Video Review: kokopax classic carrier

kokopax-classic-baby-carrierOur youngest baby is just shy of 9 months old. She's a crawling, climbing, standing, smiling sensation.We all adore her.

She alternates between my arms, her daddy's arms, her sisters' arms, and doing acrobatics around our house all on her own. When our arms get tired or the late afternoon grumpies visit, I like to put her on my back to keep my hands free for cooking, cleaning, and kid-corraling.

Designed by a mom of four in Las Vegas, the kokpax classic carrier has been one of my go-to carriers for the past few months. I adore the vintage look and no-nonsense loadability (no straps, buckles, or wads of fabric). It's also a good choice for warmer weather since the baby is in her own space.

The pattern shown in the video is the Garden Design (no longer sold), but you can choose one of six patterns to suit your sense of style. There is also an eco-friendly option.

Available at Amazon for approximately $140-$150, the carrier works for babies from 6months to 2 years and includes a green carry case.

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6 comments on “Video Review: kokopax classic carrier”

  1. Stephanie,
    Have you ever tried out a Tula carrier? I believe they can be compared to a Ergo, but even more comfortable. My 17 month old son is 25 lbs. and his weight feels distributed evenly and well in the Tula. I do not own one, but am thinking about looking into it. At what age did you stop baby wearing?
    Great video! You and your little one look wonderful.

  2. Used this carrier while I did vacuuming today!

    It's much easier to get the baby in and out of this carrier for a back carry as compared to using a front/back carrier like the Ergo.

    1. Agreed! I love how simple it is to get baby in and out. It doesn't offer outstanding back/hip support, but it's wonderful for quick errands and household chores. I even used it at the library yesterday. :)

  3. Oh we have this carrier! :) I like it too as far as looks and design goes but we got it at the VERY tail end of our son being able to fit into it last year. So I cannot wait to get it back out in a couple weeks when our new baby turns 6 months!! I love to babywear but prefer the back carry so I can have better "hands free" range of motion! :)

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