Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep

Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep 1We were planning to go camping in Flagstaff over Memorial Day weekend. Last year, we went at the end of the May and the weather was lovely - sunny and breezy with mild afternoon showers. But this year...well, let's just say we checked the weather beforehand and opted OUT of tent camping in 20 degree weather with scheduled snowfall. [The picture to the right is not of Flagstaff since, in fact, we didn't end up going. It is from February 15, 2008. Yes, it really does snow in Southern Arizona! Okay so maybe it happens only once every few years, but still...!]

Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep 2I was hoping to try out my new Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro mattress at our destination, but weather got in the way. So I did what any dedicated reviewer would do. I set up the mattress and the corresponding fitted sheet and Tech blanket (which snap together, by the way) in my living room. I decided to lay down for a few minutes - to test out the product, of course! 

Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep 3I got cozy under the blanket and thought to myself, "Now, THIS is what I call camping! Soft, warm, and cozy on a portable and lightweight mattress..." Add in the fact that this mattress is tear and stain-resistant...and you have the perfect mattress to take camping, backpacking, or even along to a hotel to set up as a makeshift bed on the floor for your child.  

I could have fallen asleep right then and there. Off to dreamland. If it were not for my husband looking over and saying, "you're a dork." I answered, "I know. But this mattress is really comfortable." 

Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep 4If you're looking for a mattress to take with you for camping, traveling, or backpacking, Therm-a-Rest has some excellent options - they're durable, easy to clean and carry, and very, very comfortable. 

Therm-a-Rest products are available at a wide variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. 

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7 comments on “Warning: This product may cause you to fall asleep”

  1. oh this would be so perfect. My almost 6 year old and my 3 year old love camping in the backyard. Of course daddy prefers the airconditioning and our king size bed and I mom end up sleeping in a simple sleeping bag on the ground in our tent after the kids boot me from my comfy air mattress. The next morning I look like something from a horror show and my hubby sits on the deck with a big grin on his face while the boys ask mom for just one more night of backyard camping. It is worth it as we are creating memories having our campfire, hunting for lightning bugs and peeing behind the tree but it would be nice if I mom could get some sleep too!!

  2. We love our thermarests. And if you buy the individuals, you can also buy 'connector' coils. We've had to do that. Should probably break down and buy a larger, wider one. :)

  3. What a great way to camp: in the house! We have set up camp inside the house a many of nights in AZ. The kids love it!

  4. This looks really nice. I've been looking for a portable mattress for camping and stuff like that (not a giant air mattress). Thanks for the show-and-tell.

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