnancy that was particularly hard on the mom (LOTS of puking, LOTS of sickness...throughout more than just the first trimester) tended to indicate a boy. But, hey, who knows?

  32. For my first I had morning sickness where I could only eat fruit (and fruit roll-ups) until 10 am (I woke up for work at 4:30 am) and after 10 I could eat anything unless I smelled or saw raw meat or cooked fish. With my second it was much milder but they were both girls so I am not sure what the difference was. Hope you feel better soon. Try weird stuff, I would have never thought fruit roll-ups would ease morning sickness but for me they did I kept some by my bed to eat first thing. The guys I worked with thought I was on some crazy diet as I had not told anyone I was pregnant

  33. 1st - mild queasiness in the evening, felt great overall - Boy
    2nd (current) - all-day nausea, occasional vomiting, sooo tired, ended by 2nd trim. - Another Boy
    Eating OFTEN was my best "trick". Protein sounded good so I ate it, but really I ate anything that sounded good or made me feel good.
    BTW...something about the TV and computer made me SO nauseated that I could hardle sit in the same room with them during my first trimester of this pregnancy.

  34. I was sick ALL DAY long with my daughter for four months straight!! I didn't get sick at all with my son, in fact I felt wonderful with tons of energy. Really, who knows about the whole morning sickness thing being related to having girls...I think that it is just how your body takes on being preggo. Let me know if you need anything!

  35. I have had two boys and with both pregnanies I didn't have a day of morning sickness. I had to keep taking pregnanies test because I didn't believe I was pregnant. This might help you, eat something the minute you get out of bed. I would toast a waffle and eat it plain, just to put something in my system. I hope you feel better soon!

  36. Congratulations! When I was pregnant with my 5 month old girl I had no morning sickness. I only experienced heartburn. Hope you get better soon.

  37. I had 2 girls so both of my morning sickness were about they same. A little worse with number 1 than with number 2 but in general not bad at all. My sister had a boy and her morning sickness was not too bad either. Sorry it is bad - hope it gets better soon.

  38. With my son I was sick a little in the beginning but nothing major. With my daughter, I was sick all day every day and it didn't stop until I had her. Good luck!

  39. I didn't have the sickness when I was pregnant with Fly. A friend of mine has two boys, and she was sick with one but not the other. So apparently it doesn't make a difference!

  40. I have only the one pregnancy to compare notes on: I had a girl and I had revolting nausea. I didn't throw up too often, barely ever actually, but I always felt on the verge of it. My nausea lasted through the first 4-and-a-half months and I had a continuous feeling of being 'car sick'. I hated brushing my teeth and I stopped brushing my tongue altogether (hope this isn't making you wanting to heave right now . . !) No way could I read books or watch TV and I was horribly unproductive at work. For me, the only thing that kind of helped was lying as still as possible on the bed, sipping ginger tea, sucking on preggie pops, asking my husband to talk and distract me, and firmly believing that the nausea would be over soon . . . and it was . . . eventually!

  41. I didn't have any morning sickness with either pregnancy, both girls. Really the only thing that I couldn't take during preg #1 was cream cheese. I don't remember anything in particular bothering me this time.

  42. I never actually got sick when I first found out I was preggo with my son...however I felt queazy almost every day up until 2nd trimester(being summer time and it being particularly hot that year didn't help much,either...lol!)but the one thing that helped my queazies was otter pops...lol!I know,sounds stupid...but it really did help me:)

    You can get a whole crap load at wal mart.

  43. I had all-day queasiness... couldn't handle the smell of meat at all, we lived on potatoes and steamed vegetables... until I was 4 or 5 months along, then life got better...

    I have a beautiful little girl!

    Hope you feel better soon - hot ginger tea with a (small) bit of honey in it seemed to help me out.

  44. Sorry you're having such a tough time of it. I have a girl, but had no "morning" sickness. I was all, "I love pregnancy!" until month six when I got slammed with contractions, had to start on meds and ended up on 3 months of bed rest. Contractions for 3 months, confined to home/bed/chair, and growing to whale sized proportions = small slice of hell.

    I also have a friend who was completely slammed by morning sickness for 3 months, and she had a boy.

    Take care of you and that little one! Sending good thoughts your way!

  45. Yay for the little person growing inside of you! Boo to the sickness, though :(

    With my son, I had nothing. No signs, no symptons, nothing. I never once got sick. I never had cravings. I didn't even start to show until I was about 5 months pregnant, and it was that "is she pregnant or just getting fat?" stage.

    I carried really low and out front. From the back you couldn't tell I was pregnant. I had multiple people tell me early on that I was having a boy because of the lack of sickness or anything else. Once I was large, I had tons of people ask if I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying.

    Good luck! I hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long!

  46. I was much worse sickness wise with my Daughter, plus I craved "sour" stuff - Keylime pie, anything with lemons...with my son I was just much more tired and found I avoided the sour stuff

  47. With my pregnancy, I had terrible ALL DAY sickness so I really feel for you! It was awful and lasted for my whole first trimester, but as soon as I entered my second trimester all my sickness was gone! I only have one little man, so I don't have anything to reference to for the gender thing...But hope you're feeling better soon!

  48. With my son, I was not sick a day. (But I also was living in New York City and had that survival mode going on...)
    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was sick all day. The only thing that helped was a ginger tonic I made.
    Crushed ginger candies (find them in the Asian food aisle) half pineapple juice, half tonic water. I lived on it while pregnant with her.
    I also carried them both very differently, my son was high and my tummy was round, my daughter was long and low, and somewhat painful because she was on my pelvis bone for so long. I've heard people say the same too?!
    So are going to find out what you're having, when you can, and, are you going to tell us!?

  49. I'm pregnant right now, and I'm as sick as a dog! I don't know the gender yet. I was sick with my first, a girl, then more sick with my second which was a boy. And this one is the worst by far! But I did hear that when you get sick, you can be reassured that there is a little blessing growing inside. :)

  50. I have been lucky. I haven't gotten sick once. I've felt like it a few times but it hasn't happened. I'm having a girl.

    My BFF threw up for 7 months straight and had a girl.

    The other wives tale that makes my sister made is the heartburn one. She had horrible heartburn through her entire pregnancy. She ate Tums like candy. Everyone said that she would have a child with a full head of hair. He was bald as a cue ball. I've had heartburn twice my whole pregnancy and she has so much hair that the last couple of ultrasound techs have commented on it. My sister isn't amused. LOL

  51. I don't put any stock in it. With my 1st, a girl, I had no morning sickness, but I couldn't stand the thought or smell of eggs - it made me gag. Many other smells made me gag, too. That lasted my whole pregnancy. With my 2nd, I was *also* never nauseous, but I had to work hard at convincing myself to eat anything - my appetite was just gone, and taking more than a few bites of most food just made gag. That lasted about 2-3 weeks. With my 3rd, also a boy, once again, I had to force myself to eat (but still no nausea), and eating the wrong food would make me gag, but it only lasted a few days.

  52. I was just nauseous all the time with my son, but when my daughter came along, I threw up every day-sometimes several times a day- for the first 13 weeks!

    Here's the bad news: My sister has three girls, no boys. With her first two pregnancies she had horrible "morning" sickness. With the third, none at all. She felt great. So, I can say for sure that morning sickness isn't a definite sign of gender. Too bad!

    Take care! It'll be worth all the trouble you're having now. :)

  53. with both my daughters i had morning sickness constantly. with my son, i had it for the first couple weeks, then nothing.

    with me when i had a boy, and strangly 5 of my friends had the same thing.
    your face is clearer(no acne)
    less morning sickness(if not at all)
    your left boob is bigger than your right one.

  54. I threw up every other morning when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was predictable and like clockwork. With my son I only got nauseous. But some days I wondered if throwing up would be better. There was no relief to the nauseousness.

  55. never heard that old wives tale before. hmmmm.....i've had morning sickness with all three pregnancies (boy, girl, girl)....i'd have to say though that the last one was by far the worst.

  56. I had it pretty bad with my first (boy), but my second wasn't as bad (another boy). I wouldn't way it's a great predictor, but you never know. I do have a great remedy if you're willing to try it...an old Labor and Delivery nurse trick. Take vitamin B6 25 mg/3 times a day and then take a unisom tablet (not capsule) before you go to bed at night. That lovely cocktail makes all the nausea go away. I seriously felt totally fine after I started taking it for awhile and I took it until I was about 12 weeks along. It was a miracle! Good luck!

  57. I don't think there's any truth to the hormones making you sicker with a girl (I was equally as nauseous with both my boy and girl). I DO know that I was more hyper-emotional and prone to tears while carrying our daughter. Man! I was one sensitive chick. :0)

    Feel better!

  58. No morning sickness and I had a girl! Morning sickness is a good thing in many ways, it tells you that everything is going o.k. in your pregnancy. Hard to enjoy it but hopefully it will pass quickly!

  59. I don't recall a major difference in morning sickness with my two children (1st one a girl, 2nd a boy) but I do remember just having more "pregnancy complaints" overall with my second. I remember on of the nurses in my OB office saying that typically a 1st pregnancy is great, a 2nd one is worse, and the 3rd can almost do you in, but then after that it's easy sailing! Have you tried the trick of eating something bland, before even becoming vertical in the morning? I used to keep a little container of dry Cheerios next to my bed and munch on them before I even sat up in the morning - seemed to help me. Another friend swore by eating an apple a day.

  60. I had it some, but not too bad, with my first DD. Before she was quite a year old I was Oops, preggers again. The second time around I was much, much sicker so I assumed I was carrying a baby boy. Yeah, our family would be complete... only once I finally went to the doctor for an OB visit I discovered I was 11 weeks pregnant with 3 and it turned out they are all girls!

    Sorry you are not feeling great. I hope there are a manageable number of babies in your belly! ha, ha

  61. We're only 13 weeks, so I dont know the sex yet, but I've had almost no morning sickness. I asked my mom about it, and she said she was the same way with all of her pregnancies (there are 4 of us: 3 girls, 1 boy). I personally think it's genetics.

    However, my friend had almost no morning sickness with her first, then got it bad with her second. Both boys. Her mom also had very little morning sickness (she had 2 girls).

    It's a toss up! Sorry you dont feel well. I hope it passes soon.

  62. With our son I was sick the entire day....it never really went away...there were times when it was better but not ever really gone. 12 weeks came and went and I was still sick...It wasn't til way into the fourth month that I started feeling better. I only have him to compare to....I hope you start feeling better....

  63. I was nauseous a lot with girl #1, especially when brushing my teeth, but I think I threw up once a week. Every Sunday. With girl #2 I was dizzy like mad, but not nearly as nauseous. Just a little. I don't recall ever throwing up with her. Sorry you're so miserable...let me know if you want us to have the hubby and kiddo over for dinner so you don't have to smell food and get some time alone. Oh, and if you didn't get my message on your phone, T's birthday is this Saturday and your girl is invited (maybe another time to send hubby out here with her and get some you time!). :)

  64. I kinda think it is just how your body reacts to each pregnancy. I have one of each and not sick with either one. Sorry, I hope it clears up quickly. I do have a friend who gets really sick with her pregnancies and she has two boys and a girl, she swears by that zofran pill too.

  65. I sort of had morning sickness - not a lot of throwing up, but more just a general feeling that I had to. It was worse with my 3rd, so my hubby was convinced we were having a boy, but nope - our 3rd girl. I really don't have anything to compare against though, I guess. :)

  66. All I know is that it is not in your head (I wanted to smack people that told me that). I've only had my one girl but with her I was throwing up 8 times a day until my doctor put me on Zofran and then it went down to puking twice a day up until about week 22. I've had friends who throw up just as much with their boys as their girls. So I sometimes just think it's the luck of your personal hormones and genetics! But what do know? I'm still scared to get pregnant again after my first experience (although I had a great delivery and love my daughter and know she was worth it). Freaks me out which is why I'm still going to wait a few more months before I consider it!

  67. Yup - fine with my son, nauseous with my daughter. Girls bring even MORE hormones to your body...it's enough to make anyone vomit!

    Ginger works great for nausea. Ginger tea was my BFF.

  68. I did not have morning sickness with any of my pregnancies, and had all girls. I had a bit of nausea (especially when trying to brush my teeth) but nothing else.

    I did however have other complications.

  69. With my daughter I was puking all the time. I was going to school 5 days a week and would throw up two or three times a day. I'm sure everyone thought I was hungover even though I've never had a drink in my life... one girl even told me she felt like that after a party the week before! With my son I was nauseas fairly often but I only threw up a handful of times. I'm not sure if it's because he was a boy or because I wore those Sea Bands all the time. I remember telling my fiance before I got pregnant that I wanted another baby but morning sickness was the only thing holding me back.

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